Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1596

Published at 13th of September 2022 09:09:06 PM

Chapter 1596: 1596

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Chapter 1596 - Icy Blue

Within a small building near the lake in the wondersky realm, the projection came to an end as Tianming vanished from the world of misty green. The black-robed minister supreme applauded and said, "He was absolutely unstoppable and made his way to the second level of the Tranquil Battlefield, shocking countless worlds. Looks like he's much stronger than you were back then. The two youths of us divineglorians probably won't be able to match up to him."

The two youths beside him approached, looking at each other with complex expressions. They were under huge pressure.

"He used to keep a really low profile. But now he's intentionally drawing attention," said Princess Shen Yu as she bit her lip.

"That's right. He's trying to build influence in the imperium, so he knows what he has to do," said the minister supreme. He patted Ye Chen on the shoulder and said, "You used to be our miracle, but now you've been surpassed. Think carefully about your future. Take back what belongs to you. I don't think you're any worse than him."

"Understood." Ye Chen nodded, his gaze darkening somewhat. He had been shocked again and again in recent times. His nonchalant, vibrant self was no longer anywhere to be seen.


Back at Violetpeak, Tianming opened his eyes within the heavenly locus formation and immediately spotted a beautiful face in front of him. Her wide eyes stared at him and she blushed when he snapped awake. "Big Brother, you're back...."

"Oh, what’s this? Were you trying to cop a feel while I was unconscious in the wondersky realm?" Tianming said, immediately pulling Feiling into his embrace with an incredibly practiced motion.

"Hey, let go! There’s a lot of people outside...." Though she said that, she plastered her face against his chest and said it at the lowest volume she could, almost as if she didn't want him to hear it.

"Huh?" Tianming's eyes flashed as he held her by the face. "Ling'er, you look about sixteen now! You're more or less how you looked before! Hehe...."

"Don't laugh like this. You sound like a villain." She gave his mouth a hard pinch.

"Ah, you've grown so much...." He counted the pleasure balls in his spatial ring. The time to use them would come soon.

"You and your dastardly antics," Feiling said, lowering her head as her heart beat quickly. Her stiff body relaxed as she melted into him like a creature without bones. Since her rebirth, she had been growing at a rate ten times that of normal people, making for quite a striking visual change. She felt as if she was quickly being cooked to prepare a feast for Tianming. It felt really weird to contemplate, but even she thought it was about time their relationship developed to that point. At this point, she was only a marriage ceremony away from being his wife, considering all they had been through.

"Take it easy." He lightly tapped her cheeks. Though the mood was right for both of them, now was definitely not the right time.

"Alright." Though, I wouldn't refuse if you had insisted, she thought. They’d gone through life and death together and had parted many times before too. They wouldn't have waited, had her rebirth been without problems that caused her apparent age to regress. She felt like she needed a way to prove that they belonged to each other. They looked into each other's eyes, their gazes passionate; they were barely able to hold back their love for each other.

"Wait for me." Tianming stood up and put her on the ground. She seemed taller than before, as well, and her figure was turning even more defined than before. He hugged her tight before loosening his grip and heading out. There were many who were waiting for his return outside.

"Big Brother...." The way she looked at him was filled with longing and desire. Without her noticing, a film of blue had clouded her black irises and even spread out through her entire eye. They were cold, eternal, and icy colors that even seemed to give her a freezing aura.

"Oh, wait!" Tianming turned around, instantly causing the icy blue to vanish.

Her stiff expression turned into a smile once more. She shook her head to refresh herself and said, "What's wrong, Big Brother?"

"How are the Flashsoul Skywings? Have you gotten used to them?"

"Yeah, I have. You won't be able to catch me even if you try."

"Great. Let's play catch when I come back. If you get caught... hehehe...."

"Idiot...." This was the teasing she didn't mind, and perhaps even enjoyed. As Tianming left, her eyes turned icy blue once more. "Big... Brother?"

She turned her gaze down, looking at her sleeves. Her clothes were still filled with the scent of the man who had just left.


When Tianming went outside, he saw tens of millions of people outside Violetpeak, showering him with attention and excitement. He was the genius that had made them proud across the vast astralscape! Apart from Primary, these people had never gone to other nova source worlds before. The fact that Tianming had made them known across distant worlds made them feel a pride they didn't know they had.

"Astralking Tianming!" they cheered so loudly that even the buildings behind him shook. Tianming had greatly underestimated the reaction he would get from his exploits in the Astraldome. Although the Violetglory Star's reputation wasn't a big deal to those from other worlds, it was indispensable to the cultivators of their star. Their lives had been meaningfully enhanced, thanks to Tianming.

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