Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1504

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Chapter 1504: 1504

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Chapter 1504 - Desolate Worldsoul

The five dragons connected with each other from head to tail, linking into a single unit as they executed their combined ability. They were connected together in a circle, within which festered powerful energies from their ability. A blinding ring of light could then be seen in the sky above. With an ear-piercing sound, a beam of sword-shaped light shot out of the ring and pierced two of Li Wushuang's totems.

Not only was she being held back by Yang Ce, the explosions of the Pentaphase Dragonhide Formation also kept on going off, making it the perfect opportunity for the worldcleanse whitesoul dragons to use their ability. Even though the attack didn't completely scatter the two totems it hit, it pierced the core of their power, causing them to considerably dim. Li Wushuang wasn't able to do anything about it with Long Wanying and Yang Ce keeping the pressure up. Countless bloody slashes filled the sky, sending Yang Ce flying off. Li Wushuang then charged at Long Wanying in a fit of blind rage.

"Do you really think you're a match for me!?" She grew even more savage and ferocious, her body seemingly rotting even more from the black miasma, making her look even more like a ghoul that had crawled up from the depths of hell. Fresh blood dripped from her crimson eyes, splattering all over her totems and letting out a sizzling sound. The eight fiendish totems shrieked in pain, creating a cry so high pitched that it caused many youths in the valley to begin bleeding from their ears. Many were severely weakened, causing the power of the formation to fall.

The totems gathered together, contorting into one terrifying form after another. Eyes began appearing on all areas of their bodies and turned to look at Long Wanying. This was their totemic calamity, Desolate Worldsoul. The eyes began popping out of the totems, after which the totems grabbed them with their limbs and wings before throwing them toward Long Wanying and Yang Ce.

"Get away!" Yang Ce cried. He hurriedly called back his totems and did his best to avoid getting pelted by the eyeballs. Long Wanying, on the other hand, had more eyeballs thrown at her. She was at threat of being completely swarmed by them.

"What a horrifying totemic calamity!" Yang Ce snapped out of it and sent out his eight totems, filling the skies above with black mist. They used Skyfiend Night March, turning the entire sky dark in an attempt to neutralize Li Wushuang's totemic calamity with his own. Countless explosions immediately occurred.

"Die, all of you! You've asked for it, so I'm giving it to you!" Li Wushuang cried. The eyes were all over the place. When they exploded, they turned into black blood, which would grow into brand new eyes in an instant. The worldcleanse whitesoul dragons were immediately infected, causing the blight to infest their flesh. The area around Dragonbound Valley was completely desolate now, with countless dragons of the divine formation raining down on it.

"Die! Die!" Li Wushuang knew that her move had nearly dealt a fatal blow. Seeing the state of the worldcleanse whitesoul dragons, Yang Ce and Long Wanying had definitely suffered injuries to some extent. Seeing them retreat, helpless before her even though they wanted her dead so badly, she felt absolutely wonderful.

"Enough playing around. I want to hear your cries," she coldly said.

From beginning to end, Long Wanying hadn't said a single word, putting up a strict act. But Li Wushuang's totemic calamity had forced her dragons back into her lifebound space to recuperate and dealt quite a bit of damage to her and Yang Ce. She slammed into the ground, while Yang Ce blocked Li Wushuang's slash and tried to help her back up.

"It won't do.... We have to use them," Long Wanying said, nearing despair.

"Once we use it, we have to kill her. Otherwise Tianming will be in trouble," Yang Ce said.

"Just do it! If we don't, the kids behind us will perish!" Gradually, her gaze turned from a resolute one to one of hate and fury.

"Alright, let's do it!" Yang Ce said after a short breather. He seemed far more resolute than before. It was a fact that the two of them weren't Li Wushuang's match, even with help from the formation. "The fight at the Myriaddragon Mountains might not have broken out yet. I just don't know whether we'll succeed here, and even if we do, how will this change the situation as a whole...?"

Li Wushuang's status was something that Long Wanying could never exceed. She didn't even dare to imagine it. "There's nothing else we can do. We've been forced into a corner. Even if there are some people that we can't afford to kill, she wants to kill every one of my kind! I have no choice but to fight!" She’d held it in for far too long and finally made her decision to fight without holding back, unleashing all the pressure that had built up over the years into her grade-seven divine artifact, the Sacred Whitedragon.

Li Wushuang came charging in with her totems again, intent on dealing the killing blow to Long Wanying. Her maniacal laughter sent chills down the spine of those listening. "It's over for you, haha!"

"You're the one it's over for!" Long Wanying stopped letting out any shred of gentle kindness. The wounds she had suffered on her face made her seem even more hard-headed and resolute. Right before disaster struck, she said, "Yin Chen!"

Spurred into action, the dormant bonegnaw ants, a hundred thousand of them within Li Wushuang's body, awakened. It wasn't a number that would be enough to completely take her down, but the sudden pain could result in fatal mistakes. Her face immediately contorted right before she landed her slash, her vision blanking out for a moment. Large beads of sweat trickled down from her head, carrying traces of blood within them.

The bonegnaw ants had hidden themselves in spots where astralforce couldn't easily reach and attacked in unison. With enough time, they would be able to reduce Li Wushuang into a boneless person. That was the special characteristic of a Primordial Chaos Beast that Li Wushuang couldn't hope to match. It lasted only three breaths, but Li Wushuang completely ceased her attack from the searing pain. Even her totems were completely disoriented from the pain, making an opening Long Wanying had been waiting for.

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