Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 422

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Chapter 422: - Hurricanesnow Saber

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Ning Wushuang would be the one to teach Tianming a lesson.

There were also two elders among the crowd. One of them was a middle-aged man, with several strands of white hair, while the other looked slightly younger.

“Father, this brat clearly hasn’t reached the Saint stage, and yet, he could trounce Baili Zhuixing. He does have some capabilities,” Yun Feiyao said.

“Didn’t you say he’s a pentabane?” Yun Yuanfeng asked.

“Li Muyang made a mistake. Our children are suffering from the Lifetime Curse, yet his son managed to grow up smoothly. It’s really unfair!” Yun Feiyao frowned.

“Then is it fair now?”

“That’s not it. You didn’t know because you weren’t there. The Decimo Dao Palace came wanting to bring him away, and even remove the lifetime curse! Right now, neither Li Muyang nor the Theocrats have made their moves. So, sooner or later, this brat will get away with it in the Decimo Dao Palace.” Yun Feiyao came from outside, so he naturally knew what happened.

“Is it because someone told Li Muyang that his son is having an easy time in the Infernal Soul Purgatory?” Yun Yuanfeng asked coldly.

“Maybe. At the very least, Li Muyang has no intention of coming back.”

“Why can’t we show a thing or two to the sinner’s son?”

“Isn’t Ning Wushuang going to beat him up?”

“It doesn’t count since it’s a battle between the younger generation. Why don’t we cripple him?” Yun Yuanfeng said.

“Father, you have no idea how committed the Decimo Dao Palace is. Now that he has Bai Zijin’s protection, we don’t dare to do anything without the Theocrats’ orders,” said Yun Feiyao.

“I wonder why the Theocrats didn’t say anything about it? It was their princess that was killed, and their Cyclic Mirror that was stolen. Shouldn’t they take this boy back to the palace and torture him to force Li Muyang’s return?” Yun Yuanfeng sounded everyone’s doubts.

“Who knows. I was expecting them to suppress the Decimo Dao Palace. The exalted ones have already been asking them about it for the past two months, but no one’s paid any attention to us,” said Yun Feiyao.

“How strange. In the end, is the sinner’s son going to thrash all of our disciples and openly leave this place?!” Yun Yuanfeng raged.

“We’ll have to depend on Ning Wushuang today. This lass is pretty reliable and resentful. You can tell that she won’t be showing any mercy by the look in her eyes,” said Yun Feiyao.

“At least cripple an arm of his.” Yun Yuanfeng narrowed his eyes.

“Patriarchs, there’s something the two of you need to see.” Several youths suddenly came up to the two men. Patriarch Yun had a high status in the Ancient Qilin Clan, just beneath the Qilin Kings.

“Are you talking to us?” Yun Feiyao asked.

“T-that’s right.”

“What’s the matter? We’re watching the fight,” Yun Yuanfeng said unhappily.

“I-it has something to do with Yun Zhenzhen. The two of you will know after taking a look. W-w-we have no idea how to say it,” said a youth, nervously.

“Zhenzhen? Where is that lass? We’ve been looking for her.”

“Please come with me.” Yun Feiyao and Yun Yuanfeng could tell that these youths were trembling as they spoke, which immediately told the two that something had happened.

“Where is it?”

“This way.”

After a long while, many people had gathered over in the bushes at the foot of the mountain. All of their faces looked ugly.


Yun Feiyao and Yun Yuanfeng both looked ugly as they immediately rushed over. “Move aside!”

“What’s going on? Is Zhenzhen injured?” Yun Yuanfeng asked in a hoarse voice. As everyone dispersed to let the two take a closer look at the situation, they saw a person lying on the ground with clothes covering her body and face.

“What?!” Yun Feiyao’s eyes widened as he appeared beside the corpse with his fingers trembling. Yun Feiyao could no longer sense any vitality coming from the corpse, which meant that Yun Zhenzhen had died. “Zhenzhen.…”

Right now, he only hoped that it wouldn’t be Yun Zhenzhen as he lifted the clothes. But when he lifted them, he saw a woman in disheveled clothes, her eyes wide, with a look of fear on her face. There were many crude scars and marks on her body, which showed what had happened here.

“Zhenzhen!” Yun Feiyao stayed where he was, his eyes bloodshot. He was breathing heavily and tried blinking several times, but nothing changed the scene before him. At that moment, scenes started to flash before his eyes.

“Congratulations, Feiyao. The madam gave birth to a gorgeous lass.…”

“Zhenzhen, calm down. Don’t fall.… Didn’t I tell you to calm down? See? You scraped your knees.”

“What weapon do you want to learn? Come, dad will teach you.”

From her birth until she became a disciple in the Decimo Dao Palace, all of it had left deep marks in Yun Feiyao’s heart. But now she had been humiliated to death! Yun Feiyao suddenly felt the sky collapsing as he staggered, taking several steps back and sitting on the ground.

“Patriarchs, we only just found the corpse. But we didn’t touch her, because we’re afraid that the evidence will be erased. All we did was cover her up with some clothes.

“My condolences.…”

“Zhenzhen really died a terrible death. Just which bastard humiliated her?”

Yun Feiyao held onto his chest, having difficulty breathing. He felt as if a knife was stabbing into his chest. Yun Feiyao recalled what his daughter had said as she massaged his shoulders.

“Dad, I want to make a trip to the Grand-Orient Realm. There’s a nice person there, and I like him a lot!”

“I’m happy as long as you like him. Dad supports you!” Yun Feiyao smiled.

“But he seems to have someone he likes…” Yun Zhenzhen said with regret.

“It doesn’t matter. You’re still young, and there’s still many people out there waiting for you to meet.”

“Dad, why didn’t you remarry?”

“There’s no need for that. Although your mother’s gone, I believe she won’t leave me. Besides, it’s enough since daddy has you around.” Yun Feiyao smiled.

“But I’ll leave you one day, sooner or later.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Scenes started flashing before his eyes as Yun Feiyao suddenly spat out a mouthful of black blood. Looking at his father in despair, he asked, “F-father, this isn’t Zhenzhen, right?”

“Who did this!?” Yun Yuanfeng growled, causing many people to take several steps back from fright.

“Patriarchs, we have a suspicion, but we’re not sure if it’s right—”

“Speak! Speak!!” Yun Yuanfeng grabbed the person that spoke.

The young man was trembling with fright as he said, “There seem to be traces of Thunderfiend Chains on Zhenzhen.”

“I heard she was rewarded with Thunderfiend Chains for finding Li Tianming, which contains the spirit hazard, the ninebane thunder, right?”

“You’re saying that my granddaughter committed suicide?” Yun Yuanfeng’s eyes gushed with flames.

“N-no. A few days ago, Tianming publicly took her Thunderfiend Chains. Moreover, there were also traces of fire and thunder on the Thunderhorn Qilin. As far as I know, Li Tianming is a triple beastmaster, and he has thunder- and fire-type lifebound beasts. Also, there’s something in Zhenzhen’s hand that we don’t dare to take out.…” When the youth finished speaking, a dragon scale appeared in Yun Feiyao’s hand as the youth immediately added, “Li Tianming also has a dragon lifebound beast. There’s currently no dragon lifebound beasts in the Ancient Qilin Clan, and the shape of this scale perfectly fits that beast. So we think this is the ironclad evidence that Zhenzhen grabbed when she died.”

“Most importantly, Zhenzhen has a grudge with Tianming. After all, it was because of Zhenzhen that he was brought here.”

“It must be that Li Tianming vented his anger on Zhenzhen by humiliating and killing her!”

“Zhenzhen is really pitiful!” The youths were all feeling indignant for Yun Zhenzhen, weeping with hatred in their eyes.

“Patriarchs, you must avenge Zhenzhen!”

“That Li Tianming is arrogant and overbearing, relying on the fact that someone is protecting him to bully us! The three Qin brothers had their arms chopped for just a few words!”

“Just what kind of humiliation did Zhenzhen suffer before dying? That Li Tianming is simply inhumane!”

“He’s a bastard, just like his father!”

“If he’s not killed, Zhenzhen will die with a grievance!”

All those words were just induction. When they looked at Yun Feiyao, they could see that he was tightly wrapping Yun Zhenzhen as he picked her up. He had raised her for over two decades, and today, she had become a cold corpse. When he raised his head, a drop of blood streamed down from his eyes. At this moment, he had already lost his rationale.

“Father, I beg you to do me a favor.…”

“Feiyao.…” Yun Yuanfeng also couldn’t help tearing up when he saw his son in this state.

“Help me hold back Bai Zijin. I want to avenge Zhenzhen personally! Father, I’m begging you. Zhenzhen was really pitiful, losing her mother at a young age.… I want her to go with some dignity.”


Ning Wushuang was the only triple beastmaster that Tianming had come across, aside from himself. There was even an instant where he felt that this young lady was similar to Yueling Long. She was cold, and along with her cold gaze, it sent a chill to his heart.

Ning Wushuang had a high reputation among the younger generation of the Ancient Qilin Clan, and they had blind belief in her. When she summoned her lifebound beasts, she stood before the three gorgeous Qilins holding a slender saber. This weapon was similar to Li Qingyu’s—it was as thin as a cicada’s wing and meant for swift attacks. On the saber were thirty-three saint heavenly patterns.

It was called the Hurricanesnow Saber, and was shrouded with wind and snow. Her gaze was cold and she seemed like a dignified deity, looking at Tianming as she charged over along with her three sixth-order saint beasts. The eight figures clashed together; it was a rare chaotic battle with three lifebound beasts on each side. Ning Wushuang and her lifebound beasts were all in the second level of the Earth Saint stage.

The Hurricanemoon Sacred Qilin was the first to attack; it turned into a bright moon, enveloped with a powerful wind. As the wind and moon combined, it charged right over. It was the Qilin’s ability—Brightmoon Storm. Even before the two sides collided, the lifebound beasts on both sides had already unleashed their spiritsource abilities.
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