Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 443

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Chapter 443: - Soul Crushing Ar

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All of this took place before Bai Zijin, and such provocation was indeed arrogant.

“In the end, Tianming is too arrogant, to even humiliate Wei Wushang.”

“It’s not much for Wei Wushang to demand for an apology.”

“Kneel to apologize? You call that an apology? That’s taking revenge! Can’t you tell right from wrong?”

“What’s right and wrong? None of them are good, otherwise they wouldn’t have fought. They’re all fighting for the sake of face and bravery.”

“Poor Zhou Yuanyuan, he was dragged into this mess. He’s just a nobody, but his life and death are now being used in a battle for dignity between two people.”

There was a disturbance in the surroundings. Tianming, who was going to leave, suddenly stopped. But before he could even say a word, Ye Lingfeng suddenly disappeared. When he looked up, Ye Lingfeng was already standing on the stage, facing Jiang Nancheng.

“Feng!” Li Qingyu was startled and wanted to go up.

“Let him go,” said Tianming.

On the stage, all eyes were on Ye Lingfeng. Jiang Nancheng asked, “Who are you? And what are you doing here?”

“My name is Ye Lingfeng, and I’m here to kill you.” Ye Lingfeng’s crimson eyes grew more sinister. He didn’t want to let Jiang Nancheng, an Ancient Theocrat, go. Perhaps he had also regarded Zhou Yuanyuan as a friend. After all, he didn’t know many people.

As Ye Lingfeng spoke, he took out his weapons from the spatial ring, the Infernal Soul Daggers, each with fifty saintly heavenly patterns. One was slightly longer, at about forty-five centimeters. It was long enough to plunge into the body. The other one was slightly shorter, and Ye Lingfeng held it in a reverse grip. It could be used to slice throats at will.

Among the younger generations, saint beastial weapons with fifty saintly heavenly patterns were not only rare and precious, but they were also difficult to control. When Ye Lingfeng wielded the two Infernal Soul Daggers, it was enough to prove that he wasn’t someone ordinary.

“What’s your cultivation?” Jiang Nancheng asked, narrowing his eyes into slits. He knew that this person was close to Tianming, and his significance should be at least a hundred times that of Zhou Yuanyuan. If he could get this person, it would surely be a fatal blow to Tianming.

“Don’t ask! Just promise him and let him challenge you!” Wei Wushang’s excited voice came from behind. Wei Wushang was delighted right now. This was a surprise to him. He had looked into Ye Lingfeng overnight. Ye Lingfeng was rumored to be Li Wudi’s disciple, who grew up together with Tianming. They were like siblings. Moreover, Ye Lingfeng’s lifebound beast had died, leaving him with a lifebound spirit. His cultivation was reported to be in the second level of the Earth Saint stage, and his future was very limited. After all, even with the Lifespirit Barrier, Ye Lingfeng would only manage one-fifth of his normal cultivation speed.

But Wei Wushang didn’t know that the Future Hall King was the one who released this information, and Ye Lingfeng was already in the third-level of Earth Saint stage.

If Jiang Nancheng could cripple Ye Lingfeng, it would surely be a fatal blow to Tianming and Li Qingyu, completing the task given to him by the Greedwolf Clan’s patriarch. Most importantly, Wei Wushang could take his revenge!

“Good!” Jiang Nancheng nodded. He knew that he had to be more ruthless and not give Ye Lingfeng any chance to escape. I don’t believe that you have a Mountshield Tome as well!

After he finished speaking, he and the Eight-eyed Kunwu charged over. The Eight-eyed Kunwu’s ability was the Devil Fogsmoke, causing black smoke to constantly gush out of its eyes. The smoke was obviously poisonous, and it could confuse the opponent as well. When it was executed, a thick black smoke swept the entire stage in a flash. Ye Lingfeng wasn’t the same as Zhou Yuanyuan; Zhou Yuanyuan had no fighting spirit, but Ye Lingfeng’s eyes were cold as he was clearly going to fight.

“You’re a piece of trash with a dead lifebound beast, yet you dare to challenge me? You must be sick of living!” Jiang Nancheng split up with his lifebound beast to seal off Ye Lingfeng’s escape route. The Eight-eyed Kunwu threw out another ability, Eight Dimensional Flames. It merged with the black smoke, increasing the poison and illusion’s lethality.

It also made it difficult for outsiders to see the battle, making it more convenient for Jiang Nancheng to be ruthless with his attacks. Under such circumstances, Jiang Nancheng held onto the Devilkun Sword and charged over. But suddenly, Ye Lingfeng, who was in front of him, turned around and glared with his crimson pupils.

“Argggh!” Jiang Nancheng felt a sting in his brain and illusions formed before him. He felt as if he had been swallowed up by a bloody sea with at least eighty thousand mutilated corpses around him, tearing him into pieces like zombies.

“The head! The head! The head is mine!”

“I want his heart!”

“I want his spleen and stomach! It’s delicious!”

Cries that could only be described as nightmarish sounded out by Jiang Nancheng’s ears. He had never encountered such a terrifying opponent in his life. Ye Lingfeng was truly a monster, and even if he was one level lower than Jiang Nancheng in cultivation, the lethality of his soul couldn’t be stopped. Tianming had personally gotten a taste of Ye Lingfeng’s soul, but he had the Prime Tower guarding him back then. Otherwise, he would probably be in the same position as Jiang Nancheng.

The soul of Jiang Nancheng’s lifebound beast was weaker. So while Jiang Nancheng was enduring the nightmare, he was shocked to see his lifebound beast rolling and screaming on the ground. The scream coming from his lifebound beast even made the surrounding disciples back off. Ye Lingfeng was using a sky saint battle art.

Ye Lingfeng’s comprehension ability came from the eighty thousand souls in him, allowing him to reach Tianming’s level with his battle art. After all, he had many souls in him, and all eighty thousand of them could comprehend the battle art together. This sky saint battle art was known as the Soul Crushing Art, a soul attack from the Myriad Souldevouring Canon.

With a crimson flash, Ye Lingfeng quietly approached the howling Eight-eyed Kunwu. The lifebound beast could block the first few attacks—after all, physical strength was Ye Lingfeng’s weakness. In the end, Ye Lingfeng could only use the Infernal Soul Daggers and drill them into the lifebound beast’s eyelids.

When the dagger stabbed in, Ye Lingfeng pulled it out, along with an eyeball. At that time, Jiang Nancheng had already charged over with his sword furiously. But he never expected that before the Devilkun Sword could reach Ye Lingfeng, he suffered another outburst of pain in his mind, causing his sword to miss and stab into the Eight-eyed Kunwu. In the next moment, Ye Lingfeng disappeared before his eyes. Ye Lingfeng was smart. He knew that he couldn’t beat Jiang Nancheng face-to-face, so he chose to avoid the attack altogether.

His daggers plunged into the Eight-eyed Kunwu’s abdomen, tearing it apart. All of this happened while the Eight-eyed Kunwu was rolling on the ground in pain.

“Die!” Jiang Nancheng’s eyes turned red. His sword was shrouded with a black firestorm, but the scenes before him kept changing and he couldn’t find Ye Lingfeng at all. When he looked around, he saw eighty thousand Ye Lingfengs standing before him.

“The Ancient Theocrats,” the eighty thousand souls in Ye Lingfeng spoke together.

“What the hell?!” Jiang Nancheng yelled. He went insane and started slashing everywhere. The stage was only so big, and he refused to believe that he couldn’t hit Ye Lingfeng.

Right at that moment, Ye Lingfeng executed the Soul Crushing Art—Heartless. Jiang Nancheng lowered his head to see a crimson dagger plunged into his Dantian, coming out from his back. At the same time, Ye Lingfeng finally appeared before him. When Ye Lingfeng pulled out the Infernal Soul Dagger, Jiang Nancheng’s saint palace was pierced. His saint ki started to gush out and dissipate into the air in the form of spiritual energy.

“Argggh!!” Jiang Nancheng’s head hurt even more, and he didn’t even realize that he was crippled. He had been through many battles, but this was the first time he felt fear. Even if he was killed, he would wonder if he was really dead.

The crimson-eyed youth came at him. One dagger pierced through his saint palace while the other aimed for his throat. Jiang Nancheng felt that he could dodge the attack, but his head started to hurt again for some reason.

“What am I going to do…?” Jiang Nancheng trembled. He felt as though he had been struck by lightning and his mind and body were collapsing together. If he were defeated normally, he wouldn’t be scared to this extent. In his eyes, this youth with crimson eyes was no longer a person, but the devil.

“Urgghhh…” But just when he was about to see his head fly, Ye Lingfeng suddenly disappeared. To be precise, he appeared under the stage; Bai Zijin had pulled him away at the last moment. Jiang Nancheng would never have thought that Bai Zijin would be the one saving his life, and even his grandfather was one step later.

He began spewing blood from his mouth and fell onto the ground. At that moment, he finally recovered his calm and was freed from the bloody sea. He saw with his own eyes that his lifebound beast had died in battle. And with his saint palace destroyed, he was now truly a cripple. Dropping to his knees, blood and tears streamed down Jiang Nancheng’s cheeks. His face was pale, and foam came out of his mouth while his shoulders trembled.

“Nancheng!” Jiang Shangjing quickly ran up with a pale face. He was still laughing with others just a moment ago, due to his confidence in his grandson. But he didn’t expect that Jiang Nancheng would end up in this state. When he came up on the stage, he discovered that his grandson had been crippled.

“You’re courting death!” Jiang Shangjing roared and charged over.

“Get lost.” Bai Zijin pulled everyone back and stood before Jiang Shangjing, yelling, “You’re a Supernal Mentor, so abide by the rules. Otherwise, you’ll be kicked out of the Decimo Dao Palace.”

Her words finally jolted Jiang Shangjing awake. He was furious as he stared at Ye Lingfeng, trembling all over.

“I was going to kill him, so why did you pull me away?” Ye Lingfeng asked, puzzled.

“That’s enough. The ranking battles prohibit murder. So don’t let someone have something against you.” Tianming grabbed onto Ye Lingfeng.

“Okay.” Ye Lingfeng finally calmed down.

“Not bad. Your saint ki is a little inferior, but your other aspects are strong.” Tianming patted his shoulder. Ye Lingfeng was very suitable to be an assassin. His only weakness would be frontal confrontations, and in that regard, Tianming was strong.

Tianming had been talking with him for the past few days, and Ye Lingfeng’s performance was just as Tianming had expected. Unlike everyone else, Tianming had the Prime Tower. So Ye Lingfeng’s lethality toward others would only be stronger, and it wouldn’t be a problem for him to fight someone one level above him.

Turning his gaze in Wei Wushang’s direction, it was just as he had expected. Wei Wushang and the other descendants of the Ancient Clans were all dumbfounded as they looked at the scene before them. They could accept it, if Tianming were fighting, but how was a cripple without a lifebound beast so terrifying?
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