Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1590

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Chapter 1590: 1590

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Chapter 1590 - Rednamed Killer

After obtaining the spirit core so long ago, the mysterious man had tasked Tianming to look for the wondersky realm. Now that he had read it, he crushed the leaf. The fact that the man communicated with him that way showed that he didn't want others to find out, after all.

"The Tranquil, Skydome, and Apex Battlefields.... I can only reach the Skydome Battlefield after going through nine levels of the Tranquil Battlefield. However, I think I stand a chance." He had only just arrived here, so there was no point in rushing. Not to mention, the message didn't ask him to hurry, either.

"Is that blind fella going to give you another legacy or something?" Ying Huo asked.

"Who knows." He couldn't be sure whether it would be a good or bad thing for now, so he didn't hold too many expectations for it. He put the matter aside and continued along in the Tranquil Battlefield. He wasn't even sure what rules there were here. Even after an hour, he hadn’t encountered any others or danger.

"This feels like a waste of time." Right as he uttered that, a crimson light appeared in the distance, piercing through the green mist. The light continued to be emitted and it seemed to be quickly moving toward Tianming.

"What in the world is that?" He put his guard up, but he had no idea what he was dealing with. It would reach him right away.

"Wondersky fairy, are you there?" he called out.

The little winged furball appeared in front of him, proudly holding its nose high. "Why did you summon me? I'm not supposed to manifest in the Tranquil Battlefield!"

Tianming didn't think it would actually show up. "What's that up ahead?"

The fairy looked and said, "Nothing much. Just someone that’s killed more than a hundred people, a redname. They're about to get a precious treasure of the divine wondersky race. If they can survive an entire day without being killed, they'll succeed. If they're killed, the one who killed them will take their place and get the treasure. Naturally, they'll have to last an entire day in this battlefield."

"A redname? What does that mean?"

"It means that the name above their heads has turned red."

Tianming looked above and saw 'Violetglory Star, Li Tianming', still hovering above him. The words were currently white.

"Each time you kill someone, your name will turn a little redder. Once you reach a hundred, it'll be completely red and start emitting red light, allowing those around you to spot you. If you can last a full day as a redname, you'll be rewarded and given the privilege to go to the second level. But if you're killed, someone can take your place as the redname without killing a hundred people," the wondersky fairy explained.

It appeared that the rules were similar to the Grand-Orient Realm's tournament to obtain the sword. The light in front of him looked rather bright, meaning that it was a person who had successfully killed a hundred opponents and was slated to receive the reward. However, that also meant that others could more easily hunt them down, constantly exposed by the red light as they were. Lasting an entire day might be harder than killing a hundred people. As for the person who took the redname's place later, they wouldn't have to kill a hundred people, but the timer would be reset. They would also have to last a day all the same before being rewarded. Since Tianming wanted to go up the levels, he would have to participate.

"What happens if we're killed in the Tranquil Battlefield?" Tianming asked.

"You can only come back again after a month," said the fairy.

While it wasn't a big deal, it would be quite a waste of time. At the very least, it was clear that it wouldn't be easy to get the reward or move on to the next level, as rednames would be hunted down. Tianming understood the rules, but he didn't discount the possibility of there being other factors in the battlefield. But now, he had no time as the redname was right in front of him now. Before he even clearly saw the person, he saw the glowing label first.

'Seventh Sun, Xue Tu' was what it said. This person had to run nonstop to avoid being encircled, or it would be over. While dying here wasn't a true death, killing a hundred people was hard work and their killer would be able to skip that if they succeeded. Not to mention, they would be barred from the place for a whole month.

"Seventh Sun?" Tianming found the name of the place rather curious. "Why’s the world numbered? It's also called the sun, like what the denizens of the Flameyellow Continent call Orderia. Is there a reason for that?"

'Seventh' implied that there were other suns, at least six of them. There were no other nova source worlds near Orderia, so there was no need for such a numbered naming system in the first place. A number system implied more than one thing that needed naming, after all, so was it really a chain of nova source worlds? Could such a place exist in the astralscape? Perhaps there was an interstellar civilization that could communicate among its members, unlike Orderia, who had no nova source world neighbors, only lunar outposts.

Tianming finally got a good look at Xue Tu. Seeing the flashy red label gave everyone the urge to try to kill that person.

"So killing him and lasting a day will be my ticket up, eh?" Tianming stood in Xue Tu's way. The latter looked at Tianming's name label. Realizing that it wasn't a well-known name, he breathed a sigh of relief and decided that Tianming wasn't a threat.

Tianming, on the other hand, was quite shocked at what he saw. Xue Tu was a specter, based on his star-filled eyes. But unlike Lingfeng of the infernal soul race, who was barely distinguishable from normal humans, this specter was mostly humanoid, had a large physique, and completely dark-red skin that almost seemed like the carapace of an insect. There were spikes growing out of his elbows and knees, as well as a three-meter-long stinger tail that was dragged around the ground like a spear. His hands were sharp and claw-like, almost like Tianming's black arm. He had a strong nose, triangular eyes, and spiky hair, each strand as thick as a grain of rice, making him look a little like a porcupine.

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