Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 370

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Chapter 370: - The Death of Sikong Jiansheng

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That was a signal for their counter-attack.

“What?!” Sikong Jiansheng thought he had heard wrongly. Onyx Legion? What was Li Wudi talking about?

“Isn’t the Onyx Legion currently attacking from the Abyssal Battlefield?” The keepers and purifiers were stunned. But in the next second, an earth-shattering roar echoed out from the Grand-Orient mountains.

“Brothers of the Onyx Legion, many of our comrades died at the hands of Heaven’s Elysium. Today, it’s time for us to take revenge for them! Today, we kill our enemies together with the Grand-Orient Sect!” The Onyx Emperor charged out to boost the Onyx Legion’s morale.

The Onyx Legion would never forget the humiliation they had to suffer when they were defeated. Now, they could finally take their revenge and not be controlled. They were hidden in the Grand-Orient Mountain Range, and when they heard the Onyx Emperor’s speech, all of them could feel their blood boiling.

Under the disbelieving gazes of the keepers and purifiers, the seventy thousand Onyx legionnaires and twenty thousand Grand-Orient guardians joined the battlefield. When they joined the battle, the guardians that were retreating suddenly stopped and launched their counterattacks. Now that they had an army of over a hundred thousand, they weren’t inferior to the invaders in terms of numbers.

Moreover, the Onyx Legion also had an army of broodmother lifebound beasts. Countless behemoths charged out from the mountain range and joined the battlefield. The Onyx Sect immediately sealed off all news when they had made their decision; otherwise, the plan would have failed if someone leaked it out. Then again, no news could leak out, since they were within the Grand-Orient Barrier.

Now, it was finally time for them to hunt. Not only did they have similar numbers as their invaders, but they also had the home field advantage. Li Wudi had deactivated the barrier in the Abyssal Battlefield to allow the Onyx Legion in, so they wouldn’t be targeted by the spirit hazards.

It was a total suppression when the army entered the battlefield. Not only had the Onyx Legion increased their numbers, but their masters had also gathered in the barrier nucleus to strengthen the barrier. “The Grand-Orient Barrier’s power is stronger than before!”

It took only an instant for it to be comparable to the Southsky Barrier. In the next second, a horrifying scene took place. Ninety-nine imperial dragon pulses emerged from the bottomless hole and converged at the Grand-Orient Barrier in the Yellowflame continent. The Abyssal Battlefield was completely defenseless, but the Yellowflame continent’s barrier had risen to a terrifying level.

“The barrier is now comparable to an army of a hundred thousand! We’re now comparable to an army of two hundred thousand! Brothers, why are we still waiting?! Butcher the Cloudmist Sword School!!”


With the imperial dragon pulse taking the lead, countless spirit hazards wrought havoc, dying the battlefield red. As the power of the fog had been boosted, the keepers and purifiers were all blind. They couldn’t see their path, nor their enemies; they could only hear shrieks and yells echoing in their surroundings. At the same time, the guardians, who wanted to protect their home, and legionnaires, who wanted revenge, charged into the battlefield.

Judging from how the Onyx Legion butchered their enemies, you could tell that the Onyx Emperor had done a good job of motivating them. It looked like Li Wudi had spent the past two days coming up with a plan and preventing any news from leaking. So much so that the Onyx Legion only knew that they were going to betray Heaven’s Elysium today. And now, seeing how the keepers and purifiers were caught by surprise, they knew they had succeeded.

“Now, it’s time to harvest.” There were many Onyx elders beside Li Wudi, brimming with killing aura as they looked at Sikong Jiansheng like prey.

“Onyx Emperor, how dare you betray Heaven’s Elysium! Without any barrier protecting your sect, you’re just homeless beggars! Wait to be eradicated by Heaven's Elysium!” Sikong Jiansheng howled with his face pale.

“I’m sorry, but the Grand-Orient Sect is willing to protect the Onyx Sect with our barrier!” Li Wudi laughed. In the next second, Li Wudi charged at Sikong Jiansheng with his lifebound beast, the Ancient Infernalblood Kunpeng, while the experts around him went after the elders standing beside Sikong Jiansheng. “Sikong Jiansheng, I heard that you humiliated my son back at the Throughgate? Today, I’ll show you the wrath of a father!”

Sikong Jiansheng’s strength was similar to Yuwen Taiji without the Grand-Orient Sword. Furthermore, he didn’t even have his Cloudmist Sacred Sword. On the other hand, Li Wudi’s strength had risen to a whole new level. Sikong Jiansheng initially wanted to gang up on Li Wudi, but the elders around him were all being held up. In the end, he could only face Li Wudi’s wrath all by himself.

“Kill!” Sikong Jiansheng didn’t have a choice except gnashing his teeth and facing Li Wudi together with his Six-winged Phoenix.

“Garbage!” Li Wudi unleashed the Infernalblood Strike. He wasn’t interested in dragging out the fight, so he executed his strongest move right from the beginning. This attack was stronger than the one he had used to defeat Yuwen Taiji. It instantly tore the Six-winged Phoenix, which was executing its ability, in half.

“Everyone listen up! Tonight, we feast on roasted phoenix! Moreover, the spatial ring of any enemies killed by you will belong to you!” The spatial ring of every beastmaster basically contained large quantities of manna, weapons, spirit ores, and spirit herbs. After all, beastmasters would carry their most important assets on them. So a great amount of wealth would definitely be found today, and all those resources were the foundation of a sect. However, Li Wudi was generous enough to give them all out.

When everyone heard Li Wudi’s words, they felt their blood boiling. They would be able to harvest great wealth if they killed, and they wouldn’t have to submit it to the sect. It was the same for Onyx Sect as well. Moreover, their morale had reached a whole new level when they saw Sikong Jiansheng’s Six-winged Phoenix being split in half.

“Sikong Jiansheng is a cripple now!” a loud voice boomed out in the battlefield, striking fear into the hearts of the keepers and dealing a great blow to their morale. Everyone could see the bloody veins in Sikong Jiansheng’s eyes as he immediately turned and fled.

“Where do you think you’re going?” As the Ancient Infernalblood Kunpeng slaughtered the Cloudmist Sword School’s elders, Li Wudi turned into a crimson streak as he chased Sikong Jiansheng and swung his sword out.

“Arggggggh!!” Sikong Jiansheng’s legs were still running, but his upper body fell to the ground.

“Sikong Jiansheng! Where do you think you’re going?” Li Wudi stepped on Sikong Jiansheng’s head, crushing his teeth, and raised the Crimsonblood Saber in his hand.

“Don’t kill me! I surrender! I’m willing to surrender like the Onyx Sect and submit to the Grand-Orient Sect! I can get all the keepers to stop right now!” Sikong Jiansheng cried out. He wasn’t an unyielding person to begin with, otherwise he wouldn’t have bowed to Heaven’s Elysium.

“I’m sorry, but I have no interest in raising an ingrate. Moreover, every single keeper has to die today!” Li Wudi’s laughter roared.

“Li Wudi, you’ll suffer heaven’s wrath for starting a massacre!”

“A great man has to be ruthless; I’m not a sage. As for heaven’s wrath, that’s what your Cloudmist Sword School is suffering today! HAHAHA!” As Li Wudi spoke, he swung the saber down.

“Father, stop!” A young voice suddenly called out, interrupting Li Wudi. Li Wudi was stunned as he turned around and looked at the white-haired youth behind him, drenched in blood.

“Holy! Why are you here?! Do you want to die?!” Li Wudi smiled bitterly.

“Let me kill Sikong Jiansheng!” Tianming said with his eyes blazing.

“Go ahead.” Li Wudi’s foot was on Sikong Jiansheng, which caused his chest to cave in and prevented him from moving about.

“Li Tianming!!” Sikong Jiansheng looked at the white-haired youth with his eyes gushing with flames.

However, the only thing he saw was Tianming’s cold gaze as he stared at him and stuck his tongue out, then said, “See? My wounds have recovered.”

“You will surely die!” Sikong Jiansheng roared with bloodshot eyes.

“Shut up!” Tianming raised the Grand-Orient Sword and plunged it into Sikong Jiansheng’s mouth, the blade exiting from the other side of his head and stabbing into the ground. With that, Sikong Jiansheng had taken his last breath. His head tilted and his eyes were wide open—he had died with a grievance.

Pulling the Grand-Orient Sword out of Sikong Jiansheng, Tianming carried the corpse and soared into the sky. As he mustered all the breath in his chest, his voice roared out in the battlefield, “Sikong Jiansheng has been killed by me! I’ve returned the humiliation I suffered back then!”

He was venting his emotions, the humiliation he had felt back in the Throughgate when his tongue was stabbed. Tianming was someone who held grudges, which was why he turned all of his enemies back in the Realm War into mutes. And today, he had finally taken his revenge against Sikong Jiansheng.

“Junior sect master!” Many people looked at him.

“Sikong Jiansheng is dead!” The news instantly spread through the battlefield like wildfire.

The Cloudmist Sword School was already struggling with the war, and with their sect master dead, it struck a great blow to their morale. They immediately panicked and wanted to escape, but it was too late since they were too deep into the barrier.

The fog had been strengthened threefold, not to mention that they had to face the guardians, legionnaires, and the spirit hazards. So they had no idea where they could escape to. At least half of them were shrouded by the shadow of death, and had no courage to continue fighting. Facing defeat and death, they were all terrified.

As Tianming returned to Li Wudi’s side, he smiled, despite having his face covered in blood. “I’m sorry for using you to show off.”

“Don’t worry about it. An eye for an eye, that’s what makes a true man.” Li Wudi smiled.

“So we share the same view.” Tianming immediately stepped back into the battlefield and joined the guardians slaughtering at the front line.

“Don’t push yourself too much and get yourself killed,” said Li Wudi.

“Don’t worry!” Tianming replied with a burst of laughter before he disappeared from Li Wudi’s view.

“What a courageous lad. Just which genius gave birth to a monster like him?” Li Wudi sighed, then stepped into the battlefield once more.

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