Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 262

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Chapter 262: - Cosmic Break, Transcendence

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Li Tianming currently had two goals. The first was to master Cosmic Break, which posed more of a challenge than Starfall. With each swing of the sword, each battle, each step forward, he knew that despite the fact he was more talented than any other, he worked the hardest.

His second goal was Death Requisition. Although he had been practicing Death Requisition for a considerable amount of time, he hadn’t made it his main goal.

The little chick had succeeded in this respect. With its help, Tianming advanced leaps and bounds, finally mastering Death Requisition on the twenty-second day.

"Compared to the Voidgod Sword Intent, Li Wushen’s Life-Death Whip Art has a different approach. The Life-Death Whip Art is very compatible with Archfiend. Joint usage of Soul Hook and Death Requisition will enhance the power, while Soul Hook relies on the element of surprise and Death Requisition is the real killing move. Under my whip, Gods and demons will perish!"

Even though Meow Meow had two Saintbeast War-Souls, it might not be the little chick’s opponent, with its Soul Hook and Death Requisition claws used in conjunction with the Voidgod Sword Intent and its three spiritsource abilities.

Death Requisition might look simple but all it took was one move to make a clean kill. Only the last move of the Life-Death Whip Art, Transcendence, could surpass all beings. Now that Tianming had mastered Death Requisition, he had a new goal—that is, cultivation, Cosmic Break, and Transcendence, which all went hand in hand.

Master any one of these three and I’ll be invincible in the Prime Tower! Unfortunately, time is running out. If only I had another fortnight.

Tianming stood at the entrance of Azure Dragon Sword Hall, narrowed eyes turned to Sacred Mountain.

"However, compared to crushing our opponents, I’d rather the three of us fight a perilous battle side by side!" The high-spirited little chick stood on his head, with its wings resting on its hips.

"Brother Chicken, that's what you like. I would prefer to bite them to death so I have more time to sleep!" Meow Meow looked listless, obviously lacking sleep of late.

"Useless chicken!" disdained the little chick.

"You’re the chicken," retorted Meow Meow.

"What?" puzzled the little chick. "Whatever it is, whoever dares obstruct my way will be stabbed to death by my sword! When the time comes, I’ll show you what real genius looks like!"

In its words, I have both abilities and battle arts. Do you surrender?

As soon as Tianming showed off his biceps, the little chick surrendered. "I was wrong. Are you feeling uncomfortable? Let me give you a massage."

The shivering little chick rolled to the ground with tears in its eyes, surrendering to the majesty of the dark arm.

"Brother Chicken, my back is a little sore. I’d like a rub," complained Meow Meow.

"The only massage you’re getting is a fist to the balls!"

The little chick was furious; they were all going against him! Since it didn’t dare retaliate against Tianming, the little chick went for the black cat, both jumping and bouncing about on Azure Dragon Sword Mountain. Tianming glanced at his lifebound space, noticing two dragon-shaped cracks in the two-colored egg.

"It’s already this lively with two Primordial Chaos Beasts. I can’t imagine what a headache I’ll have when the third one hatches."

Feiling stood on the edge, leaning against his shoulder with her lips curled in a warm smile.

"Ling’er." Tianming placed his arm around her shoulders. "The Prime Tower is very dangerous, and I’m a little worried,” he admitted.

"Worried about my safety?" asked Feiling.

Tianming nodded.

"Big Brother, I don't want to talk about this again." Holding out her hand, she pinched Tianming's nose and said, "Just treat me as your lifebound beast. They can fight with you, live and die with you, and so can I."

"It's not the same," insisted Tianming.

"What's different?"

"I can’t sleep with my lifebound beasts, but I can with you." Faced with those blushing cheeks, Tianming couldn't help but feel tempted. "I recently heard that Su Wuyou is the number one beauty of the Grand-Orient Sect," he remarked.

"And what about it?"

"Well, when I fought against Su Yiran, I caught a glimpse of her."

"Is she beautiful?"

"Compared to you, she’s a pile of dung."

"Big Brother, you’re so rude!" She bit her lip.

"Do you like me like this?" he pestered.

Feiling found he was becoming more and more dirty.

"Do you feel like your morals have been shaken?" Tianming laughed wickedly.

"I'm ignoring you. You can participate in the Prime Struggle on your own. I hope you get beaten," she pouted.


With a pull, Feiling failed to escape Tianming’s hands. Arms wrapped around her, Tianming noticed Ling’er’s Love, the violet gem shining in the sun. When he looked up, his eyes met her trembling gaze.

"Is it really beautiful?" she asked, her head bowed.

"Yes, it’s beautiful." These three words summed up everything Tianming wanted to say. From physical appearance to soul, from strangers to shared understanding. Hand in hand, from life till death.

This was their destiny.

"Do you want to know who your biological parents are?"

"I do."

"One day, I’ll find them for you."


While Tianming was contemplating Cosmic Break, Qingyu suddenly dropped by.

"Big Brother, I’m going out for two days."

"The Prime Struggle is in a few days. Aren’t you going to watch?" asked Tianming.

"Of course, I'll be back soon. I’d never miss any of your fights!" Qingyu smiled.

Her recent progress suggested that the Pentamoon Skybane had almost caught up to Tianming’s decabane. She was close to breaking through to seventh-level Unity.

"Stay safe," reminded Tianming.

Qingyu wanted to keep the Pentamoon Skybane under wraps. Now that all eyes were on Tianming, almost no one was paying any attention to her. During Tianming’s rise, she was almost invisible. But what she didn’t know was that there were people in the shadows eyeing her.

"Don't worry, I’m not you. I don’t attract attention wherever I go. A friend from the Wuyou Faction asked for a little help. I’m not heading too far away, just focus on preparing for the Prime Struggle."

With that, Qingyu ran off.

“Look at how fast she runs. She seems much happier lately,” sighed Tianming.

"Well, of course. You’ve got me to thank for that," flaunted Feiling. During this period, she had spent half her time with Qingyu. As they say, birds of a feather flock together. Feiling’s simplicity and positivity was infectious.

"You’re amazing!" Tianming gave her a thumbs-up. "Does Qingyu have friends in the Wuyou Faction?" Tianming had been under the impression that she was usually alone.

"Before you arrived, Qinyu cultivated arduously. She often headed to the Abyssal Battlefield, performing tasks for the sect to obtain resources. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have joined the Wuoyu Faction. If I’m not mistaken, her friend is called Guo Xiaofu, an inner disciple who rose from the outer sect. They cultivated together in the past," explained Feiling.

"It’s good she knows someone. She should make more friends. If she can let go of her worries, her future will be boundless," said Tianming.

He was willing to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the Li Saint Clan’s revival, absorb all the heat, and meet the world head-on! If only he could become the big tree that shelters his family, so Qingyu could enjoy the shade and grow with peace of mind.

However, Tianming had overlooked one thing—saplings under big trees find it hard to grow without sunshine. On the contrary, a small tree that had been tempered by the wind and rain could grow into a towering giant!

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