Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1440

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Chapter 1440: 1440

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Chapter 1440 – Forget Peace

“Apologies, Swordsage. The Azuresoul Palace has to keep the divine herbs for ourselves. I hope you understand our plight,” Gujian Qingshuang said, lowering his head. The Empyrean Sword Sect’s intentions were clear. If they opened their formation up and let all of them in, the Azuresoul Palace would be at their mercy.

“What’s your reasoning for that?” the Northdipper Swordsage asked.

“The Supracloud Sanctuary has managed to keep all their divine herbs. If we don’t do the same, the distance between our two sects will widen over the next ten thousand years. For the sake of our descendants, we’ve sworn to defend these divine herbs to our deaths. It appears that we can only pay back the Empyrean Sword Sect during the next harvest season,” Gujian Qingshuang said.

“How laughable. Weren’t you the one who vouched for the Supracloud Sanctuary yourself?” the swordsage said, smirking. If they attacked the formation just to get the divine herbs, things would turn out rather badly, especially after what had happened to the continent. Back then, they could openly rob them of the divine herbs by posing as helpers, but now there was nothing to fear.

“Swordsage, we’ve fought with the Supracloud Sanctuary for the sake of resources for far too long. Yet they played a pivotal role against the traitors who defected to the celestial orderians’ side despite being our nemesis. As such, we don’t wish for anything to be unfairly pinned on them. The two matters are entirely separate.”

“In other words, you think you can afford to stand up against us now.”

Gujian Qingshuang merely lowered his head at that remark.

“Just you wait. There are some things that you can defend for a time, but never for life. Gujian Qingshuang, you know better than anyone how much wrong you’ve done us. May the Azuresoul Palace forget any semblance of peace in the days to come,” the Wind Swordlord threatened, not that it would do anything. In fact, the threat only steeled Gujian Qingshuang’s resolve.

“Enough. Nothing you say will be enough now. They’ve gone blind with greed. And to think I was considering leaving the divine herbs to you just now…” the swordsage said. Had the Azuresoul Palace opened their formation up, the Empyrean Sword Sect would’ve at least been able to get some divine herbs, but now negotiations were off.

There were still quite a few people in the Azuresoul Palace that were worried. This was nothing short of complete disobedience toward the Empyrean Sword Sect, and there were too many opportunities for them to cause trouble in the future. The Northdipper Swordsage didn’t bother saying anything else, but before he left he spotted Tianming and the rest. “I suppose you’re already so brainwashed by them that you’re filled with hostility against our sect, so I won’t bother trying to recruit you now. I only urge you to consider your options and future well. If you’re still willing to come to us, we’ll definitely welcome you with open arms.”

“Thank you for the kind regards, Swordsage,” Tianming said. Little did the swordsage know that he was actually talking to the ringleader. The Empyrean Sword Sect had nothing but empty threats. The Azuresoul Palace wouldn’t have to fear an attack from them. If they really did attack, the Myriad Solar Sects would criticize them to hell and back.

“Gujian Qingshuang, make sure you think this through. This is a decision that’ll affect the sect for generations to come!” the Wind Swordlord said. Only then did their group turn and leave. However, they were heading north instead of south, probably in search of the saplings. From their eyes, it was clear that they still feared the Azurecloud Divine Tree in some measure. There was no way they would dare to harm it now. As there was nothing they could gain from it, Tianming didn’t bother stopping them.

“So what if the Empyrean Sword Sect causes trouble for us in the future? As long as we stand with the Supracloud Sanctuary, the continent is ours and nobody else can say anything about it!”

With the saplings gone and the divine herbs completely protected, there was nothing for any other party to gain on the continent unless they decided to attack the two main sects. With even the alliance gone, there would be no point for the wargodeans and Blueblood Starocean to come back, not even revenge. After all, the ones that killed so many of them were those from the alliance, not the continent.

“However, we still can’t be careless! We must keep the formation active at all times. Yin Chen will continue providing updates across the entire continent. Once enemies are sighted, be ready to fend off their attacks.” Only then would Tianming be assured enough to head to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect.

The real farewell was after that. Long Wanying didn’t show up, so Yan Nuxia went to say her goodbyes in private. After that, she returned with the rest of her sectmates. Tianming, Lingfeng, and Xiaoxiao then traveled south with Long Wanying and Yangchen.

As for the Snowsun Quadspecters, Tianming left them on the continent. They would remain on the divine tree as its protectors from now on, and without explicit orders, they weren’t allowed to leave, much less harm innocents! In a way, it was a form of atonement. The four of them were rather powerful, with each of them only a little weaker than Gujian Qingshuang. With them there, the continent was sure to be safe. And with so many divine herbs, the denizens of the continent would rise higher and higher.

“Let’s hope that these two sects will be my strongest allies on the day of my return!” Tianming said from atop the dragon that flew south. “Next stop: the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb.”


At a stream near the Azuresoul Sword Mountain was a girl with a green paper umbrella. She sat on a boulder with her legs bare as she dipped them in the clear stream. Many little fish playfully swam around her feet, yet her attention was on her smooth palm. There was a little silver cockroach in it, shaking its antennae around as it turned its little black eyes at the beauty with ink-green hair.

“You said that he went to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect?” she asked.

“That’s right. So what?” the cockroach said.

“How mean…. He didn’t come to see this little fish at all… and didn’t even tell this little fish that he was leaving,” she said, seeming a little hurt.

“Who do… you think… you are… you useless… pleasure ball….”

She suddenly stood up and frowned as she looked south. “The dreamless celestial nation is nearby… this little fish doesn’t want to go back, but….”

After some thought, she walked back to the boulder and stepped on it. “Little bug, will you come with me?”

“No way… women are… like clothes!”

“Fine! My head hurts….”

After that, the cockroach left some silver droppings in her palm and scurried away.

“Gaaah!” she cried. How could metal cockroaches leave droppings? However, she was relieved to see that the silver mass in her palm turned into a few silver ants. Then she felt a sudden pain near her chest. She yelped as she reached into her clothes and took out a little ant.

“Pervert!” she cried, then finally left.

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