Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1562

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Chapter 1562: 1562

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Chapter 1562 - Set for Life

The next day, Gong Xiong came on time as he had promised. He wore a different black bearskin this time and seemed really well put together as he led the way. "Come, come. I'll take you to see the sovereign."

The sovereign hadn't wanted to meet Lingfeng and the rest, so Tianming went alone. As he had already gone against someone like the sun emperor, facing one of the two top figures of a nova source world no longer fazed him. Gong Xiong, however, was nervously adjusting his outfit along the way.

"Friend, I look fine, right? Is my hair alright?"

"Brother Xiong, you have no hair."

"Ah, I forgot! Dang, I'm so nervous!"

The two of them headed toward the Kilostar Capital. As expected, the seventy-plus people that shadowed Tianming were always nearby.

"They’re the Starchasers, the most loyal subordinates of the sovereign, all of them elites through and through. The sovereign has ordered them to protect you for at least five centuries," Gong Xiong explained.

"Starchasers?" Tianming felt that the treatment he was receiving was far too good. Being the best in a nova source world came with impressive benefits.

"Ye Chen only managed to reach a draw with you despite having enjoyed the benefits of his faction for years, while you’ve always been on your own. Not to mention, you only just got the rights to head to the ninth level of the Violetglory Pagoda. If you ask me, you're much stronger."

Tianming just laughed without confirming or denying it. Soon, they reached the entrance of the huge complex.

"As expected of a divine astralship with a miniaturized nova source." Tianming could already feel how it was different. This was a true war machine, while the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb was only a transport vessel for now.

They walked along a bright path toward a grand hall. "Sovereign, I, Gong Xiong, have come with Li Tianming."

"Enter," said a deep voice from within.

"Understood." The two stepped into the starlit hall, surrounded by a thick fog. Tianming looked around and saw a man sitting on the throne in the distance, illuminated by brilliant starlight. His eyes shone even brighter than the stars in the fog.

"All hail the Sovereign!"

Right as Gong Xiong was about to get Tianming to kneel, Sovereign Starfeather said, "No need for formalities." He waved for Gong Xiong to step back and turned to Tianming. "Come closer, young man."

"Yes." Tianming approached without the slightest bit of nervousness. The sovereign himself had spared them of formalities, so he didn't kneel and simply came closer, though he still wasn't able to get a good look at the sovereign.

"We’ve never seen a nonabane totemancer in all of Our life. Might We be honored to witness a demonstration?" He spoke in a far more intimate and friendly fashion than the sun emperor ever had.

"It would be my honor to show it to the sovereign." Tianming summoned nine of his godswords and let them revolve around Sovereign Starfeather.

"These are good swords!" His eyes shone as he praised them. "These nine swords will no doubt shake the world and wake slumbering fiendgods.... They’ll sweep across the star and even the astralscape above."

"Should that day ever come, I, Tianming, will not forget the favors I owe to the Violetcloud Imperium."

"Very good...." The sovereign smiled and continued, "Seeing you for Ourself and hearing you speak are enough for Us to judge your character. We have a good feeling about you."

Tianming nodded.

"Young man, have you married?" came a sudden question.

"I have a beloved. We’re set for life," Tianming seriously said.

"What man wouldn't dream of taking three or four wives, or even conquering tens of thousands of beauties across the stars?" asked the sovereign as he stroked his beard.

"Beauties pale in comparison to the grand scheme of things." He knew that the sovereign was just trying to bind him to the imperium like the Divineglory Dynasty had when they’d allowed Ye Chen to marry their princess.

"Very well." Sovereign Starfeather smiled once more, perhaps finding an incorruptible youth like Tianming even more valuable. "Li Tianming, the Starchasers shall be responsible for your safety henceforth, while Gong Xiong will attend to your cultivation needs. We’ve decreed that you shall be allowed to utilize any and all cultivation resources of Our imperium. There shall be no need to seek permission. Have Gong Xiong obtain anything you want."

"Thank you, Sovereign!" Tianming had been waiting to hear just that. This was the dream! He could have anything he wanted from universal manna to divine ores, and even sword ki! Gong Xiong would be able to get him anything, and he didn't even need to go through standard channels for requesting resources. He knew that he was no simple disciple. Perhaps nobody other than Sovereign Starfeather himself had such privileges.

"However, you have to demonstrate your value to shut the mouths of those who would question Our decision, understood?"

"Definitely! It's the least I can do!" There was no free lunch in this world; without putting in any effort for the resources he consumed, Tianming might have to spit them back out. Though the resources weren't freely given or without expectation, Tianming was more comfortable with such an arrangement; he wouldn't feel like he owed too much.

"Gong Xiong, make sure to give this young man a good tour of Our city." The sovereign stood up and vanished in blinding starlight. His last words felt a little chilling to Tianming. He knew that the sovereign had figured out that he wasn't a local, but it seemed that he didn't care where he was from. It wasn't really important. In fact, giving the sovereign the impression that he had backers might prompt him to nurture him even more.

As for Gong Xiong, he seemed ignorant of these subtle intentions and hurriedly left with Tianming. When they left the ship, he patted Tianming on the shoulder and said, "Well done, brother! Thanks to you, I got a new job and won't have to wallow away in that backwater shithole. We're buddies from now on!"

"Congratulations, Brother Xiong!" It had all gone well. As Tianming headed back to Violetpeak, he was planning out what resources he should ask for himself and the other four. He wouldn't hold back. First, he would increase the number of Yin Chens with the aim of not just spreading it throughout Myriadmile City, but the whole world. Next, Meow Meow and the rest still had a lot of room to improve, seeing as they were still only six-star divine beasts.

As they reached Violetpeak, Gong Xiong received a transmission stone.

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