Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 330

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Chapter 330: - Magnificent Myriad Swords

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The difference between stages was distinct in the path of cultivation. But identifying the difference between levels just by looking wasn’t easy. So the Weisheng siblings weren’t the only ones who had no idea that Tianming wasn’t peak Unity. As Ye Shaoqing hadn’t specifically explained, even Weisheng Tianlan and the others thought Tianming had already reached the peak of Unity. So under this premise, when Tianming relied on the Prime Tower’s spiritual energy of heaven and earth to reach the eighth level of Unity, they could clearly sense the increase in Tianming’s beast ki.

“Big Brother Tianming, you weren’t already at ninth-level Unity before?” asked Weisheng Qingluan.


Tianming’s Aeternal Infernal Phoenix beast ki from the Infernalsource and the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend beast ki from the Thundersource had transformed, and along with the unprecedented expansion of his unity fields, created powerful flames and lightning around him.

“That means that you were only in the eighth level of Unity when you fought with Jun Tianyi?!” Weisheng Qingluan’s eyes were wide open.

“A pentabane is truly unparalleled!” Weisheng Ruosu exclaimed. But what they didn’t know was that during Tianming’s fight with Jun Tianyi, he was only in the seventh level of Unity.

“Ruosu, is Jun Tianyi still around?” Tianming could no longer hold his excitement after his transformation.

“Yeah, he’s still around. He passed by here a few times, but he didn’t manage to find us.”

Tianming looked around using the Insightful Eye; Jun Tianyi was alone in the Elysium Battlefield. With excitement blazing in Tianming’s eyes, he said, “Let’s go and look for him!”

“Right now?”

“That’s right.”

“Big sister, we just need to listen to his instructions.” Weisheng Qingluan winked. He knew that Tianming must be going to deal with Jun Tianyi and was already itching to watch.

Weisheng Ruosu wanted to suggest that they come up with a plan, but kept quiet when she saw the fire burning in Tianming’s eyes. She got the Stillocean Godwhale to head up, creating a massive uproar in the process. It was risky, but at the same time, it was also a provocation to cause such a huge commotion.

The ocean exploded as the white whale shot out from the ocean surface, then again when the Stillocean Godwhale fell back into the water. Three golden dots instantly locked onto the Stillocean Godwhale and quickly approached. It was Jun Tianyi and his Golden Helldragons!

“Weisheng Ruosu, are you itching for doting?” Jun Tianyi laughed. His patience had begun to run out, and he never expected that Weisheng Ruosu would show herself. But what answered him was Tianming, wielding the Onyx Dragon and charging out from the Stillocean Godwhale’s mouth alongside Ying Huo and Meow Meow.

“Loser and coward, are you going to run again?” Jun Tianyi pulled out a long golden spear. The two Golden Helldragons were revolving around him, making him shine brilliantly.

“Gahhh! Noisy!” Meow Meow transformed into its Regal Chaosfiend form. Countless black bolts of lightning condensed into a Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape on its body and swept out to cover the ocean. “He failed to take down Jun Tianyi last time. This time, let’s give him ten breath’s of time!”

Every breakthrough represented exponential growth for Tianming. Holding onto the sword, he tracked the waves with sword ki sweeping out and said, “I leave the two helldragons to you guys! Just holding them back will do!”

As Meow Meow spoke, it executed Chaos Disaster, and Ying Huo charged forth with its Infernal Haze. In a flash, tens of thousands of infernal chicks had surrounded the two Golden Helldragons. Ying Huo and Meow Meow were both locked on to their targets.

“I nearly skinned you ten days ago. As for now? Heh!” Ying Huo wore a smug grin and used the Goldflame Featherblade and Voidgod Sword Intent. It was only four strikes, but the sky was covered in afterimages of swords, hiding the real attack.

Roars of dragons and beasts echoed out as the four lifebound beasts engaged in an earth-shattering battle, the outburst of flames, lightning, and golden flickers creating roaring waves on the ocean. Their attacks produced chilling noises as flesh and dragon scales scattered all over the place. The clash between their abilities was brilliant, spreading out in the vast ocean and even catching Tianming and Jun Tianyi in it.

But what really attracted the attention of the audience was the fight between Tianming and Jun Tianyi.

“Since Li Tianming previously fled, he must have fear planted in his heart. He’s probably trying to make a last attempt for the Grand-Orient Sword.”

“Honestly speaking, he already lost in his heart when he fled.”

But was that really the case? The moment when Tianming executed Voidgod Sword Intent and Countercurrent, he had overthrown the audience’s expectations. Many people had recognized it as Ye Shaoqing’s saint-ranked battle art, which Tianming had executed pretty well. But the rank of battle arts didn’t determine everything. So using a saint-ranked battle art didn’t mean you could defeat a heavenly-ranked battle art without the support of an equivalent amount of beast ki.

“Die!” Jun Tianyi sneered as he executed the Wargod Spear Art, Thousand-Man Crush. He viciously stabbed his spear forth, unleashing an outburst of golden sparkle. The Golden Helldragon’s Vajra Invulnerability had already covered his body; he was three meters tall at this moment, seeming as if his body was made of invulnerable gold.

An ear-piercing ringing was produced during the clash, releasing sparks all over the place. The two were evenly matched when they clashed, but they clashed again in the next second. Tianming used Starfall from the Voidgod Sword Intent, which unleashed explosive sword ki. On the other hand, Jun Tianyi was hovering in the sky, looking at Tianming with contempt. He released his spear ki—Wargod Spear Art, Heaven-Earth Crush!

Jun Tianyi’s attack was domineering. His spear separated into two, aimed at Tianming’s head and heart. But Tianming’s attack allowed him to descend like a meteor, knocking the golden spear aside and forcing Jun Tianyi to take thirty steps back to dissipate the recoil. When Jun Tianyi raised his head, his eyes were filled with disbelief and he exclaimed, “How did you become so strong?!”

He could sense that the power of Tianming’s beast ki had almost caught up to him! Jun Tianyi’s scalp was going numb because his hand was trembling and numb, and his palm was crazed with cracks. That was the combination of Aeternal Infernal Phoenix beast ki and Genesis Chaos Thunderfield beast ki, and no cultivation technique out there could compare to it. Lastly, Tianming’s beast ki was further empowered by the saint-ranked battle art, breaking the balance between him and Jun Tianyi.

“That’s impossible! He hasn’t even reached the Heavenly Will stage! It must be my misperception!”

It made no sense for Tianming’s strength to undergo a transformation without making a breakthrough. When they had previously fought, Tianming was even forced to flee. So how had the tables suddenly turned? He felt that he must be dreaming.

“What shitty Li Saint Clan? It’s just a dog struggling at death’s door! It’s nothing compared to my Jun Clan! We’ve long trampled it beneath our feet! I’m the eldest grandson of the Elysian Emperor! My Jun Clan has never lost to a prime disciple, and I will not be defeated by a nobody!” Blood rushed up to Jun Tianyi’s head, and his eyes glowed with rage as he threw out the Wargod Spear Art, Mortality Crush. This was the highest insight he had into the Wargod Spear Art, and it was also his strongest heavenly-ranked battle art. This attack was a lot stronger, branching out like countless dragons. Even the air seemed to be split by the spear.

Tianming narrowed his eyes into slits at the sight. He was building up his sword ki to execute Cosmic Break, but when he saw Jun Tianyi’s attack, he suddenly changed his move. He leapt into the sky like a crane, standing aloof above the clouds and facing the boundless sky before him.

“I’ll shatter whatever tricks you try! With my sword, I’ll ascend to the clouds and transcend heaven and earth! Myriad’s Only!” Tianming charged forth, and myriad sword ki gathered in his sword. When he swung, it felt like Tianming had dished out ten thousand swords! The torrential rain of sword ki transformed into a black dragon as it pounced forth, clashing with Jun Tianyi’s spear and producing a sharp noise.

Tianming’s sword suppressed Jun Tianyi’s spear, exploding with boundless sword ki that pierced through the golden brilliance and instantly tore it apart. At least a third of the sword ki remained to land on Jun Tianyi. But Jun Tianyi’s long, golden robe was a defensive beastial weapon; it guarded most of his body.

But this time, Tianming’s attack left many holes on the defensive beastial weapon, drawing blood as the sword ki pierced into him. Jun Tianyi panicked at the last moment, trying to guard his head with his arm, only to have sword ki drill holes in his flesh. He screamed out in pain, “ARRRRRGHHHHHH!”

When Jun Tianyi screamed, Tianming flipped his sword around and stabbed his tongue. With Onyx Dragon plunged into his mouth, Jun Tianyi’s screaming stopped with blood flowing down from his mouth, and his voice turned into unintelligible babbling. But Tianming didn’t even want to listen to a single word from Jun Tianyi, and the latter looked at him with shock, despair, and fear.

Throwing out his punches with the Trivita Fiendfist, Tianming aimed his fists at Jun Tianyi’s face, lower abdomen, and groin. The three punches caused Jun Tianyi’s face to turn maroon. He screamed and curled up like a cooked shrimp, his body and legs trembling.

“Ruosu told me that you were scheming against her? Don’t do something so indecent as a man. So, for her sake, I can only sever the problem at its root. In the future, you can fully focus on your cultivation. Don’t thank me for that. I’m just a kindhearted nobody.” When Tianming called himself a ‘nobody,’ Jun Tianyi threw up blood and continued trembling. He wasn’t just trembling from despair, rage, and fear, but also the sword ki wreaking havoc in his body.

In summary, Jun Tianyi was miserable. The audience members from Heaven’s Elysium also felt terrible at the same time. This scene had thrown many people into a rage.

After all, Jun Tianyi was the Elysian Emperor’s eldest grandson.

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