Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1608

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Chapter 1608: 1608

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Chapter 1608 - Who Will Have The Last Laugh?

Yan Guiyu, a first-level solarian, was already over fifty years old. In the astralscape of order, she was comparable to Long Renshe. Only after seeing the top geniuses in the Astraldome did she know the vastness of the cosmos and the great diversity of living creatures.

"My goodness, that bird has more than eight thousand stars.… That’s the highest level under a hundred years old in all history. I wonder what his actual age is."

Unless Tianming voluntarily declared his age, others only knew that he was under a hundred years old. But what truly dazzled the spectators were his nine godswords and sovereign beast.

"As a dual cultivator, he’s actually a natural born totemancer while his lifebound beasts are contracted using blood pacts."

"Dual cultivation is often a waste of natural talent. Dual cultivators bite off more than they can chew and never really make it to a higher cultivation level, yet he’s one of the best in both aspects. How’d he do it?"

"Is it possible that he was born a beastmaster..."

Yan Guiyu wasn’t the only one contemplating the question; everyone else was wondering the same thing. Totemancers and beastmasters couldn’t truly coexist. There had been no true dual cultivators since the dawn of time. Yan Guiyu had come across greedy cultivators who were really totemancers with lifebound beasts from blood pacts, but those beasts were often useless. Forget about transforming into sovereign beasts, some four-star divine beasts were even killed by three-star universal manna. Dual cultivation was superfluous, clumsy, and ridiculous. However, Tianming had broken the curse with his sovereign beast and totems, and by his side was another trailblazer, Qingyu. In the entire astralscape of order, Tianming, Li Wudi, and Qingyu would be considered avant-gardes.

"He’s so powerful!" Yan Guiyu's red lips parted in awe. For almost a day, she had watched Tianming fight, and never had time passed so quickly. Despite reaching the Solar stage at a young age, the top three elites from distant nova source worlds had all “perished” at Tianming’s hands. During the climax of battle, Tianming had single-handedly taken on twenty opponents at once. Relying on the cooperation between his lifebound beasts, he held out against dozens of lifebound beasts and hundreds of totems. With Ying Huo’s big move, numerous seven-star divine beasts were burned to ashes. Apart from Yan Guiyu, all of Yellowdragon erupted in shock. Tianming's performance today made him a legend there.

"Now that Ying Huo is an eight-star divine beast, they’ve finally realized that my lifebound beasts are no worse than the nine godswords." His feat would transform him from a genius totemancer to a genius dual cultivator, making him unique in the entire cosmos. The sun emperor was a nonabane, which proved that other nonabanes existed. However, possessing nine bane-rings as well as a sovereign beast was unheard of, making him one of a kind.

Tianming was a one-man army. His Grand-Orient Sword split the air as his Lifesteal Silverdragon danced in the wind. Ying Huo was sometimes the Boomchicken, and at other times an assassin. With the mysterious tree providing overall control and the ever-changing metal army’s pervasive presence, the Regal Chaosfiend’s lightning wreaked havoc in the battlefield as the dazzling two-headed dragon violently slammed its body in all directions. Myriadsword Providence formed a monstrous sea of swords, cooperating with the lifebound beasts in attack.… Thus, they created a strong fortress, their attributes complementing one another in a frightening display.

One by one, Tianming’s challengers disappeared. In a single day, hundreds had been terminated. It was even more astonishing for this to happen in the second level. Not surprisingly, it caused a sensation in the Violetglory Star’s wondersky realm for two reasons. They were convinced by Tianming’s strength, but even Tianming couldn’t have imagined the other reason: Ye Chen! On the other side, Ye Chen had discovered a redname and was rushing toward his position.

"Could the red light in front of him come from Li Tianming?"

"Most likely! After all, apart from the red light, there’s also the glow from his lifebound beast.”

"I must say, Li Tianming’s dragon is too dazzling."

The spectators boiled with excitement.

"So they might duel again?"

"I’m almost sure of it! I heard that Ye Chen is now a solarian, and his strength has greatly improved since the last battle."

"It looks like we’ll have a good show! Who will win and who will lose?"

"Ye Chen needs to prove himself...."

As the spectators waited with bated breath, the red light grew clearer from Ye Chen's perspective. Tianming and his lifebound beasts appeared. Tianming also noticed the young man in white. At that moment, he had just dealt with several opponents. Every sword of his Myriadsword Providence locked on to Ye Chen at once.

"It’s you?" Tianming turned to Ye Chen with a cold smile. Others assumed they were like water and fire, but Tianming didn't hate him at all. In fact, he was actually grateful.… It was clear Tianming was confident that he could defeat Ye Chen.

"Yes, it's me." Ye Chen stared at the red name above Tianming’s head, then looked out at the chaos around him. Laughing, he said, "It looks like you’ve shocked the Violetglory Star once again."

"I doubt it. The second level is rather ordinary, it’s nothing worth watching. The day’s almost over. If you’re itching for another defeat, then get on with it. When time’s up, you won't have another chance to meet me on the battlefield." Tianming smiled.

"You weren't so arrogant before." Ye Chen's unnatural gaze was detectable, despite only being present as a caelum. He shouldered a heavy burden just to compete with Tianming.

"I’m not hiding it anymore because you’re too weak," Tianming said.

Ye Chen took a deep breath, his gaze turning fiery; Tianming's words had challenged his dignity. The spectators in the Violetglory Star could hear every word. There were also several onlookers from other stars around them, including Yan Guiyu, who watched in stunned silence as the two young men conversed. In truth, they felt a similar sense of danger from Ye Chen.

"Lin Feng, or should I call you Li Tianming... the path of cultivation is extremely long and so is life. Don’t you understand? Who knows who’ll have the last laugh?" Ye Chen coldly said.

"All I know is that you won’t even have a chance to laugh if you don’t start," Tianming said.

"As you wish!" Ye Chen inhaled. The Grand Godless Liberty appeared in his hand, its majesty almost spellbinding on the battlefield. Hair fluttering in the wind, the young man dressed in white wielded a gleaming weapon. When compared to Tianming, Ye Chen’s captivating temperament was more consistent with the image of a protagonist.

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