Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 313

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Chapter 313

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Chapter 313 - Breaking A Thousand Years Of Humiliation

"Ye Shaoqing, aren’t you being happy too soon? Li Wudi’s son’s performance might’ve been interesting today, but he will soon become everyone’s target! The elysian children will focus on giving him a good time and he’ll be left crippled after the Realm Wars. You should go back and pray for him!" Sikong Jiansheng rose to his feet.

"But at least we’re still better off than your Cloudmist Sword School. You won’t be participating in the Realm Wars, so you’re not even qualified to address your grievances," scoffed Ye Shaoqing.

Sikong Jiansheng’s eyes surged with sword ki. But what could he do? It was a fact that Sikong Tianchen had lost. He could shout all he wanted, but it wouldn’t change a thing.

"Very well, you’d better not come crying after the Realm Wars!"

"Alright, why are you still taunting us? You should hurry down the mountain. Let me congratulate the Cloudmist Sword School on going home early," Ye Shaoqing retorted.

"Ye Shaoqing, you and I both understand that the Realm Wars is merely a precursor for what’s about to come! You dare contradict me today, but we’ll see if you can remain so eloquent when I chop your head off!" Sikong Jiansheng smiled maliciously.

"You old ogre, we’ll see if you live until then!" mocked Ye Shaoqing.

During the current Realm Wars, a lot had been laid on the table. If it weren’t so, how could these two prominent figures bicker in public? Under normal circumstances, these elders would have shown each other courtesy and kindness, at least on the surface. 

The five major sects were separated into three groups—Heaven’s Elysium, Grand-Orient Sect and Southsky Sect were one group, and Onyx Sect and Cloudmist Sword School were the second.

As soon as they left, the elysian elders led the Southsky Sect and Grand-Orient Sect to their resting quarters. After tonight, the Realm Wars would officially begin. At present, it was already good that Heaven’s Elysium would provide lodging. 

"Father, Tianming defeated Sikong Tianchen and saved me," said Weisheng Qingluan.

Weisheng Tianlan nodded in reply.

"When I strayed into the blood barrier, he helped me. He’s really strong, and a trustworthy ally," added Weisheng Ruosu.

"I see. He’s a pentabane?" asked Weisheng Tianlan.

"There’s no doubt about that. He’s also extremely courageous. We were all too afraid to speak when we arrived at the Throughgate, but he dared contradict Sect Master Sikong," praised Weisheng Qingluan.

"You...." Sikong Lingyu furrowed her brows.

Southsky Sect would have embarked on a road of no return. Although the Grand-Orient Sect was in decline, it was impossible for them to yield to Heaven’s Elysium. They would never surrender, even until death, not Ye Shaoqing, nor Yuwen Taiji. But the Southsky Sect had a choice, whether to bow to them and save themselves, or succumb like a moth to the flame.

At this moment, they all had their own thoughts. Gu Qiuyu’s expression was awful. Never mind that his grandson was defeated, but to think the Grand-Orient junior sect master he mocked was actually a pentabane! Though the others had failed to notice, he asked around, only to be shocked by the news. Along the way, the more he thought, the more uncomfortable he felt. Why did he have to show such sarcasm to the pentabane? 

As soon as the people from Heaven’s Elysium left, he immediately headed over to the Grand-Orient Sect’s resting quarters with Xi Menglin. Glaring at Tianming, he said, "Tianming, I demand an explanation. Didn’t we agree on an alliance yesterday? Why did you sneak attack Xi Menglin on Throughpath?"

"I sneaked attacked?" Tianming looked confused.

"Yes, you attacked me..." Xi Menglin kept his head bowed, voice growing softer and softer.

When he was rescued by Gu Qiuyu, he had first complained before hearing about how Tianming defeated Sikong Tianchen.

"Are you so strong that I need to sneak attack on you?" Tianming couldn't help laughing.

The slippery bastard was lying through his teeth.

"This isn’t a question of strength or weakness. Why attack your own ally?" demanded Gu Qiuyu.

He was clearly taking advantage of the matter. After all, what he wanted most was to distance himself from the Grand-Orient Sect and protect himself.

"Elder Gu, aren't you the one who asked him to examine my bane-rings? I said I wouldn't let him look at them, but he insisted on blocking my path and wasting my time. Is it wrong for me to give him a beating?" Tianming retorted.

"Tianming, you liar. Stop trying to frame me!" roared Xi Menglin.

Tianming glanced at Weisheng Tianlan and Ye Shaoqing, motioning for them to solve the matter since he couldn’t be bothered to continue explaining himself.

"Elder Gu, the Realm Wars will commence tomorrow. Tianming will fight side by side with Ruosu and Qingluan. Do you think these details are significant?" asked Ye Shaoqing.

Gu Qiuyu took a deep breath.

"Focus on the Realm Wars," said Weisheng Tianlan.

There was still a chance to make a decision when they returned. Right now, there was no need to make a fuss of the matter.

"What happened to Bai Taijun?"

Sensing the tense atmosphere, Weisheng Qingluan changed the subject. He was very concerned about Bai Taijun. The young man with Xi Menglin lay on the ground wailing, his skin turned pitch-black. There were countless bloody holes in his flesh, from which blood trickled.

"He met Li Wusheng of Onyx Sect and was tortured for quite a while. The poisonous insects entered his body and devoured a third of his internal organs. Although he’s alive, he’ll need at least three years to recover," said Weisheng Tianlan.

"The Onyx Sect is so cruel!" Weisheng Qingluan’s eyes were tinged with redness.

"That’s like nothing compared to what a hundred generations of our prime disciples have suffered. They have a lot of tricks to use in the Realm Wars," said Ye Shaoqing.

But why show up despite this? On the one hand, it was the Theocracy of Ancient’s arrangement. On the other, it involved the sect’s dignity and their determination to compete for the Grand-Orient Sword. Most importantly, they longed to reclaim the dignity that belonged to the prime disciples. A hundred generations suffered torture and humiliation, yet they never gave up!

"If I’d known this, I would have given those onyx disciples an experience worse than death." Tianming didn't know enough about the ferocity of the Realm Wars. However, now that the battle on the Throughpath had ended, he wouldn’t show mercy tomorrow.

Just then, he noticed three familiar figures among the Heaven’s Elysium folk. Perhaps their uninterrupted stares had drawn his attention to them. He recognized them at a glance—Ling Yichen, Jin Yixuan, and Song Yixue. 

Those three had left a deep impression on him and even changed his fate. Their status was even lower than the Grand-Orient guardians of the Grand-Orient Sect; they were merely marginalized disciples of Heaven’s Elysium. But they were related to Elysian Long.

Tianming noticed the shock, surprise, and loss of confidence in their eyes. However, they couldn’t hide their viciousness and killing intent. Tianming had seen six elysian children today, but not Yueling Long. As the strongest elysian child, perhaps she had the privilege of not appearing today.

But she’ll definitely be there tomorrow. You three should tell her I’m here.

Perhaps Yueling Long didn’t need to be informed to know he was here. He had a hunch he would meet Ling Yichen and the others in the future.

When the time comes, we’ll meet each other again.

The two sides crossed paths.

"Let’s go." The elysian elders led the way, passing through the Throughgate and formally entering Heaven’s Elysium, a towering city that looked as if it had been built above the clouds. Unlike the Grand-Orient Sect, which was divided into many peaks, all the disciples of Heaven’s Elysium gathered in the city. This was the biggest city Tianming had ever seen. They were arranged to live in the outer circle of Heaven’s Elysium. Though he hadn’t personally witnessed the splendor of the inner circle, the outer circle was certainly flourishing.

Numerous Heaven’s Elysium disciples stared at them, focusing on the disciples of the four major sects who would participate in the Realm Wars tomorrow. Regardless of their cultivation, Heaven’s Elysium’s elysian children would crush these so-called foreign talents, hence the sense of superiority in their hearts.

Laughter directed at Grand-Orient Sect Tianming's sounded from all directions. It was like watching a group of monkeys step into Heaven’s Elysium.

"The Realm Wars, or more like the legendary Ass-Whooping Wars. Once a decade, an entire generation comes to our city and brings disgrace to themselves. There’ll be a good show to watch tomorrow! I heard the elysian children will take their time playing with these guys.”

"Yes, I heard their female disciples go home pregnant. Hahaha...."

"But isn’t that too..."

"What do you know? Since they’re trying to take away our Grand-Orient Sword, they must pay the price!"

"Yes, let them come. Anyway, they’re asking for it. To conceive the child of an elysian child is a blessing for them."

“That makes sense!"

"Well said! Heaven’s Elysium should be the only sect in the Grand-Orient Realm. And why is it still called the Grand-Orient Realm? I heard they’re going to change it to Heaven’s Realm."

"Heaven’s Realm, Heaven’s Elysium. That’s more like it. In the future, we’ll completely destroy these sects so Heaven’s Elysium will dominate Heaven’s Realm. No one will dare compete for the Grand-Orient Sword."

"But where’s the fun in that?"

"Yes, that would be Heaven’s Elysium’s only regret!"

No topic was too taboo. Just above them, these people stood at the windows, talking and laughing. This was the arrogance and ruthlessness of Heaven’s Elysium’s disciples. But the strong had always been entitled to act like this. Although they weren’t personally strong, Heaven’s Elysium was, so there was nothing wrong with this.

These words must have been repeated for a thousand years. The humiliations lasted just as long. One hundred generations of prime disciples had more or less suffered such insults, then endured much worse than verbal disdain.

Now that Tianming was here, he looked up into those sarcastic, contemptuous, and condescending eyes. These people were proud because of a hundred generations and a thousand years of victories. They had forgotten what it was like to be defeated.

Only breaking this cycle could ignite their rage.

At that moment, Ye Shaoqing patted him on the shoulder. "Tianming, hold the sword in your hand. You’re a descendent of the Li Saint Clan, a successor of your heroic ancestors. When you set foot on the battlefield, you must fight for the dignity of the Grand-Orient Sect and Li Saint Clan. Fight for one hundred generations of your predecessors. I, too, failed miserably. We’ve never won. But you have the strength to reclaim everything we’ve lost! You must know that the Grand-Orient Sword originally belonged to us. And this time, I want you to destroy Heaven’s Elysium!”

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