Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 247

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Chapter 247: - The Black Cat’s Chaos Disaster

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The lifebound beasts on both sides unleashed their spiritsource abilities, creating a chaotic mess. Li Tianming loved this kind of coordinated battle and the feeling of being mentally connected. The Unity stage was truly miraculous, with understanding becoming more tacit the further you progressed in it.

The Infernal Blaze sizzled as a fiery phoenix whistled through the sky. White hair flapping in the wind, Li Tianming mixed in with Meow Meow’s lightning and rushed at Yuwen Shengcheng right behind a Chaos Voltball.

The Grand Thunderflare Sword hacked down, unleashing Hell-Shaker. A streak of fierce sword-light swept out, lightning and fire intermingled within!

Yuwen Shengcheng was full of killing intent as he used his white bone blade to block, but the end result was that he was directly knocked away, his arms turning numb.

He’s become stronger again! Yuwen Shengcheng’s heart trembled. However, how was he to know the nightmare had only just begun?

In the instant he was knocked away, Tianming quickly overtook his beasts and bore down on him while the two beasts tied down his second-order saint beast.

That was how damn refreshing it was to be a dual beastmaster!

Despite its diminutive size compared to its opponent, Meow Meow still rushed in. However, it was met with the unexpectedly sharp claws of the taotie.

The darkness the Eight-armed Taotie released also filled the air, but in comparison to Meow Meow’s demonic ki, it was still inferior.

“Big brother Chick, help me!” cried Meow Meow.

A fiery blur immediately rushed to the taotie’s back.

The taotie was covered in scales and had tough flesh, and had only been enhanced after its evolution. However, that didn’t stop the little chick from quickly zeroing in on its weakness.

The little chick quickly aimed its Skyscorch Featherblast… directly at the taotie’s genitals.

“So what if you have scales everywhere, that area isn’t protected!” the little chick sniggered. As Meow Meow and the taotie entered melee combat, all of Ying Huo’s needle-like feathers unloaded right at the taotie’s weak spot.

“That’s how I roll! Kneel for granddaddy chick!” Up in the sky, the bald chick laughed maniacally.

Despite the taotie already being on guard against him, hundreds of needles still buried themselves in their target. The taotie let loose a mournful cry as its genitals were immediately burned up.

“Big brother Chicken….” Meow Meow retreated, shivering as it swore a solemn vow to never ever offend that which could not be offended. It was obvious what the taotie was going through from its expression.

“Meow Meow, let me see your new spiritsource ability!”


The Regal Chaosfiend let loose a howl, causing the clouds above to gather. Everything, be it rocks, rivers, soil, or even trees began crackling with multi-colored electricity. Countless serpents of lightning were drawn out of the electricity that naturally existed in every bit of matter. Ordinarily, the amount would be insignificant. However, it was terrifying when you added all of it together from across the entire First Grand-Orient Battlefield.

The multi-colored electricity gathered and churned within the clouds, transforming into nine long serpents of black lightning, each larger than the taotie and made of millions of tinier serpents.

Then, staring at the Eight-armed Taotie, it came crashing down with a deafening boom!

This was a Saintbeast War-Soul, yet it had surpassed the power of normal Saintbeast War-Souls. Ninefold Disasters had transformed into Meow Meow’s new ability: Chaos Disaster. With Regal Chaosfiend and Chaos Disaster, Meow Meow had already caught up to Ying Huo in strength.

The taotie was still enduring the pain of its genitals being burned off when it saw a fiery flicker in front of it; it was the very first claw of Ying Huo’s Life-Death Whip Art, Soul Hook. Fortunately, it managed to dodge in time, turning what would have been the loss of its eye into a giant gash on its face.

However, Ying Huo was intelligent. The true purpose of this attack had been to stop it from escaping the Chaos Disaster.

The next moment, the Chaos Disaster landed right on the taotie’s body.

Lightning exploded as countless electrical serpents writhed around in the air. The power of the Chaos Disaster filled its body and its internal organs, causing the taotie to shriek as it collapsed convulsing onto the floor. Froth was coming out of its mouth and its eyes showed their whites.

The scene lasted for a full ten seconds, then the great second-order saint beast fainted. Still, the pain inflicted by Ying Huo would likely be more memorable for it.

This was a cooperative battle between Ying Huo and Meow Meow! It was definitely shocking to the audience, and it made all the men watching instinctively clamp their legs together.

In the end, the black cat reverted from its Regal Chaosfiend state and looked as harmless as ever, while the little chick extended a wing and leaned on the cat’s head, with a leaf in its mouth.

Its behavior was simply too human-like.

They were watching the show, and had zero intention of helping Tianming fight.

But in truth, Tianming didn’t need their help in the slightest. Even before he had broken through, not even the sixth-level Unity Li Xuanchen could handle him. Now that he had broken through, how could Yuwen Shengchen—who was at that level too, but no longer had the aid of his saint beast—have the slightest hope of stopping Tianming?

From start to finish, Tianming completely dominated his opponent.

Demise of Heaven, Divine-Fury swept out, and Yuwen Shengcheng was forced to retreat over fifty meters away to avoid the boundlessly majestic Grand Thunderflare Sword Ki.

Fully aware of the consequences of losing, Yuwen Shengcheng started getting anxious; at this rate, his future would be ruined by Li Tianming. “I can’t lose. I cannot lose!”

Yuwen Shengcheng’s willpower was too weak, and his upbringing too pampered compared to his older brother. Tears were already starting to spill, and all of his killing intent was already gone. His mental state had broken down as soon as Tianming started overwhelming him.

“If I lose, I lose everything! Blacktooth, why aren’t you here to help me yet!” Yuwen Shengcheng was waiting for his beast to join him. When he looked over, he caught sight of his collapsed beast. At that moment, for Yuwen Shengcheng, it was like the Chaos Disaster had landed on him, too; his greatest ace had been lost.

The same fear as he had previously felt filled him again, but it was even more all-consuming this time. He wanted to roar and go out in a blaze of glory, but nothing came out when he opened his mouth.

As for Tianming, his sword struck out with unstoppable force as it unleashed Demise of Heaven, Heavenly-Judgement. Just like Chaos Disaster, this attack descended from the skies as sword ki came crashing down.

Yuwen Shengcheng gathered all of his strength to block this attack, but his legs nearly gave out.

However, Tianming still had one more attack left.

Demise of Heaven, Apocalyptic-Will!

While this stance looked the simplest, it was actually the most terrifying. It knocked Yuwen Shengcheng’s blade away and carveda huge wound in his chest as it directly destroyed his armor! If it weren’t for his armor, it was likely that Yuwen Shengcheng wouldn’t have survived the attack.

Tianming lashed out with his leg and connected with Yuwen Shengcheng’s face. His face, that had just recovered once again, had its nose broken and the teeth in its mouth all shattered.

This time, it was no longer limited to just four broken teeth.


In front of everyone, Yuwen Shengcheng coughed out countless shards of teeth. His mind had gone completely blank as he disconnected from reality. When he looked up, he saw at least ninety thousand people staring mutely at him, all kinds of emotions playing out on their features. Confusion, pity, sympathy, and more were displayed on the faces of the shocked audience.

The pity and sympathy cut Yuwen Shengcheng the deepest, being looks he had never ever imagined would be directed at him.

He also saw how they looked at Tianming, with shock, respect, appreciation, and curiosity!

Clearly, Tianming had shown them all exactly what kind of person their new junior sect master was, and at his expense, no less! Was the Grand-Orient junior sect master a joke? No, it was him, Yuwen Shengcheng.

He had clamored for a life and death match, but was easily crushed by his opponent.


However, none of this pain compared to having to face his father after this. Yuwen Shengcheng shook when he recalled how his big brother had knelt in front of their father and swore to make up for failure with death. His father had already said that if he lost, everything that was meant for him would be given to his cousin, Yuwen Zhenxing. Those words continued repeating themselves in his mind over and over.

Yuwen Shengcheng sat in the mud, not daring to look at Taiji Hall.

“Li Tianming, I will definitely have you meet an end even worse than what I’m experiencing now!”

Tianming saw that Elder Su Zhen had already appeared above them. “Stop,” the man said coldly.

Now that victory had been decided, Tianming no longer had a chance to continue beating up Yuwen Shengcheng. It was a shame through and through. Tianming had planned to continue until he made an honest man out of the boy.

“You? Save it. Go home and drink some milk instead,” Tianming said dismissively, turning to leave. Yuwen Shengcheng continued staring at him, his gaze turning progressively chillier.

When Li Tianming returned to Azure Dragon Sword Mountain’s hall, Yuwen Shengcheng still hadn’t left. Elder Su Zhen was forced to declare, slightly embarrassedly, “The winner is Azure Dragon Sword Mountain’s Li Tianming! He will continue to the next round.”

The First Grand-Orient Battlefield was silent, as if no one was there. Everyone watched as Yuwen Shengcheng crawled out of the battlefield with no one to receive him.

Elder Su Zhen declared the next round was to begin. This was still only the opening match, after all, and there were still more shows to watch—though they weren’t likely to be as mind-blowing as this one.

However, the ones most taken aback were actually those from the Azure Dragon Sword Mountain. They were wholly unprepared for the admiring gazes sent their way.

Yuan Huntian hadn’t expected it.

And for Gu Yu, his face burning up, definitely hadn’t seen it coming.
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