Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1394

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Chapter 1394: 1394

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Chapter 1394 – The Conflict Escalates

“We both have tens of thousands of people, but in terms of individual strength, the wargodeans surpass us. No one benefits if we go to war. Let’s see what Li Wushuang thinks!” the Wind Swordlord said. With how the situation had developed, it was impossible for the Empyrean Sword Sect to bow their head. Otherwise, they would be seen as a joke.

“The Swordsage asked me to buy as much time as possible. I thought there wouldn’t be a problem, since the saplings wouldn’t mature for the time being, but I never imagined they’d be the first to attack….” the Wind Swordlord helplessly said.

“If they continue behaving so arrogantly, we must fight to the end,” the Rain Swordlord solemnly said.

The Wind Swordlord looked at his wife, his heart overwhelmed with complex emotions. Impulsiveness was the devil. This time, Shi Yan’s death and the Blueblood Starocean’s casualties had made it impossible for either side to take a step back. Fighting to the death was indeed heroic, but the purpose of their presence in the Azurecloud Continent was the saplings. Even if they managed to defeat their opponents, any casualties they suffered would still be a great loss. Unfortunately, there was nothing the Wind Swordlord could do despite being aware of that. Li Wushuang’s response would determine how the situation would unfold. But neither of them could have guessed that there would be an invisible hand fanning the flames from the very start.

The atmosphere on the other side of the lake was extremely grim. When the aloof woman dressed in white entered the crowd and saw the corpses floating on the water with her own eyes, all forty thousand cultivators present were ashen and silent.

There were about twenty thousand wargodeans and the same number of Blueblood Starocean cultivators. They couldn’t understand why Li Wushuang hadn’t notified them before making the decision to slaughter Shi Yan. Perhaps she didn’t expect such recklessness and cruelty from the Rain Swordlord. However, the death of more than three thousand bloodbloods was related to her decision.

The ones most resentful at the moment were the Blueblood Starocean cultivators. They stared straight at Li Wushuang with their dark blue eyes. Although they didn’t utter a word, it was clear they wanted her to seek justice on their behalf. In the process of salvaging the corpses of their dead companions, many of the bluebloods had gone crazy and were surging with killing intent.


“Destroy them!”

No matter what others said at the moment, they couldn’t hear a word.

“Where’s Lan Sha?” Li Wushuang hoarsely asked. She felt pleased after almost beheading Shi Yan, but the Rain Swordlord had delivered a blow in return.

“He was poisoned and seriously injured. He’s on his way back now,” said the Tumulus Pill God.

“We won’t wait for him.” With eyes as sharp as swords, Li Wushuang turned to the Empyrean Sword Sect swordpupils on the other side. Neither side was prepared to give an inch.

“Lady Wushuang…” Gritting his teeth, the Tumulus Pill God said, “shall we wait till another day? Our opponent is prepared. They have more people than we do. Even if we slaughter every last one of them, we’ll lose at least tens of thousands.”

“So you mean to say we should let them go after three thousand people were killed?” Li Wushuang sneered.

“That’s not what I mean. Don’t you have assistance, Lady Wushuang? The wargodeans and bluebloods can assemble more people. Once we’re ready, we’ll attack the Empyrean Sword Sect and drive them out of the Azurecloud Continent,” the old man replied.

Although Li Wushuang felt nothing for the loss of lives, he did. Since they had people guarding the saplings, half of those gathered around the lake were wargodeans. The Supracloud Sanctuary wasn’t even present; if they were to fight, the wargodeans would suffer a large number of casualties. Why would Li Wushuang, a celestial orderian, care about their deaths? To her, they were all cannon fodder.

“No! Lady Wushuang, we mustn’t wait!”

“The Empyrean Sword Sect is ruthless. They started the battle and killed our brothers and sisters.”

“Before us lies a blood feud. We can’t wait to crush them into smithereens!”

The Blueblood Starocean cultivators began roaring. After all, they were closer to the celestial orderians. If they didn’t act today, when would they be able to take revenge? With the support of the wargodeans, the odds of their victory were rather high.

“If we wait, more Empyrean Sword Sect reinforcements will arrive and we’ll have even less of an opportunity.”

“Kill them!”

The Blueblood Starocean cultivators were outraged. Aix Lake was covered in the blood of their compatriots, and the unreconciled eyes of the dead filled their minds with violence. They all turned to Li Wushuang.

“You’re asking me to wait? The thing I hate the most is waiting. A blood debt should be paid there and then. Do you expect me to suffer in silence? Who do you think I am?”

In just a few words, the Tumulus Pill God was bereft of speech.

“Yes.” All he could do was bow his head. The realization hit him—he still didn’t know her. On the sun, Li Wushuang stood above billions, bowing only to one. How could he speak of delaying tactics when her own people had been slaughtered?

“Hear me!” Li Wushuang shouted, attracting the attention of all forty thousand cultivators. “Together we will slaughter every last one of the Empyrean Sword Sect and avenge our friends from the Blueblood Starocean! Those who are afraid to fight will be killed without mercy!”

The battlefield exploded with excitement. Most of the wargodeans were hot-tempered and considered fighting to be their purpose in life. They couldn’t stand this kind of grievance. None of them feared death or agreed with the Tumulus Pill God because they assumed they had an absolute advantage. How could they endure the attack of their opponents under such circumstances?

Totems and lifebound beasts appeared.

“Kill them!” A thunderous roar shook the sky.

The wargodeans shone with golden light while Blueblood Starocean’s totems filled the sky. Forty thousand ferocious warriors, tens of thousands of lifebound beasts, and more than a hundred thousand totems formed an unstoppable torrent that rushed into Aix Lake, attacking the Empyrean Sword Sect.

Although the Empyrean Sword Sect was ready for battle, the Wind Swordlord didn’t think their opponents would be so decisive. It was clear they didn’t understand Li Wushuang well enough. With her temper, how could she hold off on revenge when her enemies were right in front of her? At that moment, the proud daughter of the celestial orderian clan was at the forefront.

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