Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1684

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Chapter 1684: 1684

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Chapter 1684 - Formless Glacier, Galactic Godsin

The three descended to Violetglory’s core region together.

The fusion formation of a world was where you could see the essence of that world in its true form. From afar, the Violetglory Star was a world where nova source had taken the form of a storm. The purple world outside was just a transient, beautiful scene that was founded entirely on nova source. When the fusion formation had trouble, the world would collapse on itself, exterminating all life on it.

Primary was a world that had been destroyed by its nova source. The primalwingers there were nothing more than lucky survivors trying to eke out a living.

“Our lives are always on a knife’s edge.” As Mu Ziyan cut through the purple storm, her eyes turned misty.

It made Tianming recall the Divine Moon Realm. If it had crash-landed on the Flameyellow Continent, its fusion formation would have broken and vaporized both worlds.

Nova source was the desire of living things, yet also sometimes the root of their nightmares.

The trio continued along the passageway, going deeper and deeper. The nova source grew more chaotic and violent the closer they got to the core. It didn’t blaze as fiery-hot as Orderia’s core, but it was similarly frightening.

“We’ve arrived,” Sovereign Starfeather said.

Tianming looked ahead. In the purple mist, he could only make out a black cloud. There was the sound of countless swords whistling within, and countless sword shadows were flashing within the cloud.

“There?” Tianming was struck with fear. This was practically the core of the star.

“Deep in the hazard clouds. I’ll bring you in,” Sovereign Starfeather said.

“Thank you, Sovereign.” Now, Tianming understood that this trip was quite the effort.

Sovereign Starfeather and Mu Ziyan each took one of Tianming’s hands and pulled him along. They used their boundless astralforce to protect him as they delved deep into the hazard clouds that were whistling with sword ki.

“Why’s there an aura of divine hazard sword ki?” Tianming couldn’t resist asking.

Divine hazard sword ki was a type of divine hazard, while divine hazards themselves were a manifestation of nova sources. Hence, divine hazard sword ki appearing in the depths of a nova source was absolutely normal. In fact, all of it was born deep in the nova source; however, they would pass through the fusion formation and appear in the outside world.

“This grade-nine baleful weapon has existed for too long. Its presence gathered a lot of divine hazard sword ki in this area. This hazard cloud has about ten grade-eight divine hazard sword ki strands swirling around in it. However, they’re different from the Frozen Glasstree. They’re newly born and haven’t completely become independent from the nova source. They aren’t very stable now, so they’re hard to absorb. We usually wait for them to stabilize before harvesting them,” Mu Ziyan explained.

“Ten?” Tianming only had one grade-eight divine hazard sword ki inside his body right now. However, he had felt that Crimsonjade Long had at least four. Those four strands of sword ki were the basis of that specter’s shocking sword body. Coupled with his powerful body, Tianming wasn’t really likely to eliminate him if he hadn’t sacrificed his totems.

“Want to try?” Mu Ziyan asked.


“Careful you don’t ruin that little body of yours. Right now, you’re young and think you’re invincible. You want to try everything, but one day you’ll suffer for it,” Mu Ziyan lectured.

“Is that so? Then I should really hurry up with trying more things before I have to suffer.”

While Mu Ziyan was speechless, Sovereign Starfeather said, “We’re here, do you see it?”

The baleful weapon was in the middle of the hazard cloud. Tianming sucked in a deep breath as they grew closer. He used the Plundering Eye in his left hand to look more closely.

“Since it’s a baleful weapon, its design should be evil.” Tianming was reminded of the Archfiend, an old weapon of his that had also looked very devilish.

“There!” Mu Ziyan’s voice cracked.

Tianming looked harder, but couldn’t see anything. He advanced, but he still couldn’t see any sword or notice any aura. “Where?”

“Right in front of you,” Mu Ziyan said.


Tianming froze. “Here!”

Finally, Tianming realized the weapon was actually not even two meters from him, hovering in the clouds. It was completely different from the baleful sword he had imagined. It looked like a longsword and lacked any sort of evil aura, or the smell of blood. It was almost completely transparent, like glass. It was also even thinner than a sheet of paper, having reached an extreme sharpness. Even a light swing would probably cut anything. Its transparent and pure nature, combined with its lack of killing intent, made the sword lack any presence, almost as if it didn’t exist. It was difficult to imagine this sword causing the plague that claimed the lives of a billion gods.

Tianming couldn’t sense any danger at all due to its invisibility. However, Sovereign Starfeather and Mu Ziyan grew more grim. Sovereign Starfeather gave the sword a light tap, causing the entire hazard cloud to rumble.

His expression solemn, Sovereign Starfeather said, “This sword’s main material is the divine ore, formless glacier. It’s an invisible ore with unparalleled hardness and sharpness that’s also very easy to hide. It’s famed for its killing properties. Only an exceedingly small number of nova source worlds can produce it.”

No wonder it was so thin and transparent!

Sovereign Starfeather continued introducing, “Its power mainly comes from the grade-nine divine hazard, Galactic Godsin. It’s a very insidious divine hazard that’s like a fatal poison that can’t be purged. Once, it fell onto our star and infected countless living things with the winter chills. The infected all saw their temperature fall until they died from the cold. It was incurable.”

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