Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1535

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Chapter 1535: 1535

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Chapter 1535 - The Solar Wheel Formation

It was a deep, resounding cry belonging to a peng, yet it sounded more powerful than an ordinary peng and seemed to originate from the vast ocean. When the sharp, thunderous sound swept across the onlookers, everyone felt their scalps tingle. Through the gold and crimson flames, a pair of enormous, blood-red wings rushed out of the Divine Sun Palace. Before these ten-thousand-meter long wings, even Ying Huo’s largest size seemed small. Connected to the wings was a scarlet peng. A single flap of its wings generated storms and had the Aeonic Infinidragon Formation shaking. It flew out of the battlefield and appeared before everyone. It was Li Wudi's companion beast. The former void kunpeng that had transformed into an ancient infernalblood kunpeng. Although Tianming didn’t know what super beast it had then evolved into, it was obvious the sun emperor had made every effort toward its transformation. Due to its sheer speed, the sky seemed to turn red. It was currently headed for the center of the Myriaddragon Mountains.

"What’s that? A lifebound beast? That mysterious person is a beastmaster?" the people exclaimed. It was as if they had met their savior, because the Saintdragon Emperor and dreamless celestial emperor’s lifebound beasts were nowhere as large. Perhaps this mysterious man was the most powerful beastmaster on the sun?

There was little joy in Tianming’s face, because progress came at great sacrifice. Li Wudi and his lifebound beast’s strange transformation must be related to the experiment. Under normal circumstances, the sun emperor was in control of everything and would squeeze every last drop of Li Wudi’s worth.

The blood-red kunpeng evoked thoughts of the Ninemoon Goddess’ lifebound beast; however, there were more surprises to come. Eight gigantic blood-red beasts appeared in front of the Divine Sun Palace. These were extremely rare ancient beasts with humanoid bodies and beast heads. Although the red mist that covered them from head to toe obscured their true appearance, it was clear they came from the mysterious red-haired man.

"Totems! He’s a dual cultivator!" the Saintdragon Emperor and other experts exclaimed in shock. These conditions were unique to the Ninemoon Goddess alone.

"Tianming, he’s..." they asked.

"He’s the Ninemoon Goddess’ real father,” said Tianming.

"So he’s real? Is he a sovereign? Did he come from another world with a nova source?" the Saintdragon Emperor asked excitedly.

Tianming couldn't speak. The Saintdragon Emperor might think that Li Wudi’s existence meant survival for them, but it was difficult for Tianming to be optimistic. Both he and Qingyu were worried about Li Wudi.

The sun emperor’s totems materialized. It seemed his target was the blood-red kunpeng, but he was stopped by the red-haired man and his totems. The battle continued in the sky, but now it was no longer just a physical fight. With his extraordinary totems and astralforce, the red-haired man was clearly an incredible all-rounder. Who had created this marvel? Only the sun emperor could answer this question.

The sun emperor was bursting with white-hot rage. He felt like his secrets had been laid bare for all to see. Annoyed that he couldn’t get rid of the red-haired man, the sun emperor let out an angry roar that shook the Divine Sun Palace. His strength was still growing. After the eight totems materialized, a golden eye seemed to appear between his eyebrows. The dazzling light continued spreading as if a power sealed within his body was erupting. But the strange thing was that the Divine Sun Palace continued dimming.

Why? Perhaps the answer lay in the kunpeng. It was now above Tianming's head, its sharp eyes instantly locking on to him and Qingyu in the horde of people.

"Saintdragon Emperor, let it in!" Tianming shouted.

"No problem."

As soon as the words left his lips, the blood-red kunpeng swooped down and landed atop Tianming's head.

"Tianming." As the giant bird lowered itself, its mountain-like beak hovered in front of Tianming. From its grim demeanor, it was clear that the situation wasn’t optimistic.


Tianming looked at it solemnly, his gaze turning to the fierce battle in the sky. In order to stop the sun emperor, his godfather was heavily injured and his totems were fading. How could a mere test subject be comparable to the real master? Although the sun emperor had never imagined Li Wudi would attack at such a critical moment, he must have a way to control him.

Staring at the two, the blood-red kunpeng said, "We stole the Solar Wheel. As long as you have it, the Divine Sun Palace won’t be able to start." When it opened its beak, a golden wheel similar to the wardrum formation descended from the sky and landed in Tianming's hand. The wheel fiercely burned and resembled the new wheel formation transformed from the wardrum formation; it was the key to controlling the Divine Sun Palace.

The implication was obvious. Without the Divine Sun Palace, it would be difficult for the sun emperor to invade. All they had to do was guard the Solar Wheel, which was tantamount to temporarily neutralizing the threat of the Divine Sun Palace. Tianming understood the significance of this. Even if the Myriaddragon Mountains faced an attack from hundreds of millions of celestial orderians, their opponents wouldn’t have a functioning Divine Sun Palace while the Aeonic Infinidragon Formation would remain in place.

"I must return to help him." Flapping its wings, the blood-red kunpeng was about to take off. The gravity of the situation was evident.

"Hold on!"

Expression grim, Tianming said, "I’m in control of the legendary Imperial Ninedragon Tomb which is also a divine astralship. At the moment, the most it can do is navigate the starry skies. If I take the Solar Wheel with me, will the Divine Sun Palace be unable to fly? Will they be unable to catch me, and will the celestial orderians lose the advantage that is the Divine Sun Palace?" He spoke quickly, because the Saintdragon Emperor had given him an important mission. The dragonsprings and Solar Wheel were the crystallization of the wisdom of countless generations; there was no way the sun emperor could destroy them.

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