Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1610

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Chapter 1610: 1610

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Chapter 1610: Green-Eyed Pillar

Before the battle ended, Tianming disappeared into thin air. Without a doubt, the young man had persisted for an entire day and was finally promoted to the third level of the Tranquil Battlefield. This time, he had completed a hundred kills on his own.


For the spectators in Violetglory Star’s wondersky realm, Tianming's advancement was rather discomfiting.

"If only Ye Chen had appeared earlier."

"The fight was just beginning to get exciting!"

Although Ye Chen had lost two lifebound beasts, he still possessed combat power. Tianming had yet to completely crush him like he had the last time they fought.

"Can they duel again when they return to the Violetglory Star so they can decide the winner?" The spectators looked at one another.

"Don’t fret. They’re both on the same star. There’ll be many opportunities for them to duel in the future."

"You’re right."

Although there hadn’t been a clear victor and the spectators were itching for more, there was no rushing the matter. However, there was an important change after the battle. Those who thought that Ye Chen had been completely left behind by Tianming had to revise their point of view.

"With the manna imperius from the Divineglory Dynasty, Ye Chen can stand side by side with Li Tianming. How generous of them. How on earth did they get their hands on five manna imperius?"

"I heard someone say that Ye Chen only received one. All of his lifebound beasts were able to evolve into eight-star divine beasts because they’re special."

"Can five lifebound beasts really share one universal manna just because they’re special? What a mind-blowing ability!"

Everyone was amazed. The Divineglory Dynasty cultivators felt vindicated and began bragging about Ye Chen, easing the embarrassment in their hearts. With this battle, Ye Chen achieved his goal—being worshiped once more. Tianming had also achieved his goal, that is, to show the Violetcloud Imperium the necessity of supporting him.

Although many hoped that they would fight until a true victor emerged, Tianming intended to stop there as he didn't think they were enemies. It was good for both of them to maintain a healthy competition, at least until the competition was no longer beneficial. He didn't know what Ye Chen was thinking at the moment.

Ye Chen coldly watched as Tianming disappeared before his eyes, the hand holding the Grand Goddess Liberty trembling.

"Five sovereign beasts won’t be enough to defeat him...." What Ye Chen wanted was to crush his opponent. Unfortunately, the duel had ended in a draw, hence his displeasure. He wanted to step on his opponents and soar into the sky like Tianming.

"Wait for me on the third level. You can't escape." After a deep breath, he turned his icy gaze toward the onlookers from other nova source worlds. There were about a dozen of them, still staring in wide-eyed shock. Ye Chen moved in for the kill; he wanted a red name so he could pursue his opponent on the third level.


Tianming arrived at the green palace once more. This time, there would also be rewards which were placed on the stone platform in the center. Upon closer inspection, Tianming realized that it was yet another glass ball with a legacy formation within.

"What battle art or technique will it be?"

His caelum entered the formation. To his surprise, it turned out to be a soul cultivation technique which could enhance the strength of his vita and increase its level. Because Tianming had yet to practice a soul cultivation technique, his vita was rather weak. In fact, his vita was comparable to that of an ordinary ascendant, and was miles away from Lingfeng’s level. Fortunately, he hadn’t faced a threat to his soul due to the protection of the Soul Tower.

"Shellsoul Manual?" Tianming's expression darkened. That was the name of the soul cultivation technique he received. There was an enormous tortoise in front of him, lying across the sky, looking extremely sturdy. The objective of the Shellsoul Manual was to cultivate the vita so it resembled a tortoise, invulnerable and impregnable. Although it had no attack power, its defense was astonishing.

"There’s no doubt it’s powerful, but it certainly doesn’t look good." Tianming was dumbfounded. Cultivating his vita into a tortoiseshell would surely incur the ridicule of his lifebound beasts. He memorized the technique, but left it alone for the time being.

"The Violetcloud Archclan were masters of totemancy and soul arts, so they must have better cultivation techniques. Astralqueen Ziyan can also guide me, which is definitely better than this stupid Shellsoul Manual. With the Soul Tower, my vita is already impregnable, but if it can grow stronger, perhaps I can use it to attack. Even if I can't achieve what Feng can, it can increase the lethality of battle arts like the Whitedragon Exaltation. The Soul Tower might not be able to protect me for a lifetime, so I must cultivate my soul." He thought of Astralqueen Ziyan, who was indeed a master in the aspect of souls. "Her help was crucial in obtaining our manna imperius and I have yet to properly thank her. There shouldn’t be a problem if she’s willing to teach me." He’d been wary of Astralqueen Ziyan in the beginning, but that had gradually changed.

With thoughts of the innocent, yet enticing Mu Ziyan, Tianming put aside the Soulshell Manual and officially entered the third level. "From this level onward, anyone around my age would be considered an absolute genius in the astralscape of order. There might even be nonabanes here." The third level of the Tranquil Battlefield would probably be different… wouldn’t it?

Tianming looked around. The first thing he discovered was that the green mist that had filled the sky in the lower levels was gone. Thus, his field of vision had expanded. Although he was still standing on a green continent and could still see a green sea and green forests, it was like he had come to a new world! When he looked up, the sky was shrouded in a green mist, obscuring his vision. In other words, the green mist had moved above his head so he could no longer see the green pearls. But when he flew to a higher altitude, he noticed a giant pillar at the end of the heavens and earth.

It stretched from the ground all the way up into the firmament, becoming the most eye-catching object in the third level. What made it extremely strange was the fact that it was made up of densely packed pearly green eyes. The pearly eyes wandered in all directions, shooting out green rays of light that swept across the entire battlefield. It almost looked like a pillar-shaped monster covered in eyes. Just one glance left Tianming extremely uncomfortable. After all, his caelum didn’t have the protection of the Soul Tower. Thus, this kind of illusion had a great effect on his spirit.

"The third level is completely clear. That is to say that the previous rule of a hundred kills might not apply here. If I hope to advance to the fourth level, I might have to reach that pillar." Although it was far away, Tianming could make out a large number of people gathered around it—at least tens of thousands! These people were all top geniuses in their nova source world. With so many of them, Tianming felt less valuable. If it weren't for the fact that the real universe was vast and the worlds remote, he would have doubted life.

"The more people there are, the more information and secrets about the astralscape of order I can learn." With that thought in mind, Tianming fearlessly headed toward the giant pillar. His intuition told him that the rules of the third level were different, which meant the Astraldome wasn’t as simple as he thought.

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