Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1607

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Chapter 1607: 1607

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Chapter 1607 - Red Name

Lifebound beasts also existed in the form of caeli in the wondersky realm. Yin Chen’s five million bodies had transformed into nearly fifty million little cockroaches. Even if the wondersky realm categorized its invisibility as ordinary stealth, Yin Chen could still escape the sight of others, spread out far and wide, and communicate with Tianming at the same time.

The Astraldome, as well as Violetglory Star’s wondersky realm, were super formations constructed in the xenomemory space and perpetual wondersky realm. Everything within the formation was illusory, but caeli were real. An ordinary touch felt genuine, what more battle and slaughter. Even the passionate love between a man and woman was a deep connection between two caeli. The caelum’s senses merged with the vita and flesh… who could say for certain that the mingling of two souls wasn’t as real or as pleasurable as the union of the flesh?

Because of that, Tianming regarded the Astraldome as a real battlefield. He rode on Meow Meow’s back, whizzing through the repugnant green world with the Lifesteal Silverdragon in his hand. Occasionally, his weapon would dance in the air and shatter his opponents before they even noticed him.

Another kill! The contenders in the second level were definitely much stronger than those in the first, with the majority of them being solarians. But since Tianming was the hunter and he wasn’t under siege, he chose his opponents and went for one-hit kills. Naturally, he was efficient. Before they could even catch a glimpse of Tianming’s countenance, those in the nova source worlds watched in astonishment as their top geniuses were forced out of the battlefield and returned to the real world.

"Who is he?" The question emerged all over the astralscape of order.

The Lifesteal Silverdragon shot through the green mist. His opponent turned around in amazement, only to see a sea of silver flowers whizzing toward him and enveloping half of his world, each silver petal dazzling and bright. Within the sea was a dignified dragon that appeared in front of his eyes in an instant.


Yet another person “died” under the Goddess Flowerfall, an extremely effective seventh-realm divine art. If this were the real world, Tianming’s opponent would have journeyed into the afterlife. Everyone in the Violetglory Star’s wondersky realm witnessed Tianming’s speed. Even if they were used to his miraculous feats, many were still amazed and won over. Numerous members of the Divineglory Alliance lamented the fact that Tianming belonged to the Violetcloud Imperium instead of them.

As it happened, Ye Chen was also fighting in the second level of the Tranquil Battlefield. It had taken nearly a month to slaughter more than thirty opponents and part of the name above his head had turned red. In the start, many spectators cheered for him, but he’d unexpectedly been shoved out of the limelight as soon as Tianming had appeared. The latter surpassed Ye Chen's body count in a short period of time and was quickly approaching a hundred kills.

"That's the difference in their efficiency!"

"Li Tianming has the ability to quickly locate his opponents in the second level."

"Tracking his opponents is one thing, but being able to swiftly wipe them out is more important."

Because of their presence in the second level, as well as the open display of their performances to the outside world, the spectators would inevitably compare them against each other. However, Tianming harbored no hostility toward Ye Chen and was solely focused on hunting. Before he knew it, the name above his head was blood red.

"One hundred, done!"

The words “Violetglory Star Li Tianming” soared into the sky in a burst of red light that pierced the green mist. It was as if the whole world had been dyed red. In that instant, Tianming became the most wanted man. If they killed him, they wouldn’t have to complete a hundred kills.

"Come on then!"

Tianming brought back Yin Chen so its army of five million could remain by his side and form an impenetrable defense. At the same time, his other lifebound beasts emerged from his tattoos. One man and five beasts cooperated to form a fortress with Xian Xian as the core. Even without Tianming’s red name, Lan Huang's color changing scales were more than conspicuous enough to attract attention.

"Do you need me to do my thing?" the little yellow chicken on Tianming's head cockily asked.

"Perform well. All the female avian lifebound beasts on the Violetglory Star are watching you. Forget about a harem of three thousand beauties. If you aren’t picky, three hundred million won’t be a problem. I’m only afraid you can't handle a single one," Tianming laughed.

"Three hundred million? How exciting!" Ying Huo's eyes lit up as if it had found its purpose in life.

The elites of other nova source worlds were attracted by the red name. A woman dressed in white floated in with her hair swept to the back. Her natural beauty was tinged with a heroic spirit. Without a doubt, this was a woman admired by many back in her world. Sword in hand, she flew toward Tianming and noticed the nine godswords and his five lifebound beasts at a glance.

"It's you?!" Her face assumed a strange expression touched with a trace of awe. Afraid to come any closer, she came to a complete halt and stared at him with curiosity and nervousness.

With the Grand-Orient Sword resting on his shoulder, Tianming sat on one of Xian Xian’s branches and asked with a smile, "Do you know me?"

"A few days ago, you defeated someone from my world on the first level. I watched you slaughter your way out of a siege of more than a dozen cultivators." The woman's eyes were filled with admiration.

"I see." Tianming waved his hand, motioning for her to leave if she wasn’t planning on fighting.

"Li Tianming, my name is Yan Guiyu and I come from Yellowdragon. I hope we meet again if the heavens permit." Cupping her fist, she wisely retreated with some regret in her eyes, because she was well aware that the man before her would definitely continue advancing in the Tranquil Battlefield.

It was unlikely that they would ever meet again in this life. Although the Astraldome appeared open, it was inaccessible. Most people only had one chance at an encounter, unless two people fell in love and promised to remain on the same level. However, love between individuals of two different worlds had little chance of a future, as they couldn’t meet in the real world. The astralscape of order was enormous; for that reason, Yan Guiyu thought it was a pity that she couldn’t get to know an unparalleled man like Tianming. Yao Mimi and others regretted their missed opportunities as well. Yan Guiyu remained in the distance, watching as Tianming decimated his opponents. There were fewer players in the second level, so he didn’t have to face an entire horde at once. With his current strength and a sovereign beast by his side, the second level didn’t pose much of a challenge.

"My goal is to reach at least the fourth level!" Entering the fourth level In his twenties would put him on equal footing with the crème de la crème of the astralscape of order. After all, the fourth level was considered the arena of top elites who neared a hundred years of age.

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