Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1664

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Chapter 1664: 1664

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Chapter 1664 - Tiny Ants

The mysterians of Skyway Monostar and Skyway Bistar all had the surname “Wu” in the middle. Shenwu Yin. The word "Shen" in front actually represented her race. She belonged to the Wushen tribe, totemancers of Skyway Bistar. The Yanluo tribe, Wushen tribe, and Crimsonjade Line were considered the top clans among the mysterians. They were beastmasters, totemancers, and specters, respectively.

"So short?" Tianming discovered that the woman called Shenwu Yin was only about a hundred and fifty centimeters tall. Compared with the tall Ying, she was certainly small. Faceless humans were made of flesh and blood, unlike the faceless specters. They had hair, and their faces weren’t completely smooth. For example, beastmaster Yanwu Ming had the word "Yan" on his face. Thus, Tianming expected to see the word “Shen” on Shenwu Yin’s face.

The young woman wore a short, dark blue dress that exposed her fair arms and calves, and light blue hair draped over her back. From behind, she was no different from an ordinary human. At that moment, she turned around and stared in Tianming’s direction. She possessed no facial features, but there was a dark blue "Shen" on her face. A total of nine ocean vortices rippled across the word. At the moment, the ocean vortices were like nine eyes, sweeping in Tianming’s direction. Blue dress, blue hair, and the word “Shen” on her face; she was petite and lovely, yet ethereal and strange, as if she was born to be revered.

However, what surprised Tianming was the similarity that Shenwu Yin shared with Xiao. Although she didn't have eyes, ears, a nose, or a mouth, the word on her face made her seem soft and immature. Combined with her height and figure, Shenwu Yin looked young, no more than twenty years old. For someone that age to fight her way into the Astralium Seeking, she must enjoy a high status, at least one that surpassed Xiao.

"Who's there? Stop hiding. Come out." Tilting her head, Shenwu Yin said to Tianming. Her immature, silver-bell-like voice made her seem even more pure and innocent. Although it might sound strange, Tianming felt as if he could see her facial features when she spoke. The expression composed of eyes, nose, and mouth were the window to a person's soul. Those with a ferocious demeanor were revered, but invoked negative feelings, while those who appeared close seemed approachable and kindled positive emotions. Thus, the word on Shenwu Yin's face became the window to her soul. Through the rippling water on the word, Tianming was able to sense kindness. Now that he had been discovered, he walked out of his hiding place and faced Shenwu Yin.

"Violetglory Star, Li Tianming. How come I’ve never heard of you?" Like an old man, Shenwu Yin looked him up and down with her hands behind her back, which made her oddly cute.

"My world is too far away from the Mysterium Cluster. It's only natural that you haven't heard of it." Tianming also looked at her and was ready to fight, but as the saying goes, an angry fist doesn’t hit a smiling face. Because she looked calm, he was in no hurry. "Shouldn't you be afraid when you meet an opponent on the battlefield?"

"What's there to be afraid of? It’s not like I’ll actually die in the wondersky realm." Circling Tianming, she continued, "Besides, you might not be strong enough to fight me. Although I’m young, I’m fierce. Are you afraid now?" she said, arrogantly clenching her fist.

"You’re right. This is a game, and I'm too anxious." Tianming smiled. "You say that you’re still young. Can you tell me how old you are?"

"I'm sixteen,” said Shenwu Yin.

Tianming was startled. He didn't think she would be younger than Xiao. In fact, she might be the youngest contestant in the Astralium Seeking. Although the sixteen-year-old might have had help from her brothers or seniors in the team battles, it didn’t necessarily mean that she was weak.

"Big Brother, are you going to eliminate me?" Shenwu Yin nervously asked.

"I don’t have a choice. It’s really hard to find anyone," he said.

"Fine! I wanted to hide for a few more days. It's fun here."

"Hide and seek is fun." Tianming laughed. Judging from Shenwu Yin’s words and actions, she was rather different from Yanwu Ming and Ying. As a mysterian, the latter was polite on the surface, but the deeply ingrained arrogance in her bones couldn’t be concealed. Yanwu Ming was more direct, not saying anything unpleasant during battle, and Shenwu Yin was simple and straightforward. Although she had no eyes, Tianming could see honesty in her character from the word on her face. It was clear that judging an entire ethnic group based on one or two people was unfair.

"That’s strange. Don’t you discriminate against those who come from remote nova source worlds?"

"Discriminate? How can that be? Daddy says that all living beings are equal. We’re all born in this vast universe and must maintain reverence for it. All living beings are merely tiny ants that live off nova source worlds that vary only in size. Self-righteous arrogance and pride only proves the shortcomings of a person's heart. Those who are truly powerful respect all!" Shenwu Yin eagerly said, repeating her father's words. It was clear she worshiped her father.

"That makes sense. Your father is a great man." This was a subject Tianming had contemplated for a long time. Having risen from a humble and insignificant place, he was used to seeing arrogance and prejudice, and was disgusted by the senselessness of it all. The chains of discrimination were never-ending, and everyone was merely a part of them. From what he could see, no one was worthy enough to stand at the top of this universe; it was important to respect the unknown. He had always assumed he was first in the universe in terms of talent, and was even arrogant about it. But now it seemed that he must maintain reverential awe of the vast universe, even in this aspect. Because of Ye Chen’s pride, for instance, he was unable to balance his emotions after meeting Tianming.

"Of course, my daddy is amazing! He’s the supreme emperor of the Skyway Bistar," Shenwu Yin said with pride.

It was no wonder Shenwu Yin could enter the Astralium Battlefield at the age of sixteen. This Shenwu Yin is most likely a nonabane. Tianming's curiosity was kindled. After all, apart from Qingyu and the sun emperor, he had never come across other nonabane totemancers.

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