Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 324

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Chapter 324: - Golddragon Triden

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There were a total of 300,000 seats in the Elysium Battlefield. Those who could sit had some status. But when they watched Elysian Lin babble as he was dragged away by Archfiend, everyone stood up in fury. When Elysian Ling was beaten, they were swearing and raging, not to mention how livid they were now that three elysian children had been tied to Archfiend.

"Have we ever received such a great shame since the beginning of the Realm Wars?!” Their roars were filled with indignation. Watching others suffer was one thing, but the moment someone so much as touched a hair of one of their own, they got upset, let alone witnessing the three babbling elysian children, pale as paper and covered in blood as they were constantly tortured by sharp rocks, trees, and the spikes on Archfiend.

For most people, these were elysian children they could only look up to. Every one of them was a destiny-defying existence and an object of worship. But now they were in such a sorry state. Many among the audience vomited blood in anger.

"How humiliating!”

"Damn this Li Tianming. Destroy the Grand-Orient Sect, tie him up, and stab him with a sword!"

"Can’t someone deal with him? If this continues, there’ll be nothing left of our dignity!"

Even those who remained seated were flushed and looked like they had swallowed dogshit. Boiling with rage, they couldn't wait to rush up and teach Tianming a lesson. Unfortunately, the Realm Barrier was off limits, so they could only beat their chests and gnash their teeth. Some were so furious they even started hitting themselves.

"Kill Tianming. Get revenge!” they shouted.

Weisheng Tianlan and Ye Shaoqing took all of this in.

"Tianming is already being benevolent, yet they’re so angry. This is really nothing." Weisheng Tianlan shook his head.

"That's right. Over the past millennia, they seemed delighted to watch us be humiliated. But just a little payback has raised their hackles. What a joke, hahaha! Why don’t we torture their disciples for a thousand years and give them a taste of their own medicine? If they don’t personally experience it, they won't know how far they’ve gone!"

Although Ye Shaoqing had also been defeated, he was lucky and suffered little humiliation. But it still took him a year to recuperate, which only further widened the gap between him and the geniuses of Heaven’s Elysium. Looking back now, his eyes were filled with anger. In truth, such happy times had been rare over the past thousand years. Many sect elders stared blankly, tears trickling down their face because they, too, had terrible memories. And all of this was accomplished by Tianming. Both Southsky Sect and the Grand-Orient Sect suddenly were feeling the long-lost sensation of invigoration.

Naturally, no one would say anything sarcastic at the moment, so some could only bow their heads. Perhaps Gu Qiuyu would say Tianming was seeking death. But who cared about what he thought?

"By the way, do you see that? He has some sort of method of seeing through the illusion and finding the balance between the Realm Barrier and the Elysium Battlefield to accurately find his opponent!” said Weisheng Tianlan.

"I see it. That way, he can avoid danger, strategize, control the overall situation, and deal with them one by one.” Ye Shaoqing burned with excitement.

"Now he has three gold and three black balls. When he has Ruosu and Qingluan’s black balls, he’ll have enough of them, which means only two gold balls remain. I think his current goal is Jun Yuanjin!" added Weisheng Tianlan.

"Yes, Jun Yuanjin is not his opponent."

"Once he defeats him, obtains another gold ball, and takes the black balls from Qingluan and Ruosu, he can draw the Grand-Orient Sword without having to fight Jun Tianyi or Yueling Long!” Ye Shaoqing was beaming with excitement.

"His method of breaking the illusion is amazing. The Realm War has just begun. Others have yet to gain anything, yet he’s already this close to success!"

In fact, the reason why others hadn’t met any opponents so far was due to the fact that Tianming had already dealt with five of the fourteen. Aside from him, there were only eight others. Among them, the Weisheng siblings were in the sea, which made them hard to locate. Thus, there were only six opponents left—two prime disciples and four elysian children.

For the six to bump into each other was less likely now than it had been at the beginning. Shangguan Yunfeng and Zhao Lingzhou were most likely in hiding, and wouldn’t dare show up. Once Tianming defeated Elysian Jin, there would only be fewer opponents wandering about. Jun Tianyi and Yueling Long had amazing abilities, sure, but what could they do if they didn’t meet any opponents?

In fact, Tianming was well aware of their positions. As long as he didn't run toward them, they wouldn’t be able to bump into him. Since Weisheng Tianlan had seen through Tianming’s method, how could Heaven’s Elysium have failed to notice it?

"He’s able to see through the illusion of the Realm Barrier at such a young age. That’s amazing. It looks like he was specially trained for the Realm Wars! And their goal is the Grand-Orient Sword," said Jun Dongyao.

"Looks like the Grand-Orient Sect came prepared. It’s a pity he’s so weak! He might be stronger than a first-level Heavenly Will opponent, but he’s certainly not as strong as Jun Tianyi!" analyzed Sikong Jiansheng. At his age, he was unlikely to make mistakes in judging the strength of these young geniuses.

"Long’er’s lifebound beast has evolved into a fifth-order saint beast. She was originally at the same level as Tianyi, but has since made a breakthrough," remarked the Eighth Elder, Jun Xuanyu.

"Really?" Just hearing that made many smile.

"We’re fine then!”

"Longe’er’s talent is remarkable, almost the same as Niancang a few years back. These two youths are the future of Heaven’s Elysium. Their talents surpass the last thousand generations of elysian children! "

At the moment, this bit of news had alleviated their unhappiness.

"So what if Li Tianming obtains the Grand-Orient Sword? As long as the sword is shining, Tianyi and Long’er can locate him. They won’t even need ten days to deal with him, just one hour. He’s relying on his ability to see through the illusion now. But when the time comes, there’ll be a show for us to watch. Of course, it won’t be interesting. After all, Long’er will crush him at once,” said Jun Dongyao.

As for how talented Yueling Long and his youngest brother were, no one knew what Jun Dongyao really felt. He glanced at the white-robed young man below him, whose seat was closest to the Elysium Battlefield. The young man was staring intently at the Yueling Long within the Realm Barrier. From the side, he looked exactly like the Elysium Emperor. Jun Dongyao grit his teeth and closed his eyes, trying to hide his discontent.

"Who knows what those two will grow into in twenty years...."


Meanwhile, Tianming was still searching for Jun Yuanjin amid the shouting and cursing of Heaven’s Elysium disciples, and the elders’ talk of Yueling Long. Soon, the entire Elysium Battlefield quieted down.

Jun Yuanjin and Tianming finally met face-to-face.

Jun Yuanjin rather resembled Jun Tianyi, but was taller and more muscular. Dressed in golden armor and holding the Golddragon Trident, a grade-eight beastial weapon, Jun Yuanjin stood on the shore like a golden God of War. In his generation of the Jun clan, he was second only to Jun Tianyi and had enjoyed endless glory from childhood. His talent was no worse than Jun Tianyi’s, but he was half a year younger. If he’d had another six months, he might have reached second-level Heavenly Will.

Reflected in his eyes was the vast sea. At this time, he seemed to be searching.

"Although I merely caught a glance, it was definitely a huge whale, obviously the lifebound beast of the Weisheng clan. I just don't know if it's Weisheng Ruosu or Weisheng Qingluan. If it’s Ruosu, then I must apologize, Big Brother Tianyi. The beauty will be mine."

Having competed with Jun Tianyi since childhood, Jun Yuanjin had lost more than he’d won, especially since the former had advanced to second-level Heavenly Will. Wouldn’t it feel good if he managed to snap up the beauty?

"Uncle said we should pay special attention to the siblings, so Weisheng Tianlan breaks down in tears. How easy!"

This was the biggest purpose of Jun Yuanjin’s participation in the Realm Wars. As for the Grand-Orient Sword, all that mattered was keeping the gold ball in his hand.

His lifebound beast was a dragon covered in gold, gigantic and hardened, with a pair of golden wings that resembled those of a celestial. Under the sun, the dragon shone as it sped through the air. If it weren’t for the dragon’s disadvantage in the water, Jun Yuanjin would have rushed into the sea to seek the giant whale.

He steered his fourth-order saint beast, a Goldwing Dragon, waiting for the whale to appear once more. He believed that whoever it was would eventually come out of the water to observe the changes outside. He was a man of patience. The Goldwing Dragon and Golddragon Trident were ready, and the brilliant light bouncing off his body could be seen from a distance.

At this moment, a black figure dragging a string of beaten, broken figures sped toward Jun Yuanjin.

"Who’s there?” He turned around.

However, he received no reply. Instead, a little chick with swords for wings appeared in front of his eyes, advancing in attack. And after the blazing chick came a thunder beast enveloped in its Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape. Lightning rained from the sky.

Attacking as soon as they met? Who the hell was this?

Taken aback, Jun Yuanjin immediately dodged Ying Huo’s Demise of Man-Earth-Heaven, but the Goldflame Featherblade swept past his head and almost blinded him. At this moment, he could finally see clearly. It was Tianming of the Grand-Orient Sect.

There were five figures behind him, each looking worse than the next. Upon seeing the three miserable elysian children, Jun Yuanjin exploded with rage.

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