Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1538

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Chapter 1538: 1538

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Chapter 1538 - Yin Chen Sleeps

In a short period of time, four million Yin Chens had already spread throughout the tomb, occupying their territory. Several silver spiders hung from Tianming's body and spoke into his ear.

"What did she say?" Tianming asked.

"Azurespirit. Divine… wondersky race… positioning device," Yin Chen mechanically said.

"The Azurespirit is a locator for the divine wondersky race? It belongs to the dreamless celestial emperor, so is he related to the divine wondersky race?" Tianming analyzed.

"Yes. yes… Dreamless celestial… emperor. Divine…. wondersky race.… "

The dreamless celestial emperor was one of them! The divine wondersky race was the super-race of the astralscape of order that had established the wondersky realm. They were the strongest of all the races, having replaced the sky plunderers. They built wondersky realms in various worlds, connecting the vast cosmos; however, no wondersky realm existed in Orderia.

"If the Azurespirit is the divine wondersky race’s locator, is the dreamless celestial emperor trying to attract their attention and build a wondersky realm in Orderia? What good would it do him?" Tianming asked.

"She said… it’s great… you left… with the… Azurespirit! It… will protect… you you…." The little spider seemed constipated. At the end of every other word, it took forever to continue.

Tianming understood what she meant. "Ask her what the divine wondersky race wants," Tianming urged.

"It’s impossible… They’re too… far away… Yin Chen… hibernate hibernate.…"

Although the Myriadworld Immortabeast was terrifying and could spread parts of itself everywhere, Tianming speculated that there were limits to its abilities. There were currently four million of it on the astralship and about a million in Orderia. When they were too far away from each other, all million of it would enter an inactive state, making remote communication impossible unless Yin Chen continued to evolve and progress. At its current level, it could only remain active where most of its body was. There was no way anyone could send out a transmission stone over such a great distance—that is to say, the connection between Tianming and Orderia had been completely cut off.

"I wonder if she’s said all she has to say...."

Looking back, Tianming thought of turning the astralship around. However, they were traveling at lightning speed. If the astralship were to slam into Orderia, it might decimate an entire continent and kill hundreds of millions. He was too inexperienced.

"Taking the Azurespirit with you is equivalent to removing the locator. The divine wondersky race won’t be able to locate Orderia. They’re safe," Feiling assured him.

"You’re right." Tianming nodded. At that moment, he suddenly felt a chill crawl up his spine. When he lowered his head, he noticed Feiling's resentful gaze. Her shiny nails flashed as she pinched Tianming’s waist.

"What’s wrong?!" he shouted.

"Xian Xian complained that you were flirting with it."

"It’s a misunderstanding!" Sure enough, he was still subjected to her ruthless pinching. Xian Xian fluttered around him, rejoicing in his misfortune.

"Keep this up and I’ll deduct your rations. I don't have much food with me." Tianming glared at the little spiritform.

"You can't do that!" Shouting anxiously, Xian Xian burst into tears and begged Tianming for mercy while proclaiming his innocence.

Jokes aside, Tianming understood one thing. "If the Azurespirit is still working, the divine wondersky race won’t be able to find Orderia, but they will be able to find me."


He was in possession of too many important items—the Solar Wheel, dragonsprings, and the Azurespirit. The first two were easy to handle. As long as he tossed them far enough away, the sun emperor wouldn’t be able to locate them. The Solar Wheel was basically useless, but the dragonsprings were the core of the Myriaddragon Mountains’ formation and couldn’t be discarded for the time being. Unfortunately, throwing out the Azurespirit was even more unfeasible because it was in his eye. His involvement in these various issues muddled his thoughts.

"Weisheng Moran has fallen into the hands of the dreamless celestial emperor, who’s inflicted with Ling'er's blood grudge. I hope he won't punish her, but is that possible? She ruined his plans and led to the Azurespirit leaving Orderia."

At the thought of all the times she had begged him to save her, Tianming felt a little sorry. He was powerless, because he was no match for the dreamless celestial emperor or the sun emperor. Their escape was already a miracle; only he could take away the Solar Wheel and remove the threat of the Divine Sun Palace. He couldn't even save his godfather, so how could he save her? At the time, she had been too far away from the battlefield and surrounded by countless dreamless celestial experts.

When I return, I hope I’ll have an opportunity to bring you out of your misery, Tianming thought to himself.

"Big Brother, don't worry. I’m the only one who can remove the blood grudge. When the time comes, I can force him to cooperate. I just hope she’ll be able to hold on for a little longer." Feiling leaned against Tianming's arm. With how little she was, she had to raise her head to talk to Tianming, which was rather uncomfortable. However, it was a pleasure to look at her vivid eyes and tender face from this angle.

This time, she had severely injured the dreamless celestial emperor and saved Tianming's eye. As long as the blood grudge remained, he would be under Feiling’s control. If it weren't for the urgent situation, they might have been able to intimidate the dreamless celestial emperor.

"We’ll keep moving away from the sun. Once we’ve tossed the Solar Wheel, we’ll return to Orderia and see if we can save her," Tianming said.


With that, Feiling placed her hand in his. As he held the beauty in his arms, his confidence began surging and he started steering the astralship with only one hand.

"Let go of me. Be serious." Cheeks flushed, Feiling tried removing her hand.

"Don’t worry. I’ll go slow." Tianming confidently said. As soon as the words left his lips, the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb spun out of control and flew out thousands of miles away. Everyone onboard, including Tianming, was bumped around and had the senses knocked out of them. Feiling was actually tossed to the rear of the tomb.

"You pretentious good-for-nothing!" The angry Ying Huo pecked at Tianming.


On Purplegrand Mountain, hundreds of strange looking people coldly stared at Weisheng Moran. Overwhelmed with fear, she shrank in the corner, head lowered, hugging her legs.

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