Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1660

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Chapter 1660: 1660

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Chapter 1660 - Change My Mind

Nine godswords suddenly shattered, turning into countless broken blades. Ying and Yanwu Ming frowned at the piercing sound that assaulted their ears. The fragments merged into a giant sword that resembled primal chaos. When Tianming had first laid eyes on the Cosmic Swordsurge, he knew that it might be an ultimate move that would accompany him for a long time. How powerful was an attack that resulted from the explosion of totems? The moment the Shattered Era, Cosmic Swordsurge was unleashed, an enormous sword shot toward the opponents close at hand, tearing everything in its wake! This attack would cause destruction of cataclysmic proportions.

Ying didn’t think that Tianming had any chance of fighting them, especially since he had lost all his lifebound beasts. Thus, she bore the brunt of the attack. The Cherry Blossom Disaster formed a giant heading on a collision course with Tianming’s totems. Cherry blossoms, swords, and specter physique alike were shattered before Ying's incredulous gaze.

"How can this be!" Eyes wide, Ying was swallowed up on the spot, followed by Yanwu Ming's faceless rakshasa above her, its two black storms torn apart by the surging sword light.

"What?!" His expression instantly changing, Yanwu Ming quickly fled the scene. "That’s impossible!" Even if he couldn’t believe it, the power of the exploding totems struck him with a force equivalent to the Big Bang. Smashed to the ground by the after-effects of the explosion, Yanwu Ming’s body was pierced by the dense sword fragments, his face covered in countless wounds. He let loose an ear-piercing scream as he struggled to climb to his feet. The face belonging to Tianming gradually disappeared, which signified the end of his face reveal. From this point on, his wounds would no longer heal on their own; he had fallen to his most vulnerable state. It was clear the mysterians’ strength had a time limit.

"Ying!" Blood poured from his wounds. His eyes, ears, mouth, and nose disappeared, and remaining on his face was the twisted word "Yan”. He received no reply. Ying was gone.

"The Astralium Seeking!" The reality of his situation made his heart bleed. His goal was to reach the top ten in the Astralium Seeking, but he had yet to make it through. At that moment, all he felt was red-hot rage. In a two-on-one fight, his opponent had turned the tide with a counterattack while he had become the loser and was forced to serve as a foil, an experience he found completely incomprehensible.

"Hey." Upon hearing the cold voice, Yanwu Ming looked up to see the young man who was wielding a black sword. The anger in his gold and black eyes gradually faded, leaving behind indifference.

"Now do you see? If I were born in a deific-class world, top geniuses like you would be nothing." Tianming thrust his sword into the word “yan”. Without his face reveal, Yanwu Ming was no longer invulnerable. One strike from Tianming was enough to kill him.

Yanwu Ming was dead! The entire Astralium Battlefield fell silent in an instant and was shrouded by green mist once more. There were no lifebound beasts or totems, only one man with a black Grand-Orient Sword in hand. Everything else was destroyed, even the other half of his sword. The brutal nature of battle was evident.

Thank goodness for the wondersky realm. If the nine godswords were to explode in the real world, my flesh and will would’ve suffered as well. Taking a deep breath, he looked around. Without a doubt, the five geniuses of Team Yingming had all perished at his hands.

"The power of Cosmic Swordsurge is terrifying. It can actually kill two geniuses who could each take on sixth-level solarians by themselves. It’s a pity I can no longer keep it as a life-saving move." It would eventually be exposed anyway, so he had no regrets. "At least I avenged the little ones."

Tianming had emerged victorious in the Astralium Battlefield. Just as he was about to head over to where Yin Chen was, rustling sounded from behind him. He turned around and saw Bai Feng blankly staring at him like a fool.

"What’s up?"

"You’re amazing..." Bai Feng said in a hoarse voice.

Tianming laughed.

"But aren't you afraid of offending the mysterians? Won’t you be targeted even if you enter the top ten in the Astralium Seeking?" Bai Feng asked.

"I don't know." Tianming looked up at the sky, as if staring back at those watching him. "This is no small occasion, and with that many people watching, shouldn’t fairness be guaranteed? Besides, it was a fair duel. How can it be considered offending the mysterians? If a deific-class world wants me, I’ll definitely join them. As the saying goes, there’s no concord without discord. Ying and Yanwu Ming won’t hate me for this."

His clever words were meant for all to hear. However, Tianming was almost certain that he would have to leave after the Astralium Seeking. An adventure to the deific-class world? He wasn't planning to go, because the danger couldn’t be avoided by remaining low-key and modest, hence his decisiveness.

"Let's go enjoy the fruits of our victory, Sister Feng. I told you I’d carry you. I’ve done that, haven’t I?" Tianming smiled.

Bai Feng looked confused.

"Damn it! I didn't like men to begin with, but now I'm starting to change my mind," Bai Feng said with a bitter smile.

On the way to the astralis, Tianming communicated with Yin Chen. "Have you broken through?"

"Calm down… don't panic," Yin Chen said.

"How close are you?"

"Ninety percent… left?"

Tianming almost vomited blood. "Damn it! Thank god I wasn’t counting on you!" Half a day had passed and that was all Yin Chen had accomplished? If he hadn't slaughtered Yanwu Ming, the latter’s lifebound beasts would have returned in a while.

When he reached Team Yingming’s astralis, Tianming easily broke through and green light enveloped them. "Astralium Seeking, here we come."

This time, he didn’t have any grand ambitions. By defeating Ying and Yanwu Ming, his goal of obtaining the second manna imperius might have been achieved. All of the Violetglory Star would go crazy for him. Judging by Ying and Yanwu Ming’s strength, Tianming knew that he had little chance of winning against the top five mysterians. Although he longed for the grade-nine Grand-Orient Sword, Tianming didn’t see any possibility of obtaining it. What lay between them was more than just the disparity in strength, but also in background. After leaving Orderia, Tianming realized he was merely a wanderer in the universe. Without the protection of his parents, there were few who were worthy of his trust.

"I’ll give it my best and stop when I have to."

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