Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 283

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Chapter 283: - Li Qingyu the Murderer

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"Qingyu!" Li Tianming had no idea why Qingyu was in this condition, nor how she had appeared here.

When she left, she’d just said she was going to help a friend and would be back within two days. Tianming hadn't had time to make things clear before she was gone.

Yet here she was now, bound in ropes. Furthermore, those ropes were digging into her skin and drawing blood.

It was absolutely unacceptable to Tianming!

"What's wrong with Qingyu? Help her!" Jiang Feiling was even more anxious. Her friendship with Qingyu was no less deep than Tianming’s sibling bond with her.

Tianming immediately rushed out of the hall.

He was just a tiny bit slower, and Ye Shaoqing had already arrived at the two Grand-Oriend guardians.

"What are you doing! That's my direct disciple!" Ye Shaoqing made a move to retrieve Qingyu as soon as he landed.

This change immediately brought all the people who were in the midst of leaving to a halt, as they watched on with confusion.

"Please halt, Elder Ye! This is a murderer!" The two guardians retreated while pulling along Qingyu, keeping her shielded behind them and away from Ye Shaoqing.


"What does that mean?"

People began gathering, craning their necks to get a clearer look.

"Nonsense!" Ye Shaoqing barked as he advanced again.

"Ye Shaoqing, stand down!" It was at this moment that a new stream of people exited from Fengtian Mountain’s hall. Amongst them was a group of seven or eight elders with Yuwen Taiji at their head.

Even Yuwen Shendu, who rarely showed his face, was included in their number. He was even faster than the elders, and was practically racing over.

“Whatever’s the matter, we can say it after you release her!” Ye Shaoqing stepped forward again.

“Stop him!” The dozen guardians all stood in Ye Shaoqing’s way. Although they weren’t saints, they were still all at the peak of Heavenly Will. It would be difficult to seize Qingyu from them quickly.

Finally, Ye Qing and Ye Yuxi had arrived, along with Tianming.

“Don’t be agitated, Elder Ye. We can talk this through.” Even the First Elder, Huangfu Fengyun, had appeared.

So many elders had arrived already. That was because the frightening bloodstains on the white cloth were enough to make their imagination run wild!

When Yuwen Taiji’s group landed, their imposing presence was obviously much stronger than Ye Shaoqing’s faction. All of their gazes locked on to the carts, their expressions distorting.

“What, what is this!” Yuwen Fengtian bit his lips, staring at the guardians.

“Elder Fengtian!” These were obviously guardians belonging to their clan. Faces pale, they quickly knelt down.

“Elder, we were returning to the sect from Kunming City just a while ago, when we encountered some people fighting. So we stepped forward to resolve the situation. Alas, everything was over by the time we reached them, and we were utterly powerless to change things.” An old man, mostly likely the head guardian, spoke up.

“What the fuck do you mean by powerless!” Yuwen Shendu roared, his eyes entirely red. He stumbled toward the frontmost cart, upon which three corpses lay, covered by white cloth.

“We beg the elder for forgiveness!” The guardians all bowed down, their foreheads banging on the ground.

Only the young girl was still standing. She lifted her head slightly and shot a helpless smile at Tianming and the rest.

Obviously, only the Yuwen clan knew who was inside the cart. Everyone else was still confused over what had happened, and who exactly Li Qingyu had killed.

Yuwen Fengtian took unsteady steps towards the cart. By the time he reached the cart, his eyes were utterly bloodshot. Then, with trembling hands, he removed the first white cloth.

Underneath was a young girl. Her corpse was already stiff, and there was a fatal spear wound in her chest. However, no one recognized her.

Li Qingyu turned around and almost drew blood from her parched lips.

Yuwen Fengtian lifted up the second cloth!

It was a young man dressed in light golden clothes. His body, covered all over by slash wounds, was a terrifying sight to behold.

“Xuanchen!” A trembling middle-aged man ran over from the seats. However, when he arrived and saw the corpse’s state, he collapsed to the ground.

“Li Qingyu, you killed my son!” It was Li Xuanyi.

However, his words fell on deaf ears as Yuwen Fengtian was currently lifting up the third white cloth. His hand was shaking. When he lifted up the corner and saw the shoe, he already knew who it was.

The white cloth finally fell, revealing a corpse in an even more miserable state than Li Xuanchen. It was completely mangled beyond recognition. In fact, moving the white cloth even caused its head to come tumbling down.

Its eyes stared at the sky, full of resentment and fear. The head was quickly recognized by everyone present as Yuwen Shengcheng’s.

Staggering backwards, Yuwen Fengtian coughed out blood and collapsed to the ground.

The area had gone completely silent, as everyone looked at the utter terror in Yuwen Shengcheng’s eyes.

“Shengcheng, Shengcheng…” Yuwen Fengtian hurriedly got up and tried to put the head back. But what good would that do?

“Shengcheng!” A scream echoed out as a black-clothed young man knelt on the ground. Tears covered his face and the current him resembled a wild beast as he clenched his fist, his veins bulging all over his body.

Everyone who knew him was clear that Yuwen Shendu was a special person.

In ordinary cases, the eldest son of such a clan wouldn’t care about his younger brother, or may even enter conflict with him. However, he was different and had heavily valued his brotherly relationship. Yet now, that little runt that never seemed to grow up had lost his head.

“Shengcheng!” Yuwen Shendu screamed again, then rose to his feet, blood leaking out of his eyes.

A burst of wind gushed out, causing his black hair to dance wildly. His eyes, dripping with blood, shifted to Li Qingyu.

The other horse carts were all loaded with the corpses of lifebound beasts, the Sixteen-Winged Gold Kunpeng and Eight-Armed Taotie. However, their corpses weren’t whole either.

Clearly, Li Qingyu had killed the pair.

When everyone saw Yuwen Fengtian and Yuwen Shendu’s reactions, they knew exactly how large a matter this was! Before this, the two sides were in contention, but they had been waiting for the Realm War to conclude. However, now open conflict might very well explode!

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