Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1537

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Chapter 1537: 1537

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Chapter 1537 - Rookie

With the entire tomb free of the ground, Tianming finally saw what it looked like. Compared to the Divine Sun Palace, which resembled a golden head, the tomb was shaped like nine dragons flying side by side. Their bellies were so close that the tomb almost seemed like a nine-headed, nine-tailed dragon. Nine different lights gathered in the tomb like dragons soaring into the sky. Even though its power originated from the saplings, its majesty could rival the Divine Sun Palace.

Billions of people looked up and witnessed the vast divine astralship that had once accommodated a hundred million people dive into the fiery firmament and tear through the clouds. The clouds spread out, forming a tsunami of fire. A hundred thousand Dragon Imperials, the red-haired mysterious man, the nonabane sovereign… they were considered marvels. Everyone on Orderia was cognizant of the sun emperor’s terrifying might. He had caught up to the talents of the first generation celestial orderians and no one knew his true strength.

But even so, the fact that the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb was a divine astralship caused even greater shock. More importantly, Tianming was the one in control of it. He was simply the favored son of destiny.

"The first time he had access to the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb was during the Voidsky Skirmish, which means that his greatest gain wasn’t the Divine Worldeater Cauldron, but this divine astralship!"


"This may be the Ninedragon Emperor’s true legacy and his arrangement for his descendants, hundreds of thousands of years into the future. Perhaps he foresaw that the celestial orderians would persecute the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect."

"It's amazing."

"On top of all that, Li Tianming also took the Solar Wheel with him!"

This was an event big enough to change Orderia and their hearts were turned upside down. They watched Tianming leave with astonishment. Unbeknownst to them, Tianming was about to be driven to madness in the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb.

"Sure enough, there’s still a difference between theoretical knowledge and actual practice!" With his hand around the wheel formation, he reached into the 'onward' vortex. The huge tomb violently shook as nova source contained in the saplings poured into it. It was like steering an entire planet on his own. The propulsion was incredibly powerful, so his legs left the ground in that instant. His entire body was thrown into the air, except for his hands around the wheel formation. Everyone else was sent flying.

"Dammit, you rookie!" Ying Huo cursed, expressing its dissatisfaction with the captain. Grabbing Meow Meow’s fur with its claws, it managed to stabilize its body. Meanwhile, Meow Meow screamed in pain, having lost a large patch of fur. The two could never have imagined that there were more exciting things to come. When the tomb emerged from the fiery clouds, it shifted upside down and the clouds became a sea. Those watching from below didn’t expect the tomb to come crashing down like a falling star and their hearts skipped a beat.

It seemed the tomb was about to have an intimate contact with the Myriaddragon Mountains and would split apart the land. Fortunately, it changed directions at the very last moment and blasted off into the sky, soaring out of the blazing clouds once more. Tianming was profusely sweating.

"Can you do it? If you can’t, let me do it!" Ying Huo scoffed.

"Shut up!"

After almost crashing, Tianming had gotten a feel for flying the astralship. He shouldn’t make large movements while steering it. As an expert in composing himself, Tianming steadied his heart and firmly held the wheel formation. This time, they made it out of the fiery firmament and entered the astralscape of order.

They were out! An endless starry universe appeared before them and dazzling nova sources could be seen in the distance. The vastness of the astralscape of order and the number of worlds with nova sources were still unknowns. Looking out from the divine astralship, those worlds might no longer be out of reach.

The astralship continued accelerating. Everything before them became blurry and starlight turned into a straight streak. Tianming felt like he was controlling an enormous beast. No matter how calm he was, he couldn't stop it from violently charging around. Fortunately, the cosmos was vast; all he had to do was avoid crashing into stellar sources.

Looking back, tongues of fire darted from the surface of the scorching sun. Like an enlarged version of the Divine Sun Palace, it was unparalleled. The surging flame within the sea of stars was more fiery than the cultivators of this world.

Tianming saw one man in that monstrous sea of fire. Because the gold-haired man was still pursuing him, the Solar Wheel in his hand continued vibrating. He was the sun emperor, and he was furious. Even as Tianming flew further away from the sun emperor, the man’s sheer rage had his heart pounding.

"We’re lucky we seized the Solar Wheel, otherwise the Saintdragon Emperor and the others wouldn’t be able to hold him back. After all, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to fly the Divine Sun Palace to catch up to me and destroy the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb."

Across a million miles, his scorching gaze penetrated the walls of the astralship and burned Tianming's face. With a thunderous roar, the sun emperor’s totems traveled millions of miles and shook the astralship, which took a big turn before heading forward.

"That man is terrifying...." The ten-year-old Feiling stared at him with reverence.

Only when he had revealed his ninth totem did they learn what a miracle it was to have angered him today and survived. Although Li Wudi deserved most of the credit, obtaining the saplings in such a short period of time and controlling the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb was equally as important.

"The sun!"

The astralship continued moving forward and the fiery star behind them grew smaller and smaller. They could still feel the heat across a great distance.

“Godfather, when I find a place to get rid of the Solar Wheel and deal with the dragonsprings, I’ll return to save you."

This time, Li Wudi had sacrificed himself, but Tianming would eventually return because his godfather was still there. Orderia was the sun emperor’s; having left his sphere of control, Tianming might one day be qualified to fight him. Holding back the killing intent in his heart and his concern for Li Wudi, Tianming focused on steering the astralship. The Imperial Ninedragon Tomb accelerated out of the outposts surrounding the sun and into the vast universe.

"Weisheng Moran… has something… to say!"

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