Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1761

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Chapter 1761

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Chapter 1761 - Changes on the Sun

Even so, that was out of Tianming's hands. If Feiling hadn't used the blood grudge to attack the dreamless celestial emperor, he would have lost an eye. Weisheng Moran was now basically being held hostage in exchange for the Azurespirit.

"Dammit!" He grit his teeth in rage. That girl used to have nothing to do with him, but kept calling him to save her. Back then, Tianming barely had any power, so there was no need for him to offend the dreamless celestial emperor for her sake. But now he had gone through so many tribulations and obtained carefree wonder, thanks to her. He had to take responsibility.

"Fine, I can't let her keep suffering." He was about to face off against the sun emperor anyway, so why would he fear a pre-sovereign dreamless celestial emperor? "Can you communicate with her?"

"It is... a little... hard as... she is... kept confined," Yin Chen said.

"See if you can worm your way in and ask about the locator issue. Tell her that I'm back and ask her to hold on. I’ll liberate her from suffering."

"Will do." Yin Chen had practically unlimited bodies, so losing a few wouldn’t be a concern. Most formations couldn't stop it anyway, thanks to the fluid nature of its body. Soon, it returned with an answer.

"She said... it won't... work anymore! We can... go back... to Orderia!" The Azurespirit was no longer functioning as a locator after becoming a divine wonder. Even though Tianming didn't know exactly why, he was relieved to hear it.

"So the dreamless celestial emperor is that certain that I’ll return, eh?" It wasn't that surprising, as he had no doubt witnessed what happened with Li Wudi with his own eyes. Not to mention, there was no way that Tianming would spend the rest of his life roaming the stars. That said, there was no way he could expect Tianming to be back so soon. "Did she say anything else?"

"She said... to take... your time... She's really... moved to... the point... of crying..."

"Alright." Tianming took a deep breath and imagined what she looked like, feeling a wince of pain.

"There is... something else!" Yin Chen said with a serious tone before beginning a complicated explanation of the status quo of the Myriad Solar Sects, something that Tianming badly wanted to know. He had to guess much of what Yin Chen was trying to relay, but it didn't take long. They had a telepathic connection, after all. His expression turned grim and he sought out Lingfeng and Qingyu.

"Feng, Qingyu, let's go! It's time."

"Big Brother, did you learn what happened?" Qingyu asked.

"More or less. We're short on time, so I'll explain on the way."

"Okay!" The pair nodded. Tianming left a sizable number of Yin Chens on Flameyellow. As he passed through the Divine Moon Realm, he even had a million silver eggs clump together and become a meteor before tossing it toward the moon. That would allow him to keep informed about these two places. Even if he was out of range of the Omnisentient Threads, he would still be able to react in time. As they continued ascending, they were slowly freed of the Welkin Plane's gravitational pull. It was no longer a difficult feat for them.

"Big Brother, how's dad?" Qingyu asked nervously, holding her breath. She seemed quite worried.

"The sun emperor has him confined in a dungeon. It's completely sealed off—Yin Chen isn't able to sneak in, so we don't have news of him for now. The Yin Chens we left there are still weak, so I'll be sending new ones to investigate once we arrive."

Twenty-five million Yin Chens could turn into ten times that number of cockroaches, enough to spread across the entirety of Orderia. He would be able to learn about anything the moment it took place, which was crucial in a time of war. Currently, an endless war was raging across Orderia.

"What about the Myriad Solar Sects?" Lingfeng asked as he looked toward the sun.

"Since the celestial orderians' loss, the Veildragon Palace leaders got exterminated and the rest were absorbed back into the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. The Myriad Solar Sect's alliance also fought the celestial orderians, giving them a taste of defeat they’ve never experienced before. The Divine Sun Palace was also disabled, so the morale of those in the Myriad Solar Sects is at an all-time high. They thought that they could grow stronger from this victory, but that was only a fleeting dream," Tianming said.

"Given his personality, there's no way he'll just lay low after suffering such a huge loss," Qingyu said, biting her lip.

"That's right. The war hasn’t stopped since we left."

"With the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect reunified and becoming the new top sect, coupled with the unity of the other factions, they should be able to defend the Myriaddragon Mountains, right? The celestial orderians did lose the Divine Sun Palace, after all," Qingyu said, puzzled.

"That's right. That's why the celestial orderians didn't touch the top ten sects in the ranking. However, sects without grade-eight divine formations became targets. The celestial orderians started clearing out the fourth-rate factions, beginning from the weakest ones and completely massacring them as they reorganized their army and optimized its efficiency," Tianming said in a hoarse voice.

Unlike the celestial orderians, the Myriad Solar Sects weren’t properly unified, but rather a simple collection of disparate sects spread out across large territories. They were largely autonomous, so they lacked any ability to properly coordinate with each other against the unified and organized celestial orderians, who had superior information and supply networks. There was nothing the weak could do against the strong, especially where hit-and-run tactics were involved.

While the celestial orderians had suffered terrible losses in the grand battle, their remaining forces still surpassed those of the Myriad Solar Sects as a whole, let alone those of individual factions within. The weaker factions had subpar defensive formations that were instantly breached. They were unable to resist at all.

This kind of attack was unlike the celestial orderians, who treasured refinement and elegance as a whole, but it was a good fit for the sun emperor's personality. He could play dirty as much as he wanted as long as it got him results. Even with reinforcements from larger sects, the smaller ones were still wiped out and unsalvageable.

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