Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1520

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Chapter 1520: Chapter 1520 - Death and Rebirth

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Chapter 1520 - Death and Rebirth

With that bold declaration, the plane of origin’s seething reached a critical limit and strange phenomena began occurring. Illusory dragons burst out one by one from the plane of origin. They were all as long as a thousand meters and seemed to have come from another world. They lacked a real body, but still possessed a terrifying aura.

“Is this the secret of the Primodragon Cave? What kind of place is the Primodragon World?” Tianming wondered.

“What? Are these vita, caeli, or terra?” Long Xiqian’s mouth was agape. The giant figures from the Primodragon World were clearly some kind of soul that was even purer than spiritual bodies.

Terra that had become totems would look approximately like this, if they were copereal and strong enough. However, Tianming was certain these weren’t caeli or terra, and especially not vita! The closest equivalent would be artifact souls, but of many grades higher. They were like a special spiritual lifeform that could exist as just a soul and never be extinguished.

Still, what they were wasn’t important. What was important was that after these dragonsouls of origin rushed out of the plane of origin, they quickly entered the bodies of the Dragon Imperials and their lifebound beasts, settling within.

Hundreds of thousands of dragonsouls quickly made their way out, all entering the Dragon Imperials and their lifebound beasts.

Then, the bodies of the Dragon Imperials began to twitch. It started off with light trembling, but gradually, there was increasing familiarity with their moments. The dust on their bodies shook off.

“What!” Tianming and Long Xiqian forgot to breathe. The flesh and blood of seniors who had perished for millions of years still being in good condition and maintaining their power was extraordinary enough. But now, with the descent of the dragonsouls of origin, they actually ‘resurrected’?

One Dragon Imperial after another was familiarizing themselves with their body. Their gazes looked strange; they weren’t truly alive, but the anger still filled their eyes.

Hundreds of thousands of dragons soared into the sky from Primodragon Mountain. They flew around and roared. The entire scene was like a dream.

“I understand. Those illusory dragons from the plane of origin are controlling the bodies of the ancestors. The ancestors’ power is still around. If those illusory dragons can use it, doesn’t that mean our seniors can still protect their descendants after millions of years?” Long Xiqian felt warm tears streaming down her face.

Although what she claimed sounded fantastical, what Tianming was seeing had proved it.

The dragonsouls of origin substituted themselves for both souls and divine wills. They controlled the hundred thousand Dragon Imperials and their lifebound beasts, allowing the bodies to move again. It wasn't a resurrection or a return from death; however, the power that had been perfectly maintained by the Primodragon Cave for all these years could finally find a use thanks to the dragonsouls of origin.

A hundred thousand Dragon Imperials, all bearing their power from before they died, took to the skies with their dragons, forming a terrifying army. Even though some among them were old and frail, with most of their power having left them, they weren’t weak by any means.

Under the direction of the dragonsouls of origin, all of them gathered in front of Tianming. Or rather, the person standing in front of Tianming.

All of the Dragon Imperials seemed to be no different from being alive, apart from their emotionless expressions. Most of them seemed similar to the person they had been before they died. Perhaps it was a form of muscle memory.

Tianming had thought this was incredible enough. The next moment, the churning in the plane of origin grew even more furious and a massive dragonsoul of origin, tens of thousands of kilometers long, rushed out. Then a second head. A third head! Nine heads in total made their appearance.

The heads stared at the small projection in front of Tianming. It wasn’t a soul; Tianming wasn’t sure what it was. Before, it had come from the plane of origin and entered the nine-colored dragon scale.

The next moment, the projection and its dragons flew into the sky toward the nine-headed dragonsoul before colliding violently with it.

Tianming was flabbergasted to see the man and dragons swallow up the massive dragonsoul of origin. The small dragons merged into one dragonsoul of origin, tens of thousands of meters long. It was more lustrous than the previous dragonsoul and seemed to have a spark of intelligence.

As for the projection of the Ninedragon Emperor, it became a giant tens of thousands of kilometers tall with four dragons for limbs. It looked like the spitting image of the Ninedragon Emperor, brave and majestic.

The giant bowed toward Tianming and spoke with a booming voice. “Junior, allow me to borrow the body of you and your lifebound beasts.”

“Come!” Tianming had already been shaken long ago. He had expected the miraculous occurrences in the cave to be for the sake of saving the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect, but hadn’t expected to be able to help. Now that the giant needed him, he naturally wouldn’t decline.

Tianming was very straightforward. He even let Ying Huo, Meow Meow, Lan Huang, Xianxian, and the countless Yin Chens out from his lifebound space.

The giant and his massive dragons transformed into divine light that swept toward Tianming and his beasts. Similarly, endless amounts of nova source gathered around them.

Tianming cried out in pain as the giant rushed into his body, feeling like all of his flesh was being torn apart. Fortunately, there was the Greenspark Tower to stabilize his condition. Then the endless nova source gathered around him and swallowed him up. Tianming’s entire body convulsed. His vision turned red, and he felt his mind lose focus.

“Kill our way out!”


Tianming felt powerful beyond his wildest imagination right now. However, he wouldn’t be able to control it by himself. He also sensed another power lurking in his body that was directing the berserk energies around him. He didn’t know what the power was. Perhaps it had some relationship with the Ninedragon Emperor and Primodragon Cave. He only knew that the time to counterattack had arrived!

“Kill!” Tianming’s furious roar was accompanied by the hundred thousand seniors’ eyes turning red and an atmosphere of violence filling the crowd. The dragonsprings had been created by these seniors—it was possible they had predicted such a day like today would come when they were needed once again.

The formation of Primodragon Cave offered no resistance as one hundred thousand Dragon Imperials exited the cave.

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