Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 444

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Chapter 444: - Spiritual Energy Fountain

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“Wei Wushang, how does it feel to hit yourself with a rock?” Tianming smiled.

Wei Wushang’s eyes were filled with a murderous aura, and the anger in his chest threatened to rip him apart, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

Tianming continued with an indifferent smile, “Listen well. I’m an easygoing person, and I usually don’t take the initiative to offend anyone. But if you dare to make a move on my friends or brothers, then I’m sorry. If you touch one of their hairs, I’ll take one of your arms. Remember this well: you can feel free to challenge me. But if you do, it’ll be your turn to wear Jiang Nancheng’s shoes.”

This domineering attitude left many Decimo Dao Palace disciples excited. They even looked at Tianming in a new, admiring light. Many of them knew well that Tianming was a person like the rumors had said. Although he hadn’t made a move personally this time, at the very least, the importance he held his brothers and friends in proved his character. On the other hand, Wei Wushang looked at Tianming and didn’t even spare a glance for Jiang Nanchang.

“Hahaha!” Wei Wushang laughed, holding his forehead. “Tianming, you said it would be my turn next? I’m ranked 10th. Come and challenge me, if you’ve got the guts. Let me see for myself.” He acted indifferently, but inside, he was gnashing his teeth in anger. He had been ridiculed, and now he was utterly humiliated.

“What’s the hurry? We have to pick a good time for that. There are too few watching today. I want to show everyone your fate, and the outcome of provoking me. How long until your birthday? Let me celebrate your birthday for you,” Tianming said coldly.

“Very well. It’s twenty days from now. I also want to let everyone see how the sinner’s son begs me for mercy! Your name itself is a provocation against the Theocracy of the Ancients, and I’ll fight until you change your name!” Wei Wushang laughed. He could tell that Tianming was only in the Heavenly Will stage. Although Tianming had defeated Ning Wushuang, who was in the third level of Earth Saint stage, Wei Wushang wasn’t Ning Wushuang. He was ranked in the top ten of the Earth Ranking! No one could cross the gap between cultivation and fight someone five to six levels higher.

“Tianming, let’s make an agreement. When that time comes, whoever loses will cripple their cultivation and leave this place crawling. Do you dare to do it?” Wei Wushang said grimly.

“Sure,” Tianming replied. He looked at Wei Wushang deeply. This person wanted to pursue Li Qingyu, but at the same time, he had also provoked him again and again. Wei Wushang had thoroughly disgusted him, just like Ning Wushuang, and Tianming had no patience for people like him. Wei Wushang was just a dog standing in his path, and it would be over after killing him.

As everyone looked at him, he left with his friends. But shortly after their conversation, the agreement between Tianming and Wei Wushang about the loser crippling their own cultivation spread throughout the Decimo Dao Palace in just half an hour. This news even lightly shook the Divine Capital.


Back in the courtyard, Li Qingyu and Ye Lingfeng returned to their respective training rooms. Feiling stayed in the room, lying on the bed kicking her legs and looking at the Infernal Soul Heavenly Pattern Canon.

Ying Huo was courteous in the front yard before Shuo Yue, while Meow Meow was napping on the roof. As for Lang Huang, he turned over and laid on his back, spinning around like a spinning top with his thunderous laughter echoing out. The scene was peaceful. In the pavilion, Tianming and Bai Zijin sat opposite each other.

“Tianming, you’re now in the ninth level of Heavenly Will, and you’re about to reach the Saint stage, right?”

“You guessed it,” Tianming smiled.

“Unbelievable! The quality of your beast ki is higher than others. How do you cultivate?”

“Maybe it’s because of my outstanding morals?”

“You’re messing with me again! Are you asking for a beating?” Bai Zijin glared at him. “My dad said that this is the special trait of a pentabane, but why doesn’t Qingyu show this ability as well?”

“Qingyu is different from me. My Lifesbane focuses on the quality of my beast ki,” Tianming lied without batting an eye.

“I can’t be bothered with your nonsense anymore. By the way, if you want to reach the Saint stage, perhaps you should visit the Spiritual Convergence,” Bai Zijin suggested.

“Spiritual Convergence? I heard there’s a spiritual energy fountain there.”

“That’s right. It’s the source of spiritual energy in the Decimo Dao Palace. There are nine of them in the Imperial City. Although we only have one, ours is the strongest in the entire Theocracy of the Ancients,” said Bai Zijin.

“Spiritual energy fountain? Isn’t it just spiritual energy? How can it help me reach the Saint stage?” Tianming asked.

“The Saint stage is a metamorphosis of the body and beast ki. No matter how many spiritsources you have, they’ll all converge and build a ‘saint palace’ in your dantian. The saint palace will then give birth to a saint spring, which produces saint ki. The saint ki can form a connection with spiritual energy and stabilize your cultivation, transforming you to a higher lifeform with a longer lifespan. Of all this, the saint spring is very similar to the spiritual energy fountain. The key to the transformation of the Saint stage is compressing your beast ki into a saint spring. Since ancient times, many people have visited the spiritual energy fountain to comprehend the saint spring, hoping to reach the Saint stage swiftly. You’re talented, and I believe going there will be beneficial to you,” Bai Zijin explained patiently.

“I got it. Thank you, Big Sister Bai. I’ll go over there in a while,” said Tianming.

“Don’t be in such a hurry. Let me ask you—do you know what ‘ranking determines resources’ means?” Bai Zijin asked.

Tianming shook his head. He had only heard something about it.

“There are many cultivation resources, such as saint crystals, that are distributed regularly. But there are also some saint spirit herbs, and many other resources. Take the spiritual energy fountain, for example. The closer you get to the spring, the denser the spiritual energy. If you’re close enough, the spiritual energy is even in liquid form, and can be easily absorbed. So the spiritual energy fountain is divided into ten regions. The first region is located at the center, while the tenth region is the furthest. Your rank on the Decimo Sky and Earth Ranking is your qualification to enter the regions.

“If you’re in the top ten, you can practice in the first region. Within a hundred, you can only be in the second region. Using this analogy, you can’t enter any regions if you’re not in the ranking. As you’re ranked 150th, you can go to the third region, while Feng can only go to the fourth region, as he’s in 250th place.” Bai Zijin’s explanation was simple and precise, and Tianming instantly understood.

“That harsh?” Tianming asked.

“Why do you think everyone tries to climb up in the ranking? The higher they go, the faster they’ll improve. This is how the gap between disciples is created. Furthermore, once the ranking battle comes to an end in a few months, the rankings will be determined, and there won’t be another ranking battle for two years. So disciples just have to reach a good ranking before the battles end, and they can relax for the next two years. This is the reason the ranking battle becomes more intense as it reaches the deadline. At that time, even if you don’t challenge anyone, you’ll be dragged down if someone ranked higher than you is defeated,” said Bai Zijin.

Tianming knew that if someone ranked higher than him was defeated, his ranking would be replaced and he would fall one rank; it was the same for everyone.

“There are many people cultivating in the Spiritual Convergence who’ve had their ranking dragged down. As a result, they have to leave for the outer regions,” Bai Zijin smiled.

Well, that would be embarrassing. Simultaneously, this rule allowed everyone to climb up, especially the reward for being ranked number one—the empyrean manna.

“In that case, Feng and I will get into the top hundred first, and take a look at the second region,” Tianming decided. With their strength, it would be easy for them to enter the top thirty. But they were still somewhat lacking if they wanted to enter the top ten.

“Yeah. That’s what I wanted to tell you. Spend some time and get into the second region, first. That way, you’ll be able to see more,” said Bai Zijin. She was indeed a responsible big sister who loved the group a lot, and helped them in many ways.

“Okay. Feng and I will get going now. One hour should be enough.” Tianming stood up.

“Wait! Why’re you in such a hurry? I’m not done yet!” Bai Zijin looked at Tianming furiously.

“Well, I’m in a hurry to beat people up.” Tianming sat back down and asked, “Big Sister Bai, is there anything else?”

“It’s a little chaotic outside right now, so my dad’s been busy. He has to arrange guards for your foster father. He said that he’d bring you to the Divine Pattern Hall to learn the ways of a patternscribe, and told me to ask you to be patient for now.”

“The Divine Pattern Hall?”

“Yeah. The Divine Pattern Hall doesn’t belong to any of the ten halls. It’s an independent hall for patternscribes. There’s also many seniors of the Dark Hall there, and my father is the deputy hall master. He’ll bring you over to familiarize yourself and test your talent, and at the same time, get acquainted with patternscribes. The most important thing for patternscribes is to exchange your experiences,” said Bai Zijin.

“Okay.” Tianming started sweating. He probably had to bring Feiling along, or he would be exposed.

“By the way, where did you get that fatty’s Mountshield Tome from? You have the money to buy a Mountshield Tome, and you still asked me for a discount?” Bai Zijin looked at Tianming ferociously.

“Hush! I’ll be honest with you. I inscribed it myself. Didn’t I buy some Blank Books from you some time ago? Let me tell you a secret. I’m actually a genius in the ways of a patternscribe,” said Tianming. He had already discussed the matter with Feiling. There were too many mysteries with her, and it would be easy for her to attract people’s attention. Tianming just wanted her to be safe from the storm in the outside world.

“Pfffft,” Bai Zijin laughed.

“You don’t believe me?”

“No, I believe you. I like hearing you brag the most,” Bai Zijin smiled.

Tianming waved his hand and slammed four Mountshield Tomes on the desk, startling the napping Meow Meow into jumping.

“Big Sister Bai, open your eyes and see for yourself,” said Tianming.

Bai Zijin was dumbfounded when she saw the four books. If her eyes could turn into words, they would be written as money right now.
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