Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 329

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Chapter 329: - Breakthrough Deep in the Ocean

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Tianming might have run from a battle, but to be honest, he wasn’t any weaker than Jun Tianyi. So it would be impossible for Jun Tianyi to come after him like he chased Weisheng Ruosu. Tianming quickly escaped into the mountain stream, continually changing his path in the process. With the help of the Bewildering Eye, Tianming quickly shook off Jun Tianyi.

“No wonder the Grand-Orient Sect and Li Saint Clan are so weak. It’s because they have a coward like you, Tianming! What a humiliation!” mocked Jun Tianyi as he lost Tianyi. Perhaps he wouldn’t be so arrogant if he knew all the elysian children aside from him and Elysian Long had been defeated by Tianming.

“Relax. I decided to keep you around for a few more days. So guard your gold balls well during this period.”

What Tianming truly meant was that he still wasn’t strong enough. If defeating Jun Tianyi was already so tough, what about Elysian Long? No matter what, he didn’t want to lose.

Now that I’ve collected so many gold and black balls while ensuring the safety of the Weisheng siblings at the same time, I clearly hold the initiative in this Realm War. Without me, no one will be able to obtain the Grand-Orient Sword. So I shouldn’t be the one worried right now. On the contrary, I can extend the duration of this Realm War indefinitely. At the very least, it will be beneficial to me.

Since ancient times, no one had tried cultivating during the Realm War.

“At least you kept yourself from going into a life-and-death battle with Jun Tianyi.” Ying Huo found Tianming’s rationale different from his usual behavior.

“What do you know? I’m just waiting for the right opportunity to deal with him. I’ll keep him around for a few days first. I’ll get him to sing for us when it comes time to deal with him,” said Tianming.

Someone would definitely make a fuss over him running from a fight. The elysian disciples outside, especially, must be having a good time calling him names right now. But so what? He would just shut them up when it was time to fight. People grow over time; Tianming, especially, had grown after experiencing the Prime Struggle. He didn’t want himself to be consumed and manipulated by his emotions. After all, he would only be putting himself and his brothers in danger.

Jun Tianyi and Yueling Long were the only ones with the strength to fight in this Realm War. However, Tianming already had his hands full, so he couldn’t be concerned with Shangguan Yunfeng and Zhao Lingzhou. He just hoped that those two would be smart about it and hide well. For the time being, he didn’t need their black balls. Instead, he was searching for Weisheng Ruosu, as he would have five black balls if he managed to obtain hers.

Weisheng Ruosu nad’t run away. She had gone up the shore, despite the fact it was dangerous for her to be here. The sea was shallow, and it would be troublesome if she ran into Jun Tianyi again. But Tianming knew that she wouldn’t leave if he didn’t return. He returned, and hopped into the Stillocean Godwhale’s mouth.

In the next moment, the Stillocean Godwhale swung its tail and returned to the ocean. It was larger than the Greenwood Dragonwhale, so there was a massive space within its mouth. As Tianming looked around, the interior of its mouth looked like white jade.

Weisheng Ruosu’s face was pale. When she saw him, she immediately asked, “Are you alright?”

“Of course I am,” said Tianming, and Weisheng Ruosu felt relieved upon hearing that he was fine.

“Thank you. It wouldn’t be easy for me to escape Jun Tianyi if it weren’t for you.” After all, it would be troublesome if she was caught. As she spoke, she took out her black ball.

“Don’t give it to me first,” said Tianming.


“Because I’ll have five gold and four black balls with just one more gold ball. You can give it to me then. This is so I can control when the Grand-Orient Sword appears,” replied Tianming. The Realm War would probably go into a countdown when the Grand-Orient Sword appeared, so Tianming wanted to make sure that he was well-prepared for it.

“Okay. But where are you going to get the fifth gold ball…?” Weisheng Ruosu asked in perplexion.

“Where’s Qingluan?” asked Tianming.

“He should be up ahead.”

When the two whales met, Weisheng Ruosu was nervously dragging the elysian children and onyx disciples tied to Archfiend. After surfing, the six of them looked terrible.

“Wha—” Weisheng Ruosu was shocked as she looked at her brother. “Did you…?”

“Does it look like I did this?” Weisheng Qingluan rolled his eyes.


“That’s because Big Brother Tianming did this. He taught these people a good lesson,” Weisheng Qingluan said with reverence in his eyes.

“Him?” Weisheng Ruosu was stunned as she glanced at Li Tianming with sparkling eyes

“Thank you.” Weisheng Ruosu bit her lip with a trembling gaze. This wasn’t the first time Tianming had helped her and her brother.

“Don’t worry about it. Just persuade your father to help the Grand-Orient Sect,” replied Tianming. By revealing his purpose, it made him seem more sincere and straightforward.

“No problem, Big Brother Tianming. Our ancestors share the same origin, not to mention that we share the same hatred for Heaven’s Elysium,” Weisheng Qingluan replied with his blood boiling. Although Weisheng Ruosu didn’t say anything, anyone could tell that she shared the same thoughts as well.

“You only need one gold ball, now, since I have a black ball with me,” said Weisheng Ruosu.

“Yeah. I was initially planning on going after Elysian Yao, only to find out that she’d given it to Jun Tianyi.”

“Then you’ll need to defeat Jun Tianyi to summon the Grand-Orient Sword,” said Weisheng Ruosu.

“But Jun Tianyi is too strong! I saw from afar how he fought Big Brother Tianming. So I don’t think it’ll be easy to defeat him.” Weisheng Qingluan locked his brows together.

“Nah. That battle wasn’t tough,” replied Tianming.

The siblings were dumbfounded when they heard that. That battle between Tianming and Jun Tianyi hadn’t looked easy, and Tianming had ultimately run. But Tianming was saying how easy the battle was.…

“Are you serious?”

“I am.”

“Then what can we do to help?”

“It’s fine. I just need you guys to wander around in the ocean,” said Tianming.

“What? Don’t tell me that you want to cultivate here?” Weisheng Ruosu was dumbfounded.

“Am I not allowed?”

“You can… but it feels rushed.…”

“It’s alright. I’m good at it.”

“Big Brother Tianming, what you’re saying is to extend the Realm War indefinitely? For a few months? After all, no one will be able to summon the Grand-Orient Sword without you,” asked Weisheng Qingluan.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“But others will also grow stronger as time passes, especially Elysian Long.”

“Don’t forget that I’m a pentabane,” replied Tianming.

“Alright.” Weisheng Qingluan gave a thumbs up. But for some reason, he felt this method was a little headstrong, and was caught between laughter and tears. They were all geniuses, so even if Tianming was a pentabane, how much quicker could his cultivation be?

Honestly speaking, it wasn’t easy asking them to wander around without being discovered. But when he saw Tianming sit down, he exchanged a glance with his sister and smiled wryly. They could only try creating a suitable environment for Tianming to cultivate.

“Isn’t he already at the peak of Unity? Is he trying to reach the Heavenly Will stage here?” asked Weisheng Qingluan.

“There’s a possibility that he’s in the ninth level of Unity. He’ll need time to comprehend to reach the Heavenly Will stage, and can’t be disturbed. But the environment here is.…”

“The Heavenly Will stage is a threshold.” Weisheng Qingluan knew it well, as he had been stuck for a long time. But as his thoughts ran through his mind, he was shocked, “Wait, that doesn’t make sense. He still hasn’t comprehended heavenly patterns!”

“What? Does that mean he’s not in the ninth stage of Unity?” Weisheng Ruosu was dumbfounded. If they knew that Tianming was only in the seventh stage of Unity and defeated Heavenly Will stage cultivators, they would definitely be even more shocked. Tianming had already thoroughly comprehended the Unity stage, and could easily reach the peak if he wanted. He only needed to fill in the blanks, cultivating the Unity stage section of the Aeternal Infernal Codex and Genesis Chaos Codex step by step.

He had always been worried about the lack of time in the Realm War. But now that he held the initiative and could control the emergence of the Grand-Orient Sword, his time seemed endless!

As Weisheng Ruosu was previously careless enough to be discovered by Jun Tianyi, she became more cautious this time. She got the Stillocean Godwhale to dive down the ocean until they found a trench and hid in it.

How terrifying would Tianming be if he had an endless amount of time? He was completely immersed in his cultivation; it wasn’t any different than going into seclusion. The Weisheng siblings stared at Tianming in a daze every day. Their eyes reflected the word ‘monster,’ which was basically their thoughts on Tianming, as they could sense his beast ki’s growth.

“The spiritual energy in this Realm Barrier isn’t particularly strong, so how is he cultivating so quickly?” They still had no idea that Tianming possessed the Prime Tower.

But it was torturous for the audience outside. They couldn’t see into the Stillocean Godwhale, so they had no idea what Tianming and the Weisheng siblings were doing. They could only watch as Jun Tianyi frantically searched for them, and days continued passing without him finding any traces of the Stillocean Godwhale.

As for Yueling Long, she was still wandering around on land. Only her, Shangguan Yunfeng, and Zhao Lingzhou were left there. But no matter how she searched, she couldn’t find anyone.

“Long’er must be going crazy. She hasn’t run into anyone since the beginning of the Realm War.”

Ten days passed in the blink of an eye, and the Realm War became boring. Eventually, the audience began cursing, “What are they doing in there? Are they trying to make babies?”

“Tianming, that coward! He only dares bully the weak and fears the strong. He’s nothing compared to Jun Tianyi!”

“Is he going to hide in the ocean for a hundred years?”

The audience was already unhappy when Tianming had run from Jun Tianyi. Now that they had to play the waiting game, they naturally lost their patience and started cursing.

The situation lasted for eighteen days, then the Stillocean Godwhale suddenly came out from the ocean’s bottom and charged toward the surface.

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