Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1712

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Chapter 1712: 1712

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Chapter 1712 - Pathless

Shenwu Fen was in the middle of the gigantic ball of flame. He used his Trispike Flare to execute another eighth-realm divine art as the totemic calamity launched away. Eight Desolation Primordial Return! His suicidal final attack was terrifying indeed. Even the cultivators from deific-class worlds were shocked to see that someone in their twenties could unleash so much power. However, Tianming remained calm in the face of it.

"I see now that you're more troublesome to deal with than Long." He sounded almost nonchalant when saying that. If he weren’t Li Tianming, others would think him arrogant. However, his response showed that he didn't look down on his enemy one bit. Ten thousand sword totems gathered around him in a neat formation. "Die!"

It was the same Sixdragon Tribulation fusion strike, but now it had been boosted by the pandemonium sacrosun and three other types of grade-eight sword ki, making it a level higher than before. The ten thousand swords turned into dragons, with Tianming and the Godsin making up the most powerful dragon. The Godsin's piercing ability was put on full display once more. The totem swords were initially shattered as they crashed against the meteor, but Tianming and the Godsin managed to open a hole through it, allowing countless other totem swords to follow. They aimed straight for Shenwu Fen and intercepted his second totemic calamity, causing the ball of flame to burst apart into weakened totems. Shenwu Fen had relied on his armor to take three thousand totem sword strikes, which rendered his armor almost fully broken. He was covered in holes as he smashed into the ground, but fortunately, he could still get up thanks to his monstrous regenerative abilities. His wounds healed at a rate the eye could see, but his expression betrayed a look of panic.

"Li Tianming?!" He couldn't see Tianming at all, which meant he was in danger! He looked up and saw the white-haired youth with his hair fluttering as he came crashing down, the Godsin's formless glacier creating a sharp edge coated in Galactic Godsin and other sword ki strands. The sword smashed through Shenwu Fen's helmet and pierced his head, nailing him to the ground with an unwilling look on his face.

"I haven't lost...." Though he said that, there was a forlorn look in his eyes. The wondersky realm judged it his loss, causing his body and his totems to fizzle away. With the flames gone, only Tianming and his sea of swords remained. That scene was just as shocking to see the fiftieth time as it was the first; Tianming was now a professional at raking up style points. The footage caused the Violetglorians to once more intensify their worship of him, pushing him further along the path of a world god.

"Looks like the most talented of the Skyway Bistar is just about average. I hope the other three don't disappoint me. Yanwu Dao, Weisheng Xi, and that pretty girl whose name I don't yet know...."

Yanwu Dao was a member of the Celestial Beings from Skyway Monostar. It was said that he and the other two were on a wholly different level compared to Shenwu Fen and Long. Defeating Shenwu Fen wasn't that difficult. Even if Tianming hadn't become a solarian, he could probably still win, though he might have to resort to using his lifebound beasts. Even so, his back-to-back victories over Long and Shenwu Fen had set the stage for him to publicly call the mysterians out. Right after he won, he challenged the remaining three members of Team Celestial Beings. The non-mysterians were all filled with anticipation toward the upcoming battles.

"Where are the other three?"

"They look like they aren’t in a rush to come to the Bloodbath Arena."

"Perhaps the wonderian and that mysterious girl left after obtaining the Grand-Orient Sword."

"Then it won't be fun to watch anymore!"

"Don't worry, Li Tianming already issued them challenges. There's no way they won't show. At the very least, Yanwu Dao will. Otherwise, there'd be nobody left to uphold the dignity of the mysterians."

"Long and Shenwu Fen lost too horribly. They weren't able to resist at all. I must’ve lived long enough to be able to see the mysterians suppressed to this degree. Before this, it would be a miracle if a non-mysterian was in the top ten."

That battle had completely shown off Tianming's strengths. Compared to last time, this one was really rousing for the non-mysterian worlds of the Mysterium Cluster. Tianming had quite a few supporters, both public and private. At the very least, he knew that he would be gaining even more believers among Violetglorians.


"Hey." Lingfeng was still there with Shenwu Yin beside him. The other talented juniors of the Skyway Bistar stood behind Shenwu Yin, completely dumbfounded. Their eyes were filled not with contempt, but respect. 'Strength inspires respect' was a universal principle. Even if they couldn't outwardly show it, they knew how they felt about it inside their hearts.

"You're so strong! What’d you eat growing up?" Shenwu Yin said in a silly tone. She had guessed that Tianming would win, but she didn't expect Shenwu Fen would be pushed to use his second totemic calamity and still be toyed with, showing the gap in power between the two.

"I was born with it," Tianming said.

"It's over.... You defeated Big Brother Fen and he has quite the high reputation back on Skyway Bistar. I worry that he'll bully you if you come to us..."

"It's fine. You'll protect me, right?"

"Of course! I have status too, you know!" she said with pride.

"Good girl."

Challenging the Celestial Beings would definitely offend the mysterians, all three groups of them. The issue was how the seniors saw all of this. Either way, the fifth level of the Tranquil Battlefield was only open to those under a hundred, so everyone there were juniors. Only a few mysterians a few decades old were there, all of them faceless. Tianming immediately received countless challenges, much to his shock. More than three hundred people of all ages were challenging him in an attempt to put him in his place.

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