Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 369

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Chapter 369: - Storm Rage, Sikong Lingfeng

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There weren’t many people who passed through the spirit hazard, and the Grand-Orient guardians would definitely go after the Elysian purifiers and Cloudmist keepers first. But as the enemy started increasing in numbers, the Grand-Orient guardians had also initiated a fighting retreat. That was Li Wudi’s arrangement; he didn’t want them to hold their ground to their last breath, but stall for time and avoid casualties. But this time, the enemies charged too quickly, especially Jun Dongyao and Sikong Jiansheng’s groups.

“You take the lead and intercept Jun Dongyao. I’ll deal with Sikong Jiansheng!” said Li Wudi.


They each brought saints and went their separate ways, tasked with the mission of intercepting the enemies and buying time. Right now, it was a race against time.


Tianming had no idea how many enemies had made it through the barrier. He could only see the enemies charging toward the disciples on the Azure Dragon Sword Mountain who were providing energy for the threads to maintain the barrier. The eyes of the invaders had already turned bloodshot. They had encountered fewer obstructions this time, which allowed many of them to smoothly make it through the barrier and see the fragile disciples.

“Die!” Many Elysian purifiers and Cloudmist keepers charged up Azure Dragon Sword Mountain alongside their lifebound beasts. Then again, there were also many guardians blocking them on the mountain. The two parties soon clashed, their roars echoing through the horizon.

“Don’t let them through!” The Hall Master, Yuan Huntian, fought with his saber, claiming a life with every strike. But there were too many enemies.

“Junior sect master!” As he slaughtered the enemies, he saw a figure wielding the Grand-Orient Sword clashing with the Elysian purifiers and Cloudmist keepers, accompanied by a cat and chicken. The enemies he was facing were at least in their mid-thirties, with their lifebound beasts grown to full maturity. But with the Grand-Orient Sword, Tianming had cut down three people in a row. When Yuan Huntian saw him, Tianming was already covered in blood.

“Before the Realm War, his strength was only comparable to Gu Yu. But now he can even kill the purifiers! Moreover, he’s actually standing on the front line as the junior sect master!” Yuan Huntian admired Tianming from the bottom of his heart. In his eyes, Tianming was standing before the Azure Dragon Sword Mountain, guarding the path and cutting down any enemies who came up to him.

“It’s you! Li Tianming!” Right at that moment, a young man who was wearing a keeper’s blue armor recognized Tianming. Rather, he wasn’t a keeper, just someone wearing their armor.

Looking at the person, Tianming could sense his surging sword ki and noble bloodline. Furthermore, he was wielding the Scarlet Featherplume Sword, a weapon with four saintly heavenly patterns, which was definitely unusual. Gazing at the man indifferently, Tianming asked, “Who’re you?”

“I’m Sikong Lingfeng, a disciple of the previous generation and the eighth son of Sikong Jiansheng!” That man’s gaze was sharp, and he only looked to be in his twenties. At best, he seemed slightly older than Tianming.

“Very well. With that status, you’re worthy of dying by the Grand-Orient Sword,” said Tianming.

“What arrogance!” Sikong Lingfeng had never expected that he would run into Tianming. Honestly speaking, he was feeling pretty ecstatic, as this was his best opportunity to make merit. Even if he couldn’t capture Tianming alive, it was enough if could kill Tianming and use his head to strike at the Grand-Orient Sect’s morale. Along with his fourth-order saint lifebound beast, the Four-winged Phoenix, Sikong Lingfeng charged over, shouting, “You’re dead!”

“This person is in the ranks of geniuses. His lifebound beast has forty-nine stars and spiritsources! Song Yixue can’t be compared to him at all!” As someone from the previous generation, that meant that Sikong Lingfeng was in the same generation as Jun Niancang. But in fact, he wasn’t much older than Tianming. Standing on the battlefield, there weren’t any comparisons, only slaughter.

The Four-winged Phoenix released a cry and unleashed its ability—Storm Prison. As for Sikong Lingfeng, he was a wind and fire-type beastmaster. Gathering the wind and fire to envelop Tianming, Ying Huo, and Meow Meow, he had executed a heavenly will battle art—Storm Rage. Within the prison, he summoned a tornado made of sword ki with burning flames on it and released it at Tianming.

The Infernal Armor appeared on Tianming. At the same time, a lightning beast came to intercept the attack, and a yellow chicken turned into countless afterimages and surrounded them. In the next second, the two lifebound beasts unleashed their abilities, Chaos Disaster and Skyscorch Featherblast.

“Celestial Wings! Temporal Field! Spatial Wall!” Tianming flew into the sky. After waking from her slumber, Jiang Feiling’s abilities had become a lot stronger. The vortex formed by the Temporal Field was much stronger, which made it unbearable for Sikong Lingfeng, who focused on speed. Sikong Lingfeng felt as if he had been thrown into a swamp. Most importantly, there seemed to be an invisible wall blocking his sword art!

The three-sided spatial wall, which showed Jiang Feiling’s improvements, had shattered. In the next breath, Ying Huo attacked Sikong Lingfeng with the Voidgod Sword Intent and Life-Death Claw Art, forcing him to retreat. Although Ying Huo’s beast ki was inferior to Sikong Lingfeng’s, its sword intent had reached the level of heavenly will, not to mention that it had a strong comprehension of the Voidgod Sword Intent. Moreover, Ying Huo had also used its abilities and the Infernal Armor to negate the flame damage and Infernal Haze to empower its intent.

“Die!” Sikong Lingfeng ’s strikes changed. He gathered the winds and flames and soared into the sky, unleashing the Incineration Firmament. The sword was powerful, especially the heavenly will beast ki that gathered wind and fire sword ki to devour Ying Huo’s Infernal Haze.

Then suddenly, Sikong Lingfeng saw a scene that made his eyes bulge. As Tianming fought alongside the Regal Chaosfiend, Tianming attacked with Cosmic Break.

The Four-winged Phoenix that was facing Meow Meow suddenly took a strike from Tianming’s sword on its neck, and was beheaded before it could even cry out. Looking at the phoenix’s head that was covered in blood, Sikong Lingfeng’s eyes turned red and he roared, “LI TIANMING!”

But in the next second, Tianming’s cold gaze had locked onto him. Ying Huo was attacking from Sikong Lingfeng’s back with the Voidgod Sword Intent, Myriad’s Only, while Meow Meow charged over with its Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape unfurled and unleashed Chaos Disaster. As for Tianming, he swung the Grand-Orient Sword, executing Cosmic Break once again.

But this time, the attack’s power was stronger. In the next second, Sikong Lingfeng was devoured by the three-pronged attack. Ying Huo’s Myriad’s Only and Tianming’s Grand-Orient Sword pierced through Sikong Lingfeng’s body.

“Urghhh!” Sikong Lingfeng was killed in a single blow. When the Grand-Orient Sword was pulled out of his body, Sikong Lingfeng’s eyes were wide open as he fell onto the ground. With that, the life of Sikong Jiansheng’s eighth son had come to an end. The battle was too fast-paced; this was a battlefield, so there was no time for any nonsense. Life and death could be decided within a single breath’s time.

Many people had their focus on Tianming, including Yuan Huntian. When Tianming cut down Sikong Lingfeng, many disciples on the Azure Dragon Sword Mountain felt their blood boiling as they cheered. Gu Yu was also among them as well.

“Sikong Lingfeng was someone in the fifth level of Heavenly Will!”

“Junior sect master is capable of defeating someone in the fifth-level Heavenly Will!”

“He’ll definitely be able to fight Saints in the future!”

There was no need to stir their emotions, because everyone who’d seen this scene already had their emotions stirred. The allies felt their blood boiling, while their enemies had suffered a blow to their morale. At this moment, Tianming was still with the elders and guardians, cutting down their enemies.

“Lingfeng!” a familiar roar suddenly echoed out. When Tianming raised his head, he saw Sikong Jiansheng gathered together with over twenty elders. They were about to make it through the barrier and reach the Azure Dragon Sword Mountain! But before they had made it through, Sikong Jiansheng personally witnessed Tianming cutting down his son. He couldn’t believe what he had just seen; after all, his son was on the fifth level of Heavenly Will!

“Li Tianming made progress again in just a few days. He’s clearly stepped into the Heavenly Will stage!” an elder said. In the future, who could stop Tianming’s rise?

“Anyone who kills Li Tianming will be rewarded with a mid-grade celestial manna!” Sikong Jiansheng howled with his eyes red. Celestial manna could allow a lifebound beast to evolve into a fifth-order saint beast, and even many elders would go crazy over them, not to mention the keepers. For a second, many people had locked onto Tianming and a storm was brewing.

“Who dares to touch my son!”

Suddenly, a roar sounded out. A man charged into the barrier on an Ancient Infernalblood Kunpeng, wielding the Crimsonblood Saber. He had several elders and dozens of hall masters and chiefs following behind him. Although the strength of his group wasn’t comparable to Sikong Jiansheng’s, Li Wudi had attracted everyone’s attention.

“You’ve finally shown yourself, coward! But it’s a pity that you’ll soon meet your death after going through your Lifesbane!” Sikong Jiansheng’s emotions were stirred when he saw Li Wudi. When he turned around and looked at the army behind him, his courage was immediately boosted.

“Oh? Aren’t you pretty confident! Is it because of your numbers?” Li Wudi laughed. His face-off with Sikong Jiansheng had instantly attracted many people’s attention on the battlefield. Li Wudi was here because the hundred and thirty thousand purifiers and keepers had stepped into the barrier, and they were all trapped in the fog.

“That’s right! We have the advantage of numbers! We have an army of a hundred and thirty thousand, along with the seventy thousand from the Abyssal Battlefield. It’s more than enough for us to slaughter your Grand-Orient Sect ten times, and kill you a hundred times!” Sikong Jiansheng said with his confidence soaring high in the sky. The Grand-Orient Sect only had twenty thousand guardians here, so how could they stop him?

“Oh? Aren’t you a little too cocky?” Li Wudi chuckled.

“Do you think you can conceal your fear with smiles?” Sikong Jiansheng laughed and raised the sword in his hand. “Kill!”

“It’s finally time!” Li Wudi kept a smile on his face—he had been waiting for this moment for a long time, now. With crimson rays flickering through his eyes, he raised the Crimsonblood Saber in his hand and roared, “Guardians and legionnaires, kill!”

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