Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1651

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Chapter 1651: 1651

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Chapter 1651 - For Violethorn Star’s Glory

The three brothers all used heavy weapons that were grade seven! They didn’t seem worse than Tianming’s Lifesteal Silverdragon.

Little Dragon quickly recognized Tianming, which meant he had seen Xiao’s fight and they were on decent terms. After all, these three were under Ying. That would make Xiao their young master.

Fury immediately filled the faces of the three violethorn draconians. They hadn’t seen Tianming’s first match when he had beaten Kou Mingyou and Ye Chen. Hence, they just saw him as someone who had just risen up from the third level of the Tranquil Battlefield and dared to ambush them. It was a laughable notion!

Violethorn draconians didn’t have the habit of underestimating their enemies. They may have looked like meatheads, but they actually had cautious personalities. Their bodies swelled up as they underwent the specter clan’s bloodline transformation.

When others transformed, they would have cracking noises. These three instead had deafening booms of thunder as their bodies expanded up to over a dozen meters tall. Their bodies were covered by thick dragon scales, and dense purple serpents of electricity now wrapped around every bit of their bodies.

Finally, they had a sharp, three meter long horn on their foreheads with tens of thousands of electrical serpents swimming on it. They all seemed alive as they glared at Tianming.

“Beastmaster?” They sneered as they raised their weapons. Their mighty bodies made the earth shake with every step they took.

They rushed at Tianming, either targeting him or the three lifebound beasts next to him, Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Lan Huang!

“Kill them!” Tianming didn’t say anything else as he grasped the Grand-Orient Sword and met their charge. His nine decapath era godswords appeared and assaulted the three fierce dragons headed his way. A nonabane had descended upon the field once more!

“What?” The three brothers’ pupils shrank as they revealed flabbergasted expressions.

“Beastmaster? Totemancer? What the hell?”

The nine giant swords crossed the distance in that moment of confusion, as well as Ying Huo and Meow Meow’s abilities of fire and lightning. Lightning engulfed half of the forest while fire engulfed the other half. In the middle were the nine decapath era godswords, while Lan Huang’s Dragonprison Hell came from below as well!

“Block it!” The three quickly reacted, immediately splitting up. Lightning flickering in their eyes, they assembled into a triangle and the serpents of electricity on their bodies connected to form a giant net of lightning. It only took moments to grow to a massive size; this was their ability, Lightning Dragons Electrolock!

It was like a meat grinder as it slammed into the nine decapath era godswords and the lightning and fire abilities. Piercingly bright light flashed on impact and a huge crater formed!

Black and purple lightning bolts snaked in all directions. Even so, the decapath era godswords with their different attributes still held the advantage. They penetrated the net and countless streaks of sword ki stabbed at the triplets, knocking them away.

“So strong!” The brothers were dumbfounded as they got back up. After all, to their knowledge, a distant heliacal-class world shouldn’t have produced nonabanes.

Big Dragon raised his blade as he enthusiastically roared, “Steady, brothers. For Violethorn Star’s glory!” His violent appearance didn’t seem all that intelligent.

However, on this sort of battlefield, intelligence might be less useful than valor. Furthermore, as vassals of the faceless specters, their daily task was to just follow orders and stake their lives. Hence, the three were simple fellows who were more troublesome to deal with than smart people.

“Kill this sissy!” They angrily shouted as they fearlessly charged at Tianming like madmen, annoying him.

“Did you just call someone as violent as me a sissy?”

At that moment, the three brothers’ sacrosuns appeared and over ten thousand material stars of lightning floated around them.

The stars of electricity distorted and changed into lightning dragons. They weren’t totems or lifebound beasts, but the pure manifestation of power. Yet they were still capable of attacking and supplying energy.

With the creation of their sacrosuns, the three unleashed another ability, Violethorn Dragon Rampage.

It was their killer move. The large horns on their foreheads directly detached from their bodies and began rapidly rotating, turning into electric drills that flew at Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Lan Huang!

The attack was fierce, which caused Tianming to slightly frown. However, it wasn’t due to their strength; rather, it was because Yin Chen had just given him some good and bad news.

On the bright side, it had found the Team Yingming astralis. On the not so bright side, only one person, Skyway Monostar’s Yanwu Ming, was guarding it.

Since that was the case, where was Ying?

Yin Chen found her. Just like the three violethorn draconians, she had left her home base to find the enemy. Tianming and Yin Chen just hadn’t run into her before. Based on her direction, if she found Team Rou’s astralis, Tianming’s team wouldn’t be able to stand up to her.

“I have to finish this quickly so I can return to protect my astralis! If I can seize it well, Ying and Yanwu Ming being apart is a great opportunity!” It was both good and bad news. The difference would be whether Tianming could defeat these three first or Ying would find his team first.

“There’s no time to lose.” Tianming and his lifebound beast advanced to meet the three horns.

Specters had bodies that were a mix between a beastmaster and lifebound beast’s. Their bodies were as strong as large lifebound beasts, but they had the agility of a human. Their bodies were perfect for combat.

“I’ll do it!” After becoming a sovereign beast, Ying Huo’s body had become much mightier. It unleashed a Sixpath Infernal Lotus, knocking away the horn in front of it. As the flames consumed its lightning, the dragon horn that had lost the elemental support harmlessly shot past Ying Huo’s body.

“Eat my sword!” Ying Huo’s massive wings were used as swords to display the Sixdragon Tribulation on a violethorn draconian. Sparks flew as it clashed with a massive sword wreathed in lightning.

One had unleashed an ability, while the other had unleashed a battle art. At that moment, it almost seemed like Ying Huo was a specter itself.

The bird shot into the sky, using its Solar Wheel to crash down on Little Dragon like a meteorite.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Lan Huang and Meow Meow were able to hold out against Second Dragon for the time being.

Finally, Tianming was accompanied by his decapath era godswords to unleash a Sixdragon Tribulation as well, his sword body and totems all perfectly joined together with explosive power.

Big Dragon, who was only slightly stronger than Kou Mingyou, was instantly turned into a bloody smear on the ground.

“Big bro!” The remaining two violethorn draconians’ eyes bulged out. In the throes of the heated battle, they had forgotten that they were in the wondersky realm with no true death.

“You’re asking for it!” the two remaining brothers furiously shouted.

“Hey, hey, no getting distracted!” Ying Huo’s wing landed on Little Dragon, nearly taking an arm. That was how important manna imperius was. Meow Meow and Lan Huang were barely holding on against Second Dragon with Xian Xian’s support. On the other hand, Ying Huo could match a genius specter by itself without showing any weakness.

An evolution was a qualitative improvement in all aspects.

“I’m here!” Tianming hadn’t even arrived before his Lifesteal Silverdragon came flying in to attack. It wrapped around Second Dragon, cutting up his flesh.

The next moment, Meow Meow’s abilities and Lan Huang’s massive tail crashed into him.

Now that Big Dragon had fallen, his brothers were forced to suffer attacks from all sides. All the spectators had realized that Tianming could simultaneously take on three opponents. Killing these three wouldn’t be difficult for him; it was just a matter of time.

Ying was fast approaching her target, which meant she had some ability to find her enemies as well. Tianming was still stuck with the violethorn draconians. It made many eager to see his duel with a faceless specter his age or Yanwu Ming, a genius beastmaster of Skyway Monostar!

Xiao was too young, and he didn’t have access to his enhanced physique then, so that battle wasn’t counted. Likely, Tianming would soon have a battle with a supreme genius of a deific-class world!

As expected, within less than ten minutes, Tianming had dispatched Second Dragon and Little Dragon, completely wiping out the three geniuses of the Violethorn Star.

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