Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1456

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Chapter 1456: 1456

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Chapter 1456 – Great Skydragon Peak

The ruthless words they left behind worried the disciples of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect to some extent.

“Grandpa, what’re we going to do if they become more bloodthirsty and a slaughter begins?” Long Longlong asked.

“Don’t worry.” The Saintdragon Emperor rubbed his head. “There’s fifteen million celestial orderians on their way here. The Myriaddragon Mountains will be in complete chaos. We originally planned to move all the junior disciples in the sect into the Redlotus Worlddragon Formation. Although there’s barely any resources and the nova source is weak within the formation, it is isolated from the world. It can at least ensure your safety.”

This clearly wasn’t a long-term solution; isolating them for a long time would greatly affect their cultivation. If the situation in the Myriaddragon Mountains was stable, there would be no need for it. However, the sun emperor was determined to teach them a lesson, hence, hiding them was necessary until the sect made it through.

“I’ll arrange it right away.” Long Wanying said.

“Alright, the children are handed over to you,” said the Saintdragon Emperor.

Upon hearing that, Tianming breathed a sigh of relief. This way, the juniors wouldn’t be humiliated.

“Grandpa, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect is in trouble and we want to fight with you. We don’t want to hide like cowards!” Long Longlong grit his teeth.

“What good are you?” The Azuredragon Emperor patted his head and smiled.

Tianming and Long Wanying stood together on the side.

“Aunt Ying, are they really going to go to war?” Tianming asked.

“All signs indicate that. After all, the celestial orderians are sending another fifteen million people. If they aren’t coming to suppress us, why send them? When we captured Li Wushuang, they were shocked by our actions. I’m afraid they’ve realized that crippling us is the first step to taking over the sect,” Long Wanying explained.

If they were to slowly nibble away at the sect, that might last for hundreds or thousands of years. There would be no need for the disciples of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect to hide. But now that war was at hand, protecting them was the right thing to do. Killing off Long Wangyu first gave them an outlet for some of the anger.

As rage over the death of Long Wangyu brewed in the Veildragon Palace and celestial orderians, the Seven Dragon Imperials quickly transferred all the junior disciples under the age of a hundred into the Redlotus Worlddragon Formation. Without the liveliness of the juniors, the seven thousand Earthdragon peaks were cold and cheerless, which added to the solemn atmosphere of the oncoming war.

Tianming, Lingfeng and Xiaoxiao were the only ones left on Whitesource Peak.

“Do you feel better?” Tianming asked.

“I do.” Lingfeng scratched his head. “I lost control of my emotions and caused trouble for everyone.”

“It happens!”

Staring in the direction of the three thousand Skydragon peaks, Tianming narrowed his eyes. “The Voiddragon Emperor has many grandchildren, but Long Renshe is the Torchdragon Emperor’s most talented son and is known as the heir of the Veildragon Palace. Long Wangyu’s status is a far cry from his. We must be patient when dealing with this man. He’s also accompanied by Li Shenjian, the sun emperor’s ninth son.”

“While we’re thinking of ways to deal with him, he’s probably doing the same,” Xiaoxiao said.

“You’re right. The heroes have gathered in outrage,” Tianming laughed.

Yin Chen had turned into cockroaches and entered the enemy’s base. No matter what they planned to do, Tianming would be a step ahead of them.

The Great Skydragon Peak was one of the tallest mountains in the center of the Myriaddragon Mountains. The third dragon imperial’s palace was previously there. However, the Veildragon Palace had claimed the place so they could cultivate with the juniors of the celestial orderians. They also seized the divine herbs planted by the Azuredragon Emperor’s lineage, as well as the divine ores they had accumulated.

All three hundred thousand juniors of the Veildragon Palace and celestial orderians regarded this place as a paradise, frolicking and wreaking havoc as they pleased, especially the young celestial orderians. After all, they would eventually leave.

Any other time, the Great Skydragon Peak was filled with laughter and frolicking dragons, but at this moment, a grim atmosphere had enveloped the entire mountain. These juniors were no longer pleased by suppressing the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect’s disciples. Most of them were gloomy and extremely irritable.

“Gather at the Grandcloud Palace!” a loud voice spread from the peak.

Upon hearing the voice, the disciples at the foot of the mountain all rushed toward the top. There were also many who had just returned from the other seven thousand Skydragon peaks. In a short period of time, more than two hundred thousand people had gathered in front of the magnificent palace.

These were all young faces. Even if they were a hundred years old, they looked like twenty-year-old Flameyellow Continent natives. Having immersed themselves in cultivation all year round, they were about as mature as thirty-year-old disciples in terms of life experience.

The Veildragon Palace and celestial orderian disciples were completely different in appearance and personalities. Because the Veildragon Palace was once the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect’s war branch, they shared the same temperament, but were more aggressive. On the other hand, the celestial orderians were the sun race. Just and honorable, majestic and sacred, they possessed an unyielding will and an even more imposing manner.

At that moment, more than two hundred thousand people turned their attention to the figure in front of the palace. Tall and thin, the man wore white and gold armor with smooth and shiny light gold hair that draped over his shoulders. His masculine features made him better looking and more domineering than his younger brother, Li Haochen. He was the sun emperor’s ninth son, Li Shenjian.

His most obvious feature was his bane-ring. Like Li Haochen, it was between his eyebrows, but instead of a circular sun pattern, it was shaped like a square with flames surging within. It was just as impressive as Li Haochen’s vastsun godbeasts. However, Li Shenjian’s square bane-ring resembled a jade seal with four smoldering characters inside.

In fact, Li Shenjian had a greater reputation than Li Haochen; after all, he was the older brother. The disciples of the two forces on the Great Skydragon Peak were essentially led by him.

At that moment, Li Shenjian stood in front of the crowd with a cold and dignified expression on his face.

“Long Wangyu was killed. It was the Sky Palace disciple Li Tianming who set a trap and allowed the disciple Feng to make a move. Feng had only defeated Li Ruoshi previously, so Long Wangyu didn’t expect him to be so powerful. He didn’t even have a chance to escape. How bold of them! They’re the ones who started it. My father says to kill them on sight. Let’s see how they respond to that.”

Sure enough, as Tianming had said, they were filled with self-righteous indignation.

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