Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1742

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Chapter 1742

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Chapter 1742 - Beautiful World

At the capital, Tianming checked out the power of his two billion Omnisentient Threads for some confidence. Then, he entered to request an audience with the sovereign.

"Come in, quick," Sovereign Starfeather said.

Tianming immediately stepped into the center of the hall. The sovereign wasn't in his high throne like usual. Instead, he waited at the entrance with Mu Ziyan. The two of them were the epitome of attractive people. One was a handsome man in the prime of his middle-age, while the other was a curvaceous 'girl' brimming with vigor. The two of them didn't look like a good match, however.

"Sovereign." Tianming stepped forward.

"Tianming, first let me congratulate you for your impressive victory. We are most pleased with the outcome, but let Us remind you outright that you already had to empty out Our coffers for the manna and Godsin to win! We have nothing left," the sovereign jovially said.

Tianming laughed and said, "Sovereign, rest assured that I'm not here to request more treasures. Instead, I'm here to come clean."

"Come clean?" Sovereign Starfeather's expression stiffened as he cleared his throat.

"What do you mean? Don't scare us like that," Mu Ziyan said.

"Let him speak and don't interrupt," the sovereign said.

"Sigh...." Mu Ziyan looked like she was about to flip out, but held it in and turned to Tianming with a pout.

"Well... I, Ling'er, Feng, and Qingyu aren’t native Violetglorians."

Sovereign Starfeather and Mu Ziyan exchanged glances. She laughed and said, "This is you coming clean? We already knew that from the very beginning. No matter how impressive they are, there's no way someone from here can be as legendary as you. Ye Chen's about the best we can hope for."

"Even then, I suggest you don't announce it, Tianming. We Violetglorians need you as our mental pillar of support. It strengthens us," Sovereign Starfeather said.

"I understand." Tianming took a deep breath and continued, "Sovereign, so far, we’ve reached the sixth level of the Tranquil Battlefield. For now, the challenges in the Astraldome are over. However, something happened in my home world which I wish to return to deal with. Naturally, I'll still represent you in the Astraldome. Once the matter is settled, I can return at any time. My home world isn't too far from here." He awaited their reactions, trying to see if they would try to keep him here.

Sovereign Starfeather seemed mildly shocked. "The way you made it sound means you have a divine astralship that you can pilot, right?"

"That’s the case," Tianming said. Without a divine astralship, the furthest he could go was the astral hole, Primary. Naturally, it was like revealing to the sovereign that he had an impressive treasure the whole time. However, there was little worry, since he had quite a bit of status and two billion Omnisentient Threads. Things would be different, however, if he had revealed it when he’d first arrived.

"Holy crap...." Mu Ziyan rolled her eyes with a weird expression. The Violetcloud Imperium had only existed for so long thanks to a firm foundation. Yet a divine astralship was potentially even more powerful than a sovereign. Normally, when a sovereign's power waned, a powerful faction would use a divine astralship to rise to the top.

"A divine astralship, eh? Why are you such a weird kid?" Mu Ziyan said.

Sovereign Starfeather furrowed his brow. "In other words, there’s a deific-class world hidden near Violetglory, huh?"

"What deific-class world? His home? Have you ever seen someone from a deific-class world with a first divine soul?" Mu Ziyan retorted.

"Tianming, can you come clean about your home?" Sovereign Starfeather asked.

Tianming gave it some thought and shook his head. "Apologies. I can't reveal anything about my home. However, I can assure you that it’s no threat to Violetglory."

"Very well. Everyone has their secrets, after all. Then do you require any help on your journey back? Even though I can't leave myself, I can send twenty astralkings with you. In fact, I can even send an army if your ship can take it."

"I appreciate the kind gesture, Sovereign, but my home is unique in that outsiders aren't allowed in," Tianming said, brushing it away.

"Alright, I understand." The sovereign nodded and fell into deep thought.

Tianming waited for him to make his decision. He felt a little nervous, as these two people were the ones who had benefited his cultivation the most. He deeply hoped that they were good people that he could earnestly repay one day.

It didn't take long before the sovereign said, "Alright. However, you shall not reveal your absence to the common folk. Let them think you're still here."

Tianming felt the weight in his heart lift. Things were going well. "Then... we’ll be leaving today, if that’s alright."

"Will we meet again?" asked the sovereign.

"Yes, we definitely will." Tianming had two billion Omnisentient Threads here, so there was no way he would leave for good. Not to mention, he still had to repay them somehow for the favors.

"Very well. I’d hate to lose a rare talent like you." He patted Tianming on the shoulder. "Now, go. Send your seniors my well wishes."

Tianming hadn’t expected things would go so smoothly. The sovereign's smile almost made him feel bad. "Then... I'll take my leave, alright?"

"Just go if you're going to leave! You haven't even served Big Sister here yet, and you're already going. Do you expect me to send you off?" Mu Ziyan said.

"I will definitely repay you one day!" Tianming felt a little touched. The guard he had put up seemed to be almost useless. However, he stopped after taking a few steps.

"What is it again? You're surprisingly sheepish, you know that?" Mu Ziyan said.

"Well, I have one more question."

"To whom?"

"To you."

"Then speak," Mu Ziyan said.

"Why is there a violet fog near my vita every time we cultivate my soul?"

"... Pffft!" Mu Ziyan grit her teeth and said, "It's soul-nourishing fog! What? Did you think I was trying to control your vita? Come on, you're someone who caught the mysterians' attention. I wouldn't want to get myself killed!"

"Soul-nourishing fog?"

"Why else would I be so tired after every round? Well, there are some minor side effects, but there's far more benefits to outweigh that."

"What side effects?"

"Well, it'll give you a good impression of me and get you to respect me?"

Now that it was out in the open, Tianming felt much better about it. It was a cathartic relief. His suspicions had been misunderstandings all along and they were good people after all. There couldn't be a more ideal outcome. This was a normal place, not some violent hellhole filled with plots.

"You stupid brat and your paranoia...."

"It was my fault. I’ll right this wrong one day," Tianming said."Remember what you said! Sheesh, you really make me mad. Old man, I need a shoulder massage...." Mu Ziyan pulled the sovereign to her side.

"Huh? Old... old man?" Tianming was just as stunned as the sovereign.

"Oh, what?!" Mu Ziyan hurriedly pushed him aside and took a few steps back, blushing. It was incredibly out of character for her.

Tianming turned around and said, "I didn't see or hear anything."

"Li Tianming!" she called out."What?"

"I like him, so what? I’ve been a fangirl since he became sovereign, alright? What's wrong about someone from the Violetcloud Archclan being with the sovereign of the Gong Prime Clan?!"

"Well, I didn't say you couldn't."

"Fine. Let me warn you. Don't tell anyone about this, got it? If my father finds out, there's only two outcomes. Either he dies from his own rage or he'll kill me to death."

"Understood. I'll take it to the grave." The Gong Prime Clan had been sidelined by the Pentarchy, who placed their hopes in Mu Ziyan. But little did they know that they privately had quite an intimate relationship. If the elders of the Violetcloud Archclan found out, they would definitely vomit blood from rage.

"Do keep this secret well," Sovereign Starfeather awkwardly said. It seemed that he had been hiding it quite well.

"Definitely." Finding out their secret out of nowhere was yet another proof of how honest they had been. Tianming was even more relieved. This world is a beautiful place, after all.

He left the Kilostar Capital with a light heart, accompanied by the Starchasers. However, none of them noticed a pair of eyes that began tracking him as he left.

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