Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1420

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Chapter 1420: 1420

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Chapter 1420 – Nine-headed War Griffons

The Myriadfold Skycloud Formation that protected the Supracloud Sanctuary was a grade-seven formation that had over ten thousand illusion layers. It was sustained by the citizens in the territories administered by the sect. That meant over ten million gods were pooling their power together in one formation. They were all giving it their best, because the Supracloud Sanctuary wasn’t safe right now, all thanks to a certain Tumulus Pill God!

How had he found out about the Snowsun Quadspecters’ betrayal? Before this, he had brought ten thousand wargodeans there. They had been prepared to enter to help the quadspecters threaten Yun Tianque and make him send people to guard the saplings. It would have been troublesome if these ten thousand men came in. Hence, Yun Tianque had reinforced the defensive formation, exposing the quadspecters’ betrayal.

But he had done enough.

After receiving the information from Gujian Qingshuang, the Wind Swordlord liaised with the Northdipper Swordsage. One had delayed and one had obstructed, forcing two hundred thousand to their deaths.

Now, the Supracloud Sanctuary’s only remaining threat was the over ten thousand wargodeans who had entered their formation. They were being led by the Tumulus Pill God.

The Tumulus Pill God had been waiting outside. After discovering the quadspecters’ betrayal, he had immediately notified Li Wushuang. Immediately afterward, he chose to enter the formation!

There were two reasons. Firstly, several thousand of his wargodeans had already entered and were trapped inside the formation. Secondly, he wanted to quickly test out if he and his army could slaughter their way through the formation and break into the Supracloud Sanctuary to claim it as a fortress for Li Wushuang. Even if Li Wushuang had been forced into a corner, the Supracloud Sanctuary would give her a chance of survival. This was his last chance. He had brought everyone in in an attempt to quickly finish this. Ten thousand wargodeans was a mighty force.

Most importantly, he wanted to talk with Yun Tianque; he was still unable to understand his determination.

Yun Tianque’s betrayal hadn’t been because he was afraid of the alliance. He was simply trying to carve out a future for himself. Hence, he had decided to counterattack and resist the Tumulus Pill God’s last gamble.

However, the Tumulus Pill God didn’t realize that the Northdipper Swordsage had cut off the path to the Supracloud Sanctuary. Even if the Tumulus Pill God successfully conquered the Supracloud Sanctuary, it would be pointless. But alas, the formation had cut him off from the outside world.

In the misty battlefield, Yun Tianque led the Supracloud Sanctuary cultivators to block the wargodeans’ path, all riding on clouds.

The ten thousand wargodeans riding their giant golden beasts while clad in gold armor made them look like the arrival of a cavalry from the heavens.

“Yun Tianque, I’ll give you one last chance. If you don’t open this formation now, you and the Supracloud Sanctuary will be doomed. If you realize your errors now, I can still speak on your behalf,” the Tumulus Pill God advised, his eyes narrowed.

“Tumulus Pill God, don’t waste your time. Hurry up,” the quadspecters next to Yun Tianque said. Their expressions immediately distorted as the bonegnaw ants in their bodies flared up.

Yin Chen said to them. “I didn’t… say you… could speak.…”

Tianming didn’t want the Tumulus Pill God to move too quickly. It was best to delay. Why let his own side risk themselves when the alliance was around to kill the wargodeans for them?

When he heard the quadspecters, the Tumulus Pill God realized that if he didn’t act now, they would lose the chance to do so. “Everyone, protect me as I capture Yun Tianque!” Although the wargodeans were few in number, he wanted to rely on his might that far surpassed Yun Tianque to capture the Supracloud Sanctuary’s leader. Who had asked Yun Tianque to dare to come so close?

“Yes!” The ten thousand wargodeans present were much more united than their fleeing brethren elsewhere. They immediately gathered together and charged toward the Supracloud Sanctuary cultivators. Leading them was the Tumulus Pill God, who rushed toward Yun Tianque.

White clouds swirled in Yun Tianque’s eyes. He raised his hand and his men shouted in response, “Protect the sect from foreign enemies. Any who dare invade us shall be sent to the underworld!”


With Yun Tianque’s prestige and the Supracloud Sanctuary’s cultivators’ willingness to die, this wasn’t a battle they could back down from.

“Kill them!”

The roar of a hundred thousand men was enough to intimidate the wargodeans. The Tumulus Pill God’s expression changed; Yun Tianque’s determination had surprised him.

“Dammit!” He knew ten thousand wargodeans couldn’t defeat a hundred thousand enemies. He would have to rely on himself. “Don’t you think of leaving, Yun Tianque!”

The second strongest expert of the wargodeans tore through the air. He unleashed his power, his fist striking out. Several thousand Supracloud Sanctuary cultivators in his way were blown away, clearing a path to Yun Tianque.

“Tumulus Pill God, you’re still as amazing as you were in your heyday. Do you want to solo an army and claim my head?” Yun Tianque maniacally laughed.

“If I weren’t old, killing you would be as easy as breathing!”

“Is that so? Unfortunately, a hero shouldn’t mention their past glories. You’re past your prime, old man. It’s time to wake up to reality.” Yun Tianque’s words hinted at something.

Realizing something, Tumulus Pill God came to a halt not far from Yun Tianque. The Supracloud Sanctuary cultivators he’d knocked away had already circled around behind him, separating him from his other wargodeans. He had entered deep into enemy territory alone.

The cultivators of Supracloud Sanctuary began engaging the wargodeans. Was this going to be a case of capturing the enemy leader to win the war, or would it be a case of entering enemy territory to be routed?

Despite being surrounded by over ten thousand men, the Tumulus Pill God remained fearless. “You think these three-legged cats can stop me?” His body suddenly expanded as he transformed into a golden titan ten meters in height, his body glowing with golden light. Perhaps that had been his goal all along. His right hand carried a golden spear, while his left hand carried a black cauldron which he used to smash his way forward.

His five massive lifebound beasts appeared at his side and helped him clear a path. The giant golden beasts had the robust body of a lion and claws as sharp as a blade. However, they didn’t have any fur. Instead, their bodies were covered in golden, armor-like feathers. They even possessed a pair of giant golden wings. They didn’t have the head of a lion, either, but a total of nine eagle heads growing from their neck. Their beaks were like sharp spears and their eyes were filled with cold viciousness.

These were nine-headed war griffons, true predators in the wargodeans’ bloodline!

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