Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 323

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Chapter 323: - The Hunter

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"What's going on with you two?" Although Elysian Ling was merely at ninth-level Unity, it didn’t prevent him from speaking to Li Wusheng and Li Jiusi with an arrogant tone.

The onyx disciples trembled in pain, unable to answer him.

"Are you Elysian Ling? I worked hard to find you," said Tianming.

"So what if I am? Don't you dare touch me. When my people find you, you’ll be miserable," scoffed Elysian Ling.

"Don't you see what happened to them?" asked Tianming.

"Onyx disciples? Can they compare to us? I’m an elysian child!"

"So what?" Tianming retorted.

"The elysian children are your nightmare. You can't do anything but kneel to us, otherwise you’ll be miserable," said Elysian Ling.

In fact, he wasn’t stupid. Aware he was no match for Tianming, he wanted to intimidate him with his identity. Throughout history, countless disciples of the four great clans had met weaker elysian children and feared fighting them. If they could hide, they would. Their priority was seeking the treasure. Unfortunately, the one Elysian Ling had met today was Tianming.

Smiling, he instantly darted right in front of Elysian Ling and pounded with Skyshaker!

"Scram!" Elysian Ling stretched out his hands to block the incoming blow.

His bones immediately shattered, and the next thing he knew, Tianming's fist had already landed in his face. The impact of this blow was so hard it felt like his mouth had shifted to the left side of his face.

"Ahh!!” howled Elysian Ling. His teeth were stuck through his tongue.

"Elysian Ling, watch closely. I won't kneel, but I’ll beat you to your knees."

The next punch sank into Elysian Ling’s lower abdomen, sending him screaming and curling up like a cooked shrimp. His face turned just as red. Under that blow, bile and blood gushed out together. Tianming slapped him on the left side of his face, straightening it out once more. Then one foot came down and snapped his leg in two.

"Ahh!!” Yet another horrifying scream came from his mouth.

"Will you kneel?"

"I will!" Elysian Ling's eyes had turned white from weakness; even kneeling took all his strength. After getting on his knees, he looked up at Tianming and felt immeasurable humiliation.

"Tianming! How dare you do this to an elysian child! ...Ahh!!"

Before he could finish speaking, a sword pierced through his mouth. All Elysian Ling could do was babble. He stared at Tianming in pain and misery, his expression filled with despair. He finally understood why the two onyx disciples were ashen cowards before Tianming.

"Don't look at me like this. My methods are nothing. For thousands of years, how many disgusting, humiliating tricks have you used? I certainly can't compare to that. Just torturing your generation isn’t enough payback. But just wait and see. This is merely the beginning. There’s a lot more time to have fun with you."

Tianming dragged the wailing Elysian Ling and tied him to Archfiend like a dead dog. "There’s still six distinguished places waiting for the elysian children." Tianming smiled coldly.

The onyx disciples and elysian child’s eyes were filled with incredible fear, as well as monstrous anger and ridicule toward Tianming’s overreach. But unfortunately, they couldn't speak.

With Tianming’s Insightful Eye, the Realm Wars took a different direction. For him, Elysian Ling was just the beginning. Over the past thousand years, the elysian children had tortured too many disciples. Even Tianming couldn't bear listening to those sad stories. What he did was just collecting a little interest; he would slowly exact revenge on behalf of the thousand years of humiliated disciples from the four sects.

As he traveled through the terrain, the elysian child and onyx disciples constantly bumped into rocks and trees that caused Archfiend to further pierce their flesh, leaving them bleeding and battered.

He had already begun looking for his next prey with the Insightful Eye. Unbeknownst to him, what he did had once again caused chaos in the Elysium Battlefield. This time, although there wasn’t much of a fight, it was uncomfortable and humbling for all of Heaven’s Elysium’s disciples. Before Tianming, even an elysian child was as feeble as a piece of soft tofu.

"How dare he! How dare he insult our elysian child! This man is dead!"

"That's Elysian Ling! He made defeating him look as easy as pie!"

"Li Tianming doesn’t know what death is. He’s finished!"

Countless Heaven’s Elysium disciples shouted angrily. Why? Because they were uncomfortable. What was supposed to be a battle of humiliation had so far been a complete failure. Others hadn’t received humiliation, but their own people had been badly abused. How were they to enjoy watching this? Witnessing Elysian Ling's beating was like a slap across every Heaven’s Elysium disciple's face. They were furious.

"Why does Li Tianming always meet our weakest?! Why didn't he bump into Elysian Yi or Elysian Long?"

"That’s right! The others haven’t even bumped into each other, but he’s met three!"

From their perspective, it was impossible to tell that Tianming was constantly correcting his direction based on his Insightful Eye.

"I tell you, he’s dead. Even if he comes out of the Realm War alive, he’s going to die! Doesn’t he know what the situation in the Grand-Orient Realm is like? How dare he challenge us?"

Those arrogant insults and curses, as well as angry faces, revealed just how uncomfortable Tianming’s existence made them. All they felt was vexation and indignation. Previously, it had been the onyx disciples, but not a single elysian child had been abused. The powerhouses of Heaven’s Elysium certainly felt uncomfortable. Their eyes were grim, especially Jun Dongyao, whose golden gaze burned into Weisheng Tianlan and the others across from him.

"Is the Grand-Orient Sect using Li Tianming to provoke us?" sneered the South Cardinal King.

"That’s quite an interesting idea. This child is lucky, but we’ll see," said Jun Dongyao.

After all, Elysian Ling wasn’t very strong, and Tianming defeating him could only be regarded as bold. However, Sikong Jiansheng couldn’t fight the agitation he felt. This was Tianming’s response to him. It was almost like the suffering of the elysian child and onyx disciples was caused by his actions. If he hadn't angered Tianming, Elysian Ling wouldn't have suffered so much.

The entire audience was grim-faced and vociferous. At least for now, the calm, relaxed atmosphere of previous Realm Wars was nowhere to be seen.

All of this was due to Tianming.

Perhaps these people were under the assumption that Tianming's little hunt was over. It was only the fourth day, so meeting other opponents wouldn’t be easy, would it? But what happened next shocked them to their very cores. Tianming roamed around, turning in circles and even backtracking. He repeated this process countless times. About an hour later, they discovered that he was close to the second elysian child.

Elysian Yao was also moving around, but as time went by, they seemed to be getting closer and closer to each other. What on earth was going on here? Though the audience hadn't figured it out, the two disciples met face-to-face after another hour of Tianming's confusing journey.

Elysian Yao, as the name suggested, seemed to radiate light. Upon noticing the three disciples being dragged by Tianming—which included Elysian Ling—he let out a scream. He looked at Tianming dully, his face twisted in a grimace as stormy seas washed over his heart.

"It's your turn." Tianming's voice was like a devil out of hell.

"I'll give you the golden ball. Don't touch me, or else...."

"Or else what?"

Instead of answering, Elysian Yao turned and fled.

He was smart. Seeing Elysian Ling’s miserable fate was enough for him to learn of Tianming’s cruelty. Additionally, a man that was able to defeat two onyx disciples at Heavenly Will certainly surpassed himself in strength.

"You can't run!"

Ying Huo and Meow Meow chased after him, their sword ki and bloodfiend venom boring into Elysian Yao’s flesh at the same time. Tianming's sword pierced his mouth, turning him into a babbling baby. Elysian Yao finally understood exactly why Elysian Ling and the two onyx disciples remained speechless, despite their dim eyes and faces contorted in pain.

"You’re the fourth. We have five more distinguished places," said Tianming after tying Elysian Yao to Archfiend.

Was he the devil? Elysian Yao was so terrified he wet himself. However, what he wanted to say was that Tianming would never accomplish his goal because they were only the weakest elysian children. When Tianming met a stronger person, he would definitely pay a price a hundred times worse than this. Besides, he was unlikely to find so many of them, right? Others would find him, instead. At this moment, the others were frantically searching for opponents.

But unfortunately, Elysian Yao was incapable of speech.

When he witnessed Tianming locate the third elysian child, Elysian Lin, five hours later, he stared in a daze, unable to even wordlessly mumble around his wrecked tongue. The four of them had suffered so much they were already numb to everything. Elysian Lin was a girl, but Tianming wouldn’t give her special treatment just because of her gender. After he was done with her, he had five people tied to Archfiend.

The three elysian children and two onyx disciples stared at Tianming with fearful gazes. Perhaps they wondered how he could locate them so accurately. But it was pointless. Was the Theocracy of the Ancients helping him cheat? Wouldn't that be even more frightening?

“I now have three golden balls and three black ones. Next up, Jun Yuanjin, Elysian Jin.”

This elysian child was at Heavenly Will and possessed as much strength as Sikong Tianchen. A member of the Jun clan, Jun Yuanjin was born to the Elysian Emperor’s second son, Jun Xuanyu, Jun Dongyao’s second brother. Thus, the Elysian Emperor was actually Jun Yuanjin’s grandfather.

But from the moment Tianming had locked onto his position, this man was no different from the five tied to Archfiend. When they heard Tianming's words, the five of them trembled and sobbed.

Outside the Realm Barrier, the Elysium Battlefield erupted in a frenzy. This wasn’t a Realm War, but a precise hunt by prime disciple Tianming!

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