Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1738

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Chapter 1738

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Chapter 1738 - I Come From The Realm Of Chaos

Seeing that comma girl didn't mean to attack, Tianming stared strangely at her. Her gaze lingered like a nightmare. Shaking his arm, Tianming broke free from her grip only to have her grasp his hand and write on it. It was obvious that she didn't want others to hear or see them communicating.

Don’t speak? Comma girl had been mysterious from the very start. Out of respect and curiosity, Tianming put away the Godsin and allowed her to hold his palm and write on it. The fierce fight that the spectators were expecting didn't start at all. In the thick fog, Tianming watched her slowly write with her fingers. Though she was no beauty, her eyes were piercing. Their “battle” was mysteriously calm.

"I... come... from... the... realm... of... chaos." Tianming silently read her first sentence. Just those words alone were enough for Tianming to put down his guard. She wasn’t trying to make a fool out of him; she had something to say that she didn't want others to know.

The realm of chaos! Those four words made Tianming's scalp tingle. Flameyellow Continent, the Abyssal Battlefield! There were two sides to the continent. Above the Flameyellow Continent was the realm of order, the astralscape of order, and above the Abyssal Battlefield was the realm of chaos with the Demonic Sun. Bodhi had wanted to escape to the realm of chaos.

How had he encountered a strange girl from the realm of chaos in the Astraldome created by the divine wondersky race? Although Tianming was shaken, he remained patient. Head lowered, he stared as the girl squeezed his palm, writing each stroke with her index finger. Thank goodness it wasn’t her middle finger...

"Li... Mu... Yang..." she added.

Tianming froze at once, staring at her through narrowed eyes. The fact that she knew the name meant there was more to her identity than meets the eyes. She might even be related to him. Holding his breath, Tianming waited as she continued writing. "He… is… in… the… Nullity… Starjail… waiting… for… you… to… go… home."

Nullity Starjail? Tianming was stunned. Li Muyang was waiting for him to go home in the Nullity Starjail? Where was that, and why was he waiting for him to go home? That couldn’t be right. Li Muyang and Wei Jing were runaways. How could they have a home when they were fleeing? It sounded like the Nullity Starjail was located in the realm of chaos. How could that be Tianming's home?

Comma girl continued to write. "In the next few years, we will place a chaos worldbangle in world number one, the Flameyellow Continent, which will allow you to return to the realm of chaos. You must go. Your parents, paternal grandparents, and older brothers are all waiting for your return."

World number one? The Flameyellow Continent? Tianming found it even more unbelievable. That was his place of birth. Li Muyang's tenth life and Wei Jing, the incarnation of the Cyclic Reflector, had brought him into this world. He had given him the Primordial Chaos Beasts, which allowed him to leave the Flameyellow Continent and soar up into the astralscape of order to reach where he was today. From what comma girl wrote, it seemed the chaos worldbangle would allow him to live in the realm of chaos. His strength was derived from nova sources in the realm of order. According to the laws of heaven and earth, he would be devoured by that if he were to go to the realm of chaos because the power of the two realms were fundamentally different and completely incompatible. It was clearly bullshit!

"Nevermind parents. I don’t have paternal grandparents or older brothers." Tianming was stupefied and thought this was complete nonsense, his eyes filled with impatience.

"You don’t have to resist. You’ll eventually understand certain facts. When the time comes, you’ll know who your real family is and who truly loves you." Looking sincere, she wrote forcefully. "I’ll get the mysterians to send the grade-nine Grand-Orient Sword to the Flameyellow Continent.”

Tianming was even more puzzled. The top divine artifact was her prize, an item she wouldn’t be able to obtain in the realm of chaos. Was that why she wanted the mysterians to send it there? Who was she then?

Under Tianming's doubtful gaze, she smiled as a tear fell from the corner of her eye. "I'm sorry, I keep going the wrong way, but you'll come home no matter what."

Hearing that, Tianming wondered if he had encountered a lunatic. He couldn't take it anymore. Thinking to himself that he could also write, he held her hand. "Bullshit! You’re so weird. I don't know you at all, and I don't know what the hell the realm of chaos is." Tianming felt relieved when he wrote that, but comma girl merely smiled with tears in her eyes and affectionately stared back at him.

Because he wouldn’t allow her to touch him again. She wrote on her own hand instead. "You don't know me, but I’ve watched your portrait in the Nullity Starjail for a hundred thousand years. You look just like your portrait."

Rolling his eyes, Tianming was tempted to curse. Fuck that! A hundred thousand years? I’m only in my twenties!

"You’ve forgotten, but you’ll remember,” she wrote. “Go home, you don’t belong here. Maybe you'll understand once you get the chaos worldbangle. Goodbye." She stared at Tianming with tears in her eyes, as if she was reluctant.

Tianming didn't understand anything. It was all inconceivable to him. Like a squid that had just shot ink, comma girl’s body exploded into dust and dissipated along with the black mist.

The spectators outside were as anxious as ants on a hot pan. As the thick mist dissipated, they all stretched out their necks and stared at the arena. Comma girl was gone, leaving Tianming standing there. He seemed lost, his eyes a little twisted, still breathing heavily. At least he looked tired.

The world was deathly silent. They all blankly looked at him and continued searching for comma girl’s figure, but it was obvious that she was dead. No one knew what had happened during that period of time, not even Tianming.

"Did Li Tianming win?" They turned to each other with question marks written all over their faces.

"I don’t think comma girl surrendered. After all, she’s the one who got the grade-nine Grand-Orient Sword."

"What the hell?"

"So does this mean he defeated comma girl?"

Amidst the silence, the Bloodbath Arena gave the answer. The Violetglorian Celestial Beings was the victor. According to the official evaluation, Tianming won!

Outside the Bloodbath Arena, the hundred-year-old disciples in the fifth level of the Tranquil Battlefield went from stunned silence to making a racket. The scene became lively.

"There must be a problem!" Crimsonjade Cang and the others shouted themselves hoarse, unwilling to accept the verdict.

"There’s no problem. Respect the Astraldome’s decision. Both Weisheng Xi and the mysterians have lost."

"The Violetglory Star is awesome!"

There was a large number of cultivators that weren’t mysterians. On the fifth level, their numbers were only slightly higher than the mysterians, but when united, they were still a force to be reckoned with.

"The Violetglorian Celestial Beings have won an overwhelming victory!"

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