Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1739

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Chapter 1739

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Chapter 1739 - Hundred-Thousand-Year-Old Portrait

Everyone in Violetglory Star, even in the remotest places, saw the commotion. Although the battle of the century had ended somewhat strangely with a spectacular climax in the middle, the Violetglorians couldn’t care less. What struck their hearts was the tsunami-like wave of glory. This was Violetglory Star’s most sensational period. All five youths had amazed them. With the Divineglory Alliance’s participation, the world was no longer divided. Tianming's previous achievements were all part of the process of becoming a god in their hearts; he had truly ascended the throne and been propelled to the highest position by the public, even surpassing the two sovereign’s statuses in their hearts. It was only a matter of time before he surpassed the sovereigns. Far away in the Astraldome, Tianming sensed the excitement. However, he felt like there was a stone stuck in his heart and it was difficult to conjure up any feelings of happiness. He would have preferred to fight comma girl than be played with.

The realm of chaos, Nullity Starjail, my parents, paternal grandparents, and older brothers?! The chaos worldbangle, grade-nine Grand-Orient Sword, and a woman who’s kept a portrait of me for a hundred thousand years! What the hell is all this? Most importantly, all of that was in conflict with Tianming's life experiences. Born in the Flameyellow Continent, he was the son of Li Muyang’s tenth reincarnation. How could he have anything to do with the portrait? According to comma girl, there were many other sky plunderers, but it was clear that only Li Muyang and Tianming remained. For those in the astralscape of order, the realm of chaos was like an abyss, or the depths of the sea in the eyes of fishermen. It was an inaccessible world, filled with strange things that couldn’t be explained by common sense. The new information confounded Tianming and he needed time to process all of it.

The cheers outside disrupted his train of thought, making it hard for him to concentrate. When he looked up, it seemed that more than half of the people in the fifth level of the Tranquil Battlefield supported him. Feiling, Lingfeng, Xiaoxiao, and Ye Chen stood by his side. During his conversation with comma girl, Feiling, who was the closest to him, had seen almost everything. Much like Tianming, she was filled with questions.

"What happened?" Ye Chen asked, his expression strange.

"It has nothing to do with you." Tianming shook his head.

"Alright.... Are we going to proceed to the sixth level? We might face a lot of obstructions over the next ten days," Ye Chen said.

The sixth level of the Tranquil Battlefield was important because of the numerous caeli imperius there, and the cultivation resources. Tianming had no choice but to free his mind of the information from comma girl. After some contemplation, he decided to go with the original plan. "Let's keep going. In fact, the more challengers and people stand in our way, the better it’ll be for us."

What Tianming and the others feared the most was a lack of challengers. Why? Because few challengers meant that most of them had been dissuaded before the battle could even start. And who would dissuade them? Naturally, it would be Crimsonjade Cang and other mysterian repeaters who were old, extremely powerful, and there to stop others. With their presence, who would dare fight for the right to compete? Judging from the excitement outside, Tianming believed that challenging the mysterians’ practices had an effect. If those outside the mysterians could unite in his name, the threat of Cang and those like him would be ineffective. Given the humiliation, as well as Tianming’s popularity, Cang’s elders might warn him.

"That's right, strike while the iron is hot." Ye Chen nodded, agreeing with Tianming's words. Therefore, Tianming chose to enter the second round and seek out challengers. Once they moved on to the next round, any ‘losses’ would be refreshed and returned to their strongest state.

"Our opponents might be mediocre in terms of talent, but they’re definitely strong. Of course, it’s unlikely we will encounter someone like Weisheng Xi." Tianming had yet to fight comma girl, so no matter how strong she was, it was meaningless. What happened next was just as Tianming had expected. To prevent Cang and the others from intercepting Tianming’s team, the non-mysterians united, forming a large number of five-person teams to challenge the Violetglorian Celestial Beings. With the increase in challengers, the odds of meeting Cang were lower. Even Shenwu Yin came to join in the fun. Cang and the others left the Astraldome with embarrassment written all over their faces. It was obvious that they had been called out by their elders. Because of Tianming's popularity, the unwritten rules of the fifth level might be rectified, or even removed for the time being.

Everyone rejoiced! Because of his contribution to the non-mysterians, everyone loved Tianming even more. Aware that Tianming wanted to enter the sixth level, they would even throw the game in a fight with his team. Of course, most of the challengers hoped to take advantage of the heat to show off their abilities. Very quickly, Tianming’s second group of opponents was determined. Without people like Cang, their opponents were normal, neither too weak nor too strong. As long as they were standard fifth-level opponents, Tianming wasn’t afraid of them.

From the second round onward, the five of them cooperated and fought together. There were no one-on-one duels and their opponents weren’t fixed. It was what a team battle should look like. When the fierce fighting began, it was just as thrilling as the previous battle. This time, they lost more. Ye Chen and Xiaoxiao were both out, but Tianming and Lingfeng still managed to turn the tide and enter the third round. When their power was restored, Ye Chen and Xiaoxiao also returned. That was the rule of the Bloodbath Arena; as long as at least one member of the team remained, they wouldn’t be eliminated as a whole. There were at least hundreds of teams for each round. At the end of every round, when all the other teams were gone, there would be more challengers amidst an atmosphere that grew increasingly electrifying.

It wasn’t like there were no strong teams. The challengers in the sixth round were extremely fierce. They actually encountered eighth-level solarians. In the end, only Tianming remained, having won the battle by using his second totemic calamity to finish off the opponents. In fact, Tianming had taken advantage of the situation. In the real world, using the second totemic calamity would mean heavy damage to his totems that would prevent him from using them for a long time. But in the Bloodbath Arena, he could use them in the next round.

After the sixth round, the seventh and eighth rounds both went well. They had another tough battle in the ninth round and encountered Shenwu Yin’s team in the tenth, which of course went smoothly. The little lady was ecstatic, like she had won the grand prize. She asked to fight Tianming one on one. In a fair competitive environment, Tianming managed to clear ten rounds in one day with the use of his second totemic calamity. The Violetglorian Celestial Beings were now qualified to enter the sixth level of the Tranquil Battlefield and the spectators celebrated once more. However, Tianming was in no hurry to move to the next stage. He couldn’t wait to return to the Violetglory Star and see how his Omnisentient Threads had grown.

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