Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1602

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Chapter 1602: 1602

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Chapter 1602 - Eight-Star Ying Huo

"Almost all of the Violetcloud Imperium’s universal manna is controlled and kept by the Crimsonmeld Archclan, including your seven-star universal manna. I had to keep asking for them. However, the eight-star universal manna is in the Kilostar Capital and His Majesty has probably gone to get it. Congratulations!" Seeing that the meeting was over, Old Man Shengui emerged with a smile on his face. "Did you see the Crimsonmeld Patriarch’s expression when he left? It made me smile!" He seemed to dislike the man and was delighted to see him deflated.

Sure enough, not long after, Sovereign Starfeather returned and handed Tianming a sealed, fiery red cauldron with loud rumbling coming from within. It was obvious there was a divine artifact in there; the cauldron itself was a grade-six divine artifact, yet it was merely a vessel.

"Won’t you open it and take a look?" the sovereign asked with a smile.


When Sovereign Starfeather placed the cauldron on the ground, Tianming leaped into the sky. The sovereign smacked the cauldron and a small crack opened up, releasing a scorching heat wave. Tianming had recently come across quite a few seven-star universal manna, including the Triworld Bolt used by Meow Meow. They were all terrifying, but none of them could compare to manna imperius. That was the difference between a sovereign and a solarian. They were merely a level apart, but in fact, the disparity between the two was like heaven and earth.

Inside the enormous cauldron was something reminiscent of a beating heart. Strong and powerful, it vibrated the cauldron. When Tianming looked inside, he realized that it wasn’t a heart, but rather a stomach. A red, fiery stomach. It was huge and bulky, with fine flames circulating on the top. Just looking at it made him sweat. The most eye-catching things were the eight fiery vortices on its surface, which followed no pattern or arrangement. They strangely spun, like mouths that were capable of swallowing everything.

“It’s called the Eightfold Desolation Furnace and has existed in the Violetcloud Imperium with a history of more than seven thousand years. There hasn’t been a single person worthy of it in all that time. According to records, it can give lifebound beasts the ability to devour and digest flames," the sovereign said.

"Wow." Although Tianming was calm on the surface, he was actually surprised. As the Aeternal Infernal Phoenix, Ying Huo could devour flames to strengthen itself, but most of its abilities were still sealed. It would be a great benefit if the Eightfold Desolation Furnace could unlock certain bloodline bindings and unleash more of its abilities.

"Take it. I’ll be waiting for your good news," the sovereign said.

The eight-star universal manna was more valuable than the Lifesteal Silverdragon in his hand. Of course, Tianming was excited. He realized how lucky he was to have met Long Wanying in the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect, and generous people like Shengui and Sovereign Starfeather here. Although they needed him as well, they could have chosen not to give him the eight-star universal manna; Tianming’s significance to them was evident. Their kindness was so great he had no way to thank them except to make good use of the universal manna.

"Tianming, there’s still a long journey ahead of you. When you’ve risen to a position where no mortal can touch you, those who opposed you today will regret it."

"Yes." He would be calm and composed in the face of all obstacles. Before leaving, he asked one last question, "Your Majesty, what do you think of Astralqueen Ziyan?"

"I didn't see that coming, but I suggest you continue observing." He smiled.

"I understand." Tianming was also quite surprised.

As he took the furnace back to Violetpeak, Ying Huo hung from it throughout the entire journey, drooling with desire.

"As long as my evolution is successful, I’ll be even more dashing. When the time comes, Little Yue will be a turtle in a jar." At the thought of that, saliva dribbled down its beak.

"Can't you speak nicely?" Tianming rolled his eyes.

"In the bag?"

"Get lost!"


An eight-star universal manna wasn’t the kind of thing that could be concealed, thus, Sovereign Starfeather never even tried keeping it secret. Instead, he publicized the matter. The news that Tianming had received the eight-star universal manna once again shocked the Violetglory Star. He was considered the brightest figure on the star, so every piece of news had something to do with him. The young man in his twenties was about to have a lifebound beast on the same level as the sovereign. Even if it had yet to mature, it still created a stir.

"Sovereign Starfeather is so generous."

"It's no big deal. Li Tianming deserves such a reward. Anyway, there isn’t much competition for universal manna in the Violetcloud Imperium."

"That might be true, but it's really enviable to own a sovereign beast at his age...."

"Ye Chen is so unlucky. He’s lost yet again. I heard that he also asked the Divineglory Dynasty for eight-star universal manna but was rejected."

"How embarrassing!"

"There’ll be worse to bear in the future."

"When will Li Tianming challenge the Astraldome again? We can all see what a sovereign beast looks like! I’ve never seen one before."

"There are less than eight eight-star divine beasts here, and most of them belong to the sovereign of the Divineglory Dynasty."

Rarity and contrast were the main components of a sensation. At the moment, many people felt as if they wouldn’t be able to catch up to Tianming once he soared.


In a cold, dark hall in the Divineglory Dynasty, Ye Chen, a young man dressed in white, stood with his head lowered and almost seemed engulfed in darkness. The figure in front of him had an enormous divinespring on his chest. The divinespring originally brightly shone but had turned black, creating an endless night.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Chen wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. "I thought that reaching the Solar stage would enable me to turn defeat into victory, but it seems it still isn’t enough. He isn’t just a beastmaster, yet his lifebound beast can evolve into an eight-star divine beast. In terms of innate talent, I’ve already lost. In the future, the gap between us will only widen."

"So?" the sovereign asked.

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