Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1389

Published at 2nd of June 2022 10:18:08 PM

Chapter 1389: 1389

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Chapter 1389 – Born to Rule

The mud dragons were created by Lan Huang’s new ability, Dragonprison Hell. They were formed from its tough and sharp scales, giving them a shocking sharpness and allowing the defensive ability to be used offensively as well. Combined with Meow Meow and Ying Huo’s abilities, it caused quite a lot of trouble for the Vastsun Truegod. Apart from all that, a floral torrent of green loti blasted toward it. They were Demise Greenloti.

The clash of all those abilities resulted in an explosion on a scale that shouldn’t occur in a fight between constelliers. The entire formation shook and rumbled from the sheer force, making it seem like the earth and sky were falling apart. It was outright shocking that a clash between juniors could result in so much commotion. The audience watched as the combined totem began disintegrating from the sheer forces that swallowed it up. It didn’t just separate into eight totems, but rather shattered into smithereens, mere pieces of terra, before they were driven back into the bane-rings. It wouldn’t be possible for Li Haochen to use them for the time being, a completely unbelievable outcome!

“Last time, Li Tianming and Li Haochen at least managed to exchange blows, but now his lifebound beasts alone were enough to completely disintegrate the eight totems! It’s clear who’s improved more!”

“This is a complete domination.”

“It’s not over, look!”

After the four abilities destroyed his totem, Li Haochen charged toward Tianming, only for the terrifying swarm of metal to instantly swallow him up. The countless metal insects gathered together in a large sphere as the locusts constantly bit at him, the spiders spun their silver threads nonstop, the scorpions kept trying to inject metallizing venom, and the centipedes started constricting him. It was heaps upon heaps of attacks from all directions. People couldn’t see Li Haochen at all, only the occasional glimpse of his blade as it slashed and peeked out from the swarm to no avail. They barely saw the thick ball of thread that now bound him.

Bursts of flame flashed amidst the swarm; normal insects would definitely have been burnt to crisp, but these metallic ones only slightly melted, dying at a snail’s pace. Some partially-melted ones only needed to cool off before reshaping themselves into insect forms and continuing the assault.

Ear-piercing sounds rang out nonstop as the insects constantly morphed and reformed, completely dominating Li Haochen as he desperately swung his blade. The mandibles of the locusts and legs of the centipedes had left countless wounds on his body, which was heavily bound by silver threads that left even more bloody marks as they bit into his skin, some even cutting into his organs! Stream after stream of venom was also injected into him.

The Crimsoncloud Dragonbane’s ocean-parting slash eradicated many of Yin Chen’s bodies, but that was only a small fraction of the whole. Even if Li Haochen’s body was small relative to the totems, it didn’t stop him from being completely trashed by the swarm of metal insects. There were even bonegnaw ants that started burrowing into him, causing him to howl in pain and desperately try to break out. He was completely covered in his own blood.

“Save me! Save me!” Yin Chen was a lifebound beast that couldn’t be completely killed off. Being trapped within its bodies felt like drowning. Putting Li Haochen aside, even Tianming feared the prospect of being on the receiving end of such an onslaught. The number of Yin Chen’s bodies could greatly raise Tianming’s offensive capabilities. Having consumed almost all the ore on the continent, it had more than enough bodies to take care of a ninth-level constellier, though it lost around fifty thousand of itself in the process.

“Li Haochen’s losing again….”

“How pitiful… this is too sad to see.”

Seeing Li Haochen desperately crawl toward the borders of the Azuresky Myriadsword Formation, leaving behind a trail of blood, the audience was shocked into silence. Had this really been a fair fight? No, it was more like a ruthless slaughter. Tianming himself didn’t even have to fight; his lifebound beasts alone were enough to plunge Li Haochen into a nightmare. Even the nearby juniors could tell that most of the confidence Li Haochen had built up through his life had been crushed when they saw him scramble toward the formation’s edge. The swarm of metal insects would no doubt continue haunting him for life. There was losing, and there was being completely dominated. Last time, he had managed to stand back up and steel his resolve to better himself, but now his spirit was utterly crushed.

“Don’t be too sad about it. I only used around seventy percent of my full power, so I’m not as terrifying as you think,” Tianming consoled when he saw the look of absolute defeat in his opponent’s eyes. This wasn’t something he should be doing to an enemy.

“Yes… yes….” Li Haochen’s teeth chattered when he spoke. The two of them, both the finest among their peers, looked at one another from opposite ends, but one stood high above in the heavens while the other groveled on the ground.

Thanks to his beasts, Tianming had become a legendary figure for those of the sect, and by extension, the continent. People began chanting his name, slowly building up to a crescendo of worship. Tianming closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his Imperial Will being nourished. The familiar feeling is back! The sensation of resonating with everyone that was connected to him felt fantastic. If I want to get stronger, I’d better show off my power even more.

Even though Tianming was fighting someone weaker than him, his utter domination had allowed him to take the first step into becoming an idol of worship for those of the continent. This is where I take my first step toward world domination! He wasn’t a saint; he was born to rule!


The battle was over, but the tense silence persisted. Li Haochen returned to his group, tired and battered. They all blankly looked at him. As for the only two people that truly cared for him, Long Youyou and Li Ruoshi, they were bawling nonstop. They didn’t dare to move one bit as Li Haochen consoled them out of fear of Li Wushuang. Angering her meant they would be forbidden from meeting until they were fifty. This might be the worst day of their lives.

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