Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1446

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Chapter 1446: 1446

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Chapter 1446 – Stubbornness

“Very well, do your worst. We aren’t afraid of dying. Even if we die, we’ll do it with our spines straight, unlike you traitors who kneel and grovel like dogs! Even if the celestial orderians wipe us all out, let’s see what point there is for you to take over a husk of a sect,” the Saintdragon Emperor said, laughing heartily.

The Veildragon Palace’s return and the restoration of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect to its former glory were completely separate matters. The sun emperor was only able to prevent the other factions from coming to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect’s aid as the Veildragon Palace used to be part of the sect. However, actual conflict between celestial orderians and the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect would be a wholly different matter. The sun emperor might not want something like that to happen. Not to mention, fighting enemies with a death wish came at quite a substantial cost. They would lose at least eight hundred for every thousand they slew.

As the Saintdragon Emperor spoke, his fingers tightened around Li Wushuang’s neck. The fifteen million invaders could clearly see how she was doing. “My request is simple: return the three Dragon Imperials to us unharmed!”

He didn’t even want the dragonsprings, knowing that it was impossible. They had been taken by the sun emperor himself. Attempting to use Li Wushuang to solve all the sect’s problems would only make the enemy lose their patience and do something reckless that couldn’t be taken back. Exchanging her for the three Dragon Imperials was the best they could realistically do.

The Ninedragon Army’s troops kept chanting ‘release them’ with great fervor. They were fully set on defeating these invaders, even willing to die rather than bow their heads and submit. Faced with such a stubborn crowd with millions of years of heritage, the sun emperor would find it hard to brainwash them or their descendants into submission.

However, the existence of the Veildragon Palace was still a thorn in their side. It was proof that even some of the most stubborn clans would defect and betray their own. Though, granted, they were the exception rather than the rule. Faced with the Ninedragon Army, the celestial orderians and Veildragon Palace couldn’t do much. Massacring them would be easier than forcing them to submit.

The chant continued echoing nonstop. Li Wushuang’s hair was messed up and her skin was completely pale. It was like a brilliant white dove was being trampled upon. As the pressure mounted, the twenty-five million troops charged toward the three thousand Skydragon peaks with war drums loudly booming across the battlefield, accompanied by the roars of countless dragons.

The Veildragon Guard and celestial orderians were surrounded by enemies more than twice their number. Coupled with the pressure of Li Wushuang being held hostage, they resolved themselves to fight to their deaths. People like them wouldn’t relent just like that by virtue of how strong their spirits were. The mounting pressure would only prompt them to double down, rather than back off.

“Release them!” The chants were getting louder and louder, to the point that many people bled from their ears. The Saintdragon Emperor brought Li Wushuang to face the Torchdragon Emperor and the rest. Even though they didn’t say a word, the four Dragon Imperials and Yang Ce’s expression sent a clear message. War could spark at any moment!

“We don’t have to fear death! These animals have been trying to crush the confidence of our juniors and force them to join their side! If we don’t get rid of them, your descendants will also wag their tails for these outsiders! Even if our lives themselves aren’t worth that much, that doesn’t mean we can kneel before we fight! This land was cultivated by our ancestors, and only the vilest of our kind would sell it out to outsiders! The Torchdragon Emperor, Blooddragon Emperor, and Voiddragon Emperor might look like peak elites, but they’re just lowly suckups!”

They were venting the pent-up rage of the sect that had accumulated over the past few months. If the Saintdragon Emperor gave the order, the entire army might just go on the attack without any regard for consequences. Nobody could endure having their children beaten and humiliated and even not allowed to return to their own homes.

“If you let others piss all over you just because you’re worried about death and destruction, what’s the point of cultivating?”

“Who could live their whole lives wagging their tails at their masters?!”

“We’d rather die as humans than live as dogs!”

Such sentiments were widespread across the twenty-five million troops.

“If you don’t release them, we’ll gladly die with you all!”

The forceful wave of fervor forced the celestial orderians and Veildragon Guard to back away step by step. If it weren’t for the Ninedragon Army’s excellent discipline, the slightest misfire could cause the battle to immediately begin. Seeing the direness of the situation, the peak elites had changed their tune.

“Do we reach out to the sun emperor and ask about this?” the Torchdragon Emperor asked.

“It’s too late for that,” Li Xiaoyan said.

“Alright, then let’s release those three old crooks. We have the dragonsprings with us anyway, so they’re useless.”

“Wushuang is far too precious. Even though it’s a slight to our kind’s reputation for her to be taken hostage, the main concern now is that they’ve come in full force while we weren’t prepared for it. It isn’t a good time to fight, and we can’t change the fact that they have Wushuang. Let’s take her back first and await further orders from the sun emperor to see whether we should use this chance to gravely wound them.”

“Brother, you can’t wait to spill blood, huh? I’m sure we’ve been far too cordial with them.”

“Let’s see if the sun emperor gives us that chance, hehe….”

“Last time someone disrespected Lady Wushuang, they were left for dead outside the Myriaddragon Mountains…. He was someone who could’ve become a sovereign too, hahaha….” Speaking of Long Junxuan, the Torchdragon Emperor couldn’t help but laugh. Then he stood up, attracting the people’s attention. “Alright, we’ll release them.”

Hearing that, the Saintdragon Emperor raised his hand and the army quieted down. If it weren’t for the fact that he didn’t have a choice, he wouldn’t have wanted to besmirch the good name of the sect by using someone’s life as a bargaining chip. “Go ahead.”

“Fetch the three Dragon Imperials,” the Torchdragon Emperor instructed. This was the first time the Veildragon Palace and celestial orderians gave ground. Naturally, most of them were unhappy about it.

As they watched, three Dragon Imperials of rather advanced age were brought to the forefront. They seemed really worn out, a sign of their obvious discomfort from the mistreatment. However, people at the peak of power like them would still be able to stand with their backs straight despite that. At the very least, they looked to be in better shape than Li Wushuang. The Torchdragon Emperor undid the shackles that bound them.

“You call that hosting guests?”

After the shackles were undone, the three Dragon Imperials stretched their bodies and turned back to glare at the Torchdragon Emperor. “We’ll pay back the hardship we suffered ten times the amount one day,” said the Azuredragon Emperor. The other two were the Crimson Dragon Emperor and Bluedragon Emperor.

The Torchdragon Emperor merely smirked without bothering to answer. Then the three previously captured Dragon Imperials swiftly returned to join the other four.

“How was it?” the Saintdragon Emperor asked.

“We suffered quite a bit, but it’s nothing serious. We’ll recover with some rest. Our old bones won’t break just from that!” the Azuredragon Emperor said.


After that, the Saintdragon Emperor removed the shackles binding Li Wushuang as everyone watched.

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