Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 278

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Chapter 278: - Fortune In The Prime Tower

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Tianming released his pent-up breath. The battle he had just fought was nothing; the purpose of killing Yuwen Zhenxing was to provoke a violent storm.

"Hey, how long has it been since I entered the third floor?" asked Tianming.

"An hour and a half. So you have that much time left," replied Feiling.

That was to say, the actual time it took to deal with black-haired Tianming was about half an hour.

"There’s still an hour and a half before the test on the third floor will end, and outsiders will realize that Yuwen Zhenxing and Gongsun Chi are dead," said Tianming.

"Big Brother, what’ll you do when you leave the tower?" asked the worried Feiling.

"It’s not like the word ‘murderer’ is written on my face," Tianming retorted.

"But they’ll know it was you."

"They have no evidence. Don’t worry, you’ll understand later. I know what to do." Tianming patted his chest, his lips curling in a smile.

Despite her worries, Tianming’s nonchalance put Feiling at ease. In truth, she knew the more Tianming behaved like this, the more reliable he was. And a reliable person was always reassuring.

"Ying Huo, burn their bodies," ordered Tianming.

There was no reason to hesitate. One huff at each body, and soon both men and beasts were burned to ashes.

Before that, Tianming had removed Yuwen Zhenxing’s spatial rings, grabbing the manna sphere from the first floor and throwing away everything else. Those items were hot potatoes.

The manna sphere in his hand should contain a high-tier terrestrial manna. However, Tianming soon realized there was no manna inside.

There was only one piece of paper that read: Choose one of the following high-tier terrestrial manna.

A total of ten manna were listed on the paper, all of which were available in the Grand-Orient Sect. How convenient for Tianming! He could select the most suitable one.

Fortunately, the Venomfiend Bloodclaw was suited for both Ying Huo and Meow Meow. With how few celestial manna there were, it was naturally impossible to list ten types and select one. The Venomfiend Bloodclaw had originally been specifically reserved for Yuwen Zhenxing.

Unfortunately, Yuwen Zhenxing was dead.

"At the end of the third hour, they’ll have to enter the tower and search for a long time. It’s more than enough time for me," Tianming muttered to himself.

"Oh don’t be so suspenseful. What are you planning?" Ying Huo asked.

"Look at the changes in these two areas," Tianming pointed out.

When he’d defeated black-haired Tianming and regained consciousness, the third floor of the tower had undergone two changes.

The first change–above Tianming's head appeared a passage where one could see the blue sky outside. However, he noticed that the passage seemed invisible to Yuwen Zhenxing, who was just under it. If he had seen it, he’d have escaped. That suggested the passage was meant for Tianming.

"This is the passage for clearing the third floor! Taking the passage is equivalent to conquering the Prime Tower. If the positions of the four prime disciples weren’t fully taken, I’d be a prime disciple immediately upon leaving the tower. Now, though, I’ll have to defeat another prime disciple and replace them,” explained Tianming.

He already had a candidate in mind, but he was still a step away.

"Big Brother, you mentioned changes in two areas. What’s the other change?" wondered Feiling.

"Can't you see?" Tianming turned around and headed to the back. On the ground in front of him stood a small white tower.

"Is there something there?" puzzled Feiling.

Neither Ying Huo nor Meow Meow could see it either.

The small white tower was the same one that had transformed into the black-haired Tianming. It had reappeared after his victory over the mirror image. At the start of his battle with the others, he had already noticed it.

He approached the tower and picked it up.

"I see it now. Isn't this the Prime Tower?" exclaimed Feiling. From her perspective, Tianming had picked up something from the ground that gradually turned into the Prime Tower.


"How’s it possible for the Prime Tower to shrink and appear here?"

"I don't know.”

However, Tianming thought of the white-haired old man and what he called the Aeonic Grandbane. Perhaps this was a gift from the old man. Just as the thought crossed his mind, there was yet another change.

"The Prime Tower just disappeared!" blurted Feiling.

"It didn't disappear, it’s in my lifebound space." Tianming sounded even more surprised than Feiling.

The white tower appeared in his lifebound space. And what was even more amazing was the fact that the remaining eight eggs were arranged in eight directions around the tower, orbiting it in an organized manner.

Now, the Prime Tower was full of ki that enveloped the eight Primordial Chaos Beast eggs and seemed to integrate with them.

"Did something unusual happen?" asked Feiling.

"I don't know. I can't understand what’s happening, but it’s definitely a good thing," assured Tianming.

"But why are there two Prime Towers?"

"It’s very likely that the small one is the real Prime Tower, while the big one may just be a tower," Tianming speculated. That was to say, the white-haired old man had just handed the real tower to him. Of course, that was merely a guess that couldn’t be proven.

The small white tower in his lifebound space was currently incubating the Primordial Chaos Beast eggs. When the little chick and black cat returned to the space, they sensed the change.

"That’s strange. The spiritual energy of heaven and earth inside is very abundant, almost the same as standing next to Li Shenxiao’s tomb," voiced the little chick.

"Doesn't this mean we can cultivate at advanced speeds any time, anywhere?"

Tianming was amazed. Generally speaking, when lifebound beasts cultivated together with their beastmaster while they were in the lifebound space, they relied on the beastmaster to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth through their unity field. This was the first time he had heard of a lifebound space that possessed its own spiritual energy.

In this way, they could absorb spiritual energy internally without needing to pass it through Tianming’s unity field, so the effects would be far superior.

"If we recuperate next to the Prime Tower, the speed of our recovery is accelerated," beamed Ying Huo. Their previous injuries were healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.


The appearance of the Prime Tower was simply a godsend. Additionally, there might be other effects.

"The Prime Tower is our greatest gain this time! In comparison, although the two manna are precious, they obviously can’t be compared to this treasure."

Over the past few days, Tianming had heard a lot about the Grand-Orient Sword and the Prime Tower. It was the first ancestor, Li Shenxiao, who had obtained the two sacred objects in a place called the Theocracy of the Ancients, which was said to have been forged by the gods.

Now the tower had become his, while the tower in which he stood was probably just a special building.

"Yuwen Shendu plans to visit Heaven’s Elysium to compete for the Grand-Orient Sword. I’m afraid they never imagined I’d obtain the real Prime Tower. Even the Gods are on my side," Tianming said, his eyes burning with passion.

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