Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1652

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Chapter 1652: 1652

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Chapter 1652 - Ying, That Young Lady

“Skyway Tristar, Whitejade Ying.” Bai Feng shouted as she stared ahead at the green fog. The faceless specters were split into different lines. Among them, the Whitejade and Crimsonjade lines were main lines.

They didn’t have clan names. If one really was needed, then they would use their line names as a substitute. This woman that had appeared would thus be referred to as ‘Whitejade Ying’.


“Oh, Li Tianming, that jinx.” The encounter made Bai Feng confused. Had he somehow seen the opponent ahead of time, or was it just dumb luck? However, she didn’t have time to ponder it.

Under this new threat, Bai Huai and the rest gathered by Bai Feng’s side.

“There’s no hope, sis.” Bai Huai softly said, shaking his head with a bitter smile. If he could make it to the Astralium Seeking, he could have requested a manna imperius from his elders. But Ying’s arrival dashed those dreams.

“Luck is really fickle. Sometimes it’s awesome, sometimes it’s shit. We had the best possible luck on our last two battlefields, but this one is just a bad joke…” Zhong Yirou sighed.

“More importantly, where’s Li Tianming now?” Qiao Xingzhou complained.

“Quiet.” Bai Feng stood at the front. Clearly, she hadn’t lost her fighting spirit yet.

It was at that moment that the woman they venerated appeared a hundred meters ahead of them. She immediately noticed their astralis and Astralium Formation. Her gaze pierced through the fog and saw Bai Feng and the rest as well. The woman was wearing a robe with cherry blossom designs. Despite its looseness, her delicate and slender frame could still be made out. Her figure could be said to be perfect. However, the weird part was that her skin and flesh looked like flawless white jade. It was glossy, smooth, and even translucent enough that the white blood vessels beneath could be made out. And the most distinctive feature of all was naturally her smooth head. It lacked any features like eyes, ears, mouth, or nose. There were only some outlines. Despite being a girl, she didn’t even have hair. Her entire head was shiny, like a valuable pearl.

It would have made a beautiful jewel, but it was a head! Even though it was beautiful in form, it was completely different from the beauty of girls of flesh and blood, like Feiling.

To the races of the astralscape, the mysterians were a race that was strangely built. It wasn’t that they were ugly, but not having a face was simply frightening.

Still, who dared to look down on them? Their three deific-class worlds proclaimed themselves as the center of the cosmos. Setting aside the mysterious wonderians, the faceless mysterians were, as far as public knowledge went, the number one race of all!

Even Bai Feng and other geniuses of skypiercer-class worlds sucked in a cold breath upon laying eyes on Whitejade Ying. In the real world, the chalk draconians were vassals of the faceless specters. Even though this was the Astraldome, there was still a strong feeling of having met their master.

Ying had no eyes, but Bai Feng could sense that she was being watched by something with the nature of a superior being looking down on an inferior.

“Chalk draconians. I’ve been to Whitechalk Star, it’s quite fun there. The Milky Way Waterfalls in particular are quite a spectacular sight to behold.” In contrast to her strange appearance, the voice that came from her abdomen seemed befitting of her age. It resembled Zhong Yirou’s in that it was soft, beautiful, and gentle like the spring breeze.

Did not having a face mean you were disliked by the astralscape? That would be a very, very wrong assumption. Firstly, Ying may not have had facial features, but she definitely wasn’t ugly. Combined with her perfect figure, she actually had a strange kind of beauty. Secondly, the mysterians never married outside, not because outsiders had no interest in them, but because they looked down on outsiders’ bloodlines. They were the race in the astralscape that embraced racial purity the most. To these mysterians from the three deific-class worlds, intermingling with foreign races was a cardinal sin. If one person committed the crime, their whole family had to die! That iron-clad law was the number one reason the mysterians had dominated the astralscape for countless years.

Thirdly, things were the exact opposite. The astralscape didn’t dislike the mysterians; rather, their unique, strange, and extreme ‘exoticness’ had created a long-lasting desire for them. After all, mysterians were the supreme race! Whether they were male or female, including Ying, they all had fervent followers throughout the Mysterium Cluster. The followers all deeply desired them from the bottom of their hearts.

Apart from being faceless, the specters were much more similar to humans than other specters, from their size, to their figures, and even to their emotions. There was even a saying that the mysterians without facial features were the most sensitive race. They instead used their hearts to communicate and understand.

Their culture had lasted for millennia, and they were truly worthy of being the supreme sovereigns who stood above the masses.

At least within the Mysterium Cluster, no one found them ugly. Foreign races all had to revere, envy, and desire them!

It was just like now, where Bai Huai and Qiao Xingzhou didn’t dare to look directly at Ying. That was especially true for Bai Huai, another specter. He viewed faceless specters as saints that weren’t to be touched. The knowledge had been imprinted upon him since he was a child.

It was only when Ying mentioned the Milky Way Waterfalls that he slightly relaxed. “The Milky Way Waterfalls are indeed beautiful. If you’re ever free in the future, our Whitechalk Star will give you the most spectacular of welcomes.”

“Mhm.” Ying didn’t know them, but she could tell that Bai Feng was their leader. She tilted her head and spoke to Bai Feng. “The next round will be the Astralium Seeking. Getting here was already quite glorious for you all. Would you prefer to forfeit yourself, or give it a try?”

Bai Feng and Ying were the same age, and faceless specters had always been a goal of hers. Naturally, her response was, “I’d like to give it a try.”

“Permitted.” Ying wasn’t surprised. It would be too mediocre if someone managed to fight to the third round of the Astralium Battlefield, but still chose to give up so close to the Astralium Seeking. The absolute lobby had over a thousand people, but none were mediocre people who would be willing to give up.

In this dark abyss, the dark green fog churned around them, but Ying was surrounded by a pure white barrier that isolated her from all of it. Within it, she looked like a pure jewel, pristine and glittering.

A three-foot-long sword appeared in her delicate fingers. It was as thin as a cicada’s wing, and cloud patterns on it joined together to form obvious divine ordered patterns. The weapon clearly gave off the sensation of being mightier than most weapons in this battlefield.

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