Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1731

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Chapter 1731: 1731

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Chapter 1731 - The Third Cultivation Method, Divine Wonder

Only two members from Team Celestial Beings remained, while the Violetglorian Celestial Beings had all five. Even though Tianming had thought it would be a group battle, his opponents didn't agree, so there was nothing he could do about it either. Having defeated their own opponents, Lingfeng, Xiaoxiao, and Ye Chen had nothing to do. As the remaining enemies didn't attack as a group, it would look bad if they were to do so now. Even so, the three had already proven themselves.

The battles had been witnessed by the interstellar audience. Even the mysterians couldn't dispute anything about this. At the end of the day, it was still just a fight between juniors, something akin to kids play-fighting. Now that the Violetglory Star was the center of the universe’s attention, if the mysterians intentionally gave them grief over kids' fights, their reputation would be ruined.

At the very least, there was nothing the average Violetglorian had to worry about. After all, the divine wonderians were their saviors. Because of that, Tianming toned down his impudence a few notches when facing Weisheng Xi, one of their 'benefactors'. Defeating Yanwu Dao, the top young mysterian, was what all the Violetglorians had hoped to see. As for Weisheng Xi, he was considered a benefactor, while comma girl seemed like she wasn't even there. All people expected from Tianming was a fight with them to see how he measured up rather than actually defeating them. Their desire had changed. With Yanwu Dao now defeated, and Lingfeng and the others crushing Long and Shenwu Fen, they were satisfied. Tianming's Omnisentient Threads were already rapidly growing in number and he reckoned it wouldn't be far off from a billion.

Tianming relaxed as he faced the twin Weishengs. While he appeared to be unnerved by their appearance, he was actually just anxious over the fact that they were among the most precious opponents he could face. The divine wonderians had created miracles in the form of the wondersky realms within the xenomemory space, as well as the Astraldome, so Tianming was quite curious about what they were like. Not to mention, the Archaionfiend had noted that the true rulers of the universe in its memories were the sky plunderers, yet it seemed that the divine wondersky race reigned supreme in present day. As a sky plunderer himself, Tianming couldn't help his curiosity.

After the limelight had shone on Lingfeng and the rest, it was now his turn to shine. Weisheng Xi seemed quite surprised at how the other battles had turned out. He looked again at the Violetglory Star label above their heads and said, "Be honest. All of you are from some other star cluster, right?"

"You're overthinking this. Our roots stem from the Violetglory Star," Tianming said. He needed the Omnisentient Threads of the Violetglorians, so that wasn't something he could admit. Not to mention, the Flameyellow Continent and Orderia were at the edges of the Mysterium Cluster's sphere of influence anyway.

"It doesn't matter if you don't admit it. Sooner or later, we’ll find the truth."

"That's just you refusing to believe youths from a heliacal-class world are able to fight you all on the same level."

"Hehe..." the couple laughed in concert with each other. If it weren’t for their different genders, they would look like identical twin siblings. In fact, in a sense, they were fraternal twins, given how the divine wonderians procreated.

"It sounds like a whole mess...." Imagine loving only one person for life and literally being stuck to them for most of the time. All Tianming could say about the way their procreation worked was that it was interesting, yet it was perhaps that very quality that helped them become masters of the astralscape and make all the wondersky realms. The two of them had wanted to strike some time ago, but they were shocked by the power of Lingfeng's Soulcrush Slash. They quickly exchanged glances and let their fighting spirit surge once more.

"Interestingly, we didn't end up fighting as groups. Well, at least our fight will be a doubles match," Weisheng Xi said.

"That's true." Tianming and Feiling stood side-by-side, while the rest stood further away.

"However, nobody can beat the divine wonderians' perfection in terms of synergy and teamwork."

"Let's see if it plays out as you say, then." Tianming was confident in his and Feiling's relationship. Even though they hadn’t been born as a pair from the get-go, that didn't bother him in the slightest.

"We'll make you take your words back," Weisheng Xii said.

"Come. The audience can no longer wait." Tianming raised the Godsin as Feiling flew beside him. They were surrounded by five Primordial Chaos Beasts and nine godswords, ready for the fight.

"Don't say we didn't warn you," Weisheng Xi and Weisheng Xii said in unison. One would see why the divine wonderians were able to achieve such supremacy in short order.

Tianming's heart rate rose as he anticipated the incoming threat. "I heard that they have a special combat ability called the divine wonder," he whispered to Feiling.

"Divine wonder? Is it similar to totems?"

"No, it has nothing to do with beastmastery or totemancy. In fact, they’re a little similar to primalwingers. Primalwingers obtain their primalwings from the Kunlan Realm, and they can be improved through cultivation. They can also be used to store energy and have their own special characteristics. They’re a part of the arsenal of normal humans, just like divine wonders. In fact, primalwings are just barely considered another cultivation method apart from beastmastery and totemancy. However, the Mysterium Cluster thinks of the third cultivation method as divine wonders, not primalwings, as the primalwingers aren’t nearly as relevant as the divine wonderians. If anything, primalwings rank fourth on the ladder of cultivation methods."

Lifebound beasts, totems, divine wonders, and primalwings were cultivation methods built upon humans as the foundation. It was said that in ancient times, such different cultivation methods didn't exist and every human was a normal person. It was the inevitable flow of time that had caused them to diverge into the wide variety present today.

Tianming himself hadn't seen a divine wonder with his own eyes. When he first heard about them, he didn't really dare to believe it. They were said to be divine-ordered formations with the human body as their base. Divine wondermancy didn't involve lifebound beasts, bane-rings, or primalwings. Instead, it was based on the supernatural mastery the wonderians had over divine celestial patterns. They were able to use them to create wondersky realms in the xenomemory space, and even inscribe them into the human body to make formations that could be cultivated and improved upon.

Such formations were different from portable formations like the Imperealm Sword Formation. The core of that formation resided within the Grand-Orient Sword, and its power was dependent on the sword's. The structure was set and couldn't be changed. However, the divine wonder formations were forged by seniors at birth, and divine wonderians would cultivate the very same formation for life. Eventually, their albi became the anchors of the formation, which could evolve and grow with unlimited possibility. Divine wonderians had broken the usual rule that divine formations were only found in weapons forged by specific ores.

As it wasn't an innate ability, every one of them had to have formations transcribed on them post birth. They would use the remainder of their lives to improve upon the formations, furthering their knowledge about them to one day be able to defy destiny. Using their manmade talent, the divine wonderians were on the same playing field as penta beastmasters and even nonabane totemancers, despite only being a pair of twins. As the only group in the astralscape to engineer their own talent, their legacies were different from the rest. They only loved one person for life and created a divine wonder of their own to traverse the astralscape with their own bodies.

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