Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1695

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Chapter 1695: 1695

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Chapter 1695 - Ferocious Girl

Spread your wings… Whatever for? A spiral in the air? Tianming was extremely brave to behave so arrogantly in the face of such a dignified goddess. Against the fluttering hair, elegant dress, and dazzling blue wings on her back, her light blue eyes seemed even more imposing, tinged as they were with an air of indifference and a certain arrogance. The three-meter-long spear made of broken sapphires in her hand flickered in the light, sending goosebumps prickling across his skin. She frowned, uncertain of what Tianming meant at first, but then realization dawned upon her. An icy wave washed over her as the wings on her back shook. White lightning and sapphires intertwined amidst an ear-piercing screech.

"That’s the last straw!" No matter how good her temper was, she was now filled with killing intent.

"You make me forget about everything else," Tianming said calmly.

She bit her cherry lips, her delicate body slightly trembling as she clenched one fist and held the spear tightly in her other hand, her emotions on the verge of explosion. "From this moment on, any feelings we had in the past are over. You and I have nothing to do with each other!"

"Oh, that’s not for you to decide," Tianming lightly said, but really he was moved. Although she seemed disgusted with him, the notion of their past affection was rooted in her subconscious. Past affection was still affection; it was clear that her time with Tianming had stirred up certain emotions despite her cold nature and strong refusal to allow the approach of others. But in the end, indifference prevailed over emotion. Tianming and Feiling’s intimacy in the wondersky realm had pushed her over the edge.

She stared at Tianming's crotch, as if deciding whether or not to castrate him before their lovemaking in the wondersky realm moved to reality. Without another word, she made her move. The power from the Flashsoul Skywings gave her terrifying speed. In an instant, she appeared in front of Tianming.

"Hurry up!" Ying Huo shouted from a distance. Meow Meow, Lan Huang, Xian Xian, and a large number of Yin Chens quickly made their way over to Tianming.

"Little Li is in danger!" Xian Xian turned pale.

“Move faster or we’re going to regret it!" Ying Huo shouted. They held on to Meow Meow’s tail, looking extremely anxious. When they finally arrived, their dangling hearts found solid ground. But instead of joining the battle, they found a comfortable position to watch the fight.

"Sis, got any snacks?"

"I have dried fish."

"Take it out! Tortoise Bro, we need drinks!"

"Coming!" Xian Xian pulled out the “little” dried fish that was actually a hundred meters long.

"Wow!" They ate and drank, watching with relish.

"Go Ling’er!"

"Beat that scumbag!" Xian Xian clenched its fists in encouragement.

"Break him!" Spinning around in excitement, Lan Huang raised its two heads and roared, drawing the attention of many.

"Fuck!" Tianming thought they were here to save him. Being stuck with this group of lifebound beasts was depressing.

Feiling fiercely attacked. The Flashsoul Skywings gave her amazing flexibility, while the Sapphire Skywings could be used as a weapon and create a crystal storm. Her original abilities alone would be enough to deal with Tianming. After her first Perpetual Nirvana, she had quickly recovered her strength and even recently made a breakthrough. She was now a third-level solarian and comparable to Tianming in terms of astralforce.

"This won’t be easy. Ling'er finally has the power to protect herself, as well as attack. She’s fierce!" In less than twenty breaths, Tianming had experienced numerous close calls. With the Flashsoul Skywings, Feiling managed to dodge all his attacks. The power she currently possessed was a result of her Perpetual Nirvana, gifts born of suffering. Of course, the two celestialwings from the Kunlan Realm didn’t hurt, either. Feiling’s strength was comparable to Lingfeng and Xiaoxiao; she was strong enough to fight in the Astraldome on her own. For Tianming, her abilities were more annoying. Due to her control over space, Tianming found himself slamming into walls that slowed him down. The Flashsoul Skywings made her untouchable, and, at the same time, the Sapphire Skywings unleashed attack after attack. When retracted, the wings became a spherical shield that could easily withstand blows from a grade-eight divine artifact. The sapphire spear in her hand was equally resilient.

"Ling'er's combat strategy seems to have taken shape." Although Lingfeng, Xiaoxiao, and Feiling’s abilities were distinctive, the latter was more balanced. But because she wasn’t as effective at one hit kills, she had still failed to slay Tianming despite giving it her all.

In the face of this angry woman, Tianming couldn't use his ultimate move. After all, his abilities were lethal. "It's pointless to keep fighting. What Ling'er and I need is to conquer her other self!" At the thought of that, Tianming surrounded himself with the nine godswords, creating an impenetrable defense against Feiling's spear, shouting at the same time. "Don't just stand there, help me! Tie her up so she can’t move even a single strand of hair, but don’t hurt her."

"Yes!" those around him shouted.

This was Violetpeak, in the Violetcloud Imperium. In the real world, Tianming was protected by hundreds of Starchasers, all of whom had been immediately drawn there by the loud noises. Each and every one of them were at least tenth-level solarians and had cultivated for thousands of years. Even if Tianming and his friends were talented, this was merely a small fight in their eyes, but Feiling seemed to have ignored this.

"You shameless, despicable man!" She was so angry she couldn’t breathe.

"Fine, I'll let you see just how shameless I can be," Tianming calmly said. The Starchasers rushed to surround Feiling.

"Tianming, fight me alone if you dare!" she sneered.

"Sure thing. We’ll have a go when we’re alone again." He smiled.

When these experts attacked, they could rip a hole in the heavens if they wanted to. Because the group of elders crowded around Feiling, she couldn't spread her wings. After all, the Sky Wings also had a distance limit.

"Tie her up and bring her to my room!" Tianming arrogantly said.


"No problem!"

"Got it!"

"She’s Astralking Tianming’s wife. Let us women handle it. Rough men like you might hurt her delicate skin." Among the Starchasers were more than thirty women; Feiling despaired at the sight of their suggestive smiles.

No matter how fierce she was, she was restricted by her current body. There were limitations to her lethality; she wasn’t invincible. In a matter of seconds, several rope-like divine artifacts were wrapped around her. As Tianming had requested, she couldn’t move a single strand of hair.

"She’s even beautiful when she’s angry. This primalwinger and Astralking Tianming are a match made in heaven."

"Not bad. Her wings are so cool, too! She looks stronger than Ye Lingfeng and Lin Xiaoxiao."

"They’re perfect for each other."

"Hurry up, let’s send her to Astralking Tianming’s room right away. We mustn’t delay him."

As the women chattered, their hearts burned with excitement over the gossip. Feiling was almost hyperventilating, mad, yet helpless. Her cold blue eyes no longer seemed scary.

"You’re on my turf now, so whatever I say goes. Got it?" Tianming smirked. He was worried about the blue in her eyes, which had yet to fade. It was clear that he hadn’t subdued her. He wasn’t making a fool of himself, but pushing her to the limit.

“Go in!"

She was bound like a rice dumpling and carried inside. No matter how she struggled, she couldn’t tear away a single divine artifact loaded with the Starchasers’ power, let alone seven or eight of them. The attentive seniors even fixed up her hair so she looked presentable.

"Astralking Tianming, she’s a cutie. You must be gentle."

"Yes, you have to take it slow. If you’re too rough, you might leave behind bad memories," they lectured.

"Don't worry, I'm a good man." Tianming patted his chest, his face the image of righteousness.

"Knock it off, the young lady is clearly just playing hard to get. I’d be thirsty if I were a man." They cheekily smiled.

Feiling was about to die of rage. How did her struggle become playing hard to get? The women left, keeping an ear out for any noise. Today’s events were enough gossip material to last them a long time.

"Huh?" Ying Huo and the others were stunned.

"That’s it?"

"But I still have dried fish!" Meow Meow was sprawled over the ‘little’ dried fish that was ten thousand times its size.

"Shameless! Little Li is too shameless! I must get justice for Ling'er," Xian Xian indignantly said.

"Forget it. You’ll go blind if you go in there." Ying Huo quickly stopped Xian Xian.

With its heads stretched out, Lan Huang loudly asked, "Chicken Bro, what’re they doing?"

"Shh... be quiet. They might be making a baby," Ying Huo said.

"What? A baby?!" Lan Huang exclaimed in wide-eyed shock, its voice so loud it echoed throughout Myriadmile City. A baby, a baby, a baby....

"That’s great. Now everyone knows that Astralking Tianming is making a baby." Ying Huo covered its forehead.

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