Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 446

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Chapter 446: - Three Saint Springs

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In the Future Hall, wherever Su Hongyin went, the disciples would call out to her, “Greetings, Mentor Su.”

It looks like it’s better to come directly rather than disguising myself. Su Hongyin smiled. There were too many masters in the Decimo Dao Palace, and she would definitely be found if she tried to sneak around. “Killing a mortal with no beast ki is too easy; it’s like taking a breath. But I have to make it foolproof and not leave any evidence.”

She came for the First Pavilion, and for that, she wandered around briefly before she fixed her gaze on a tall building in the distance. That’s it.

It was a tall, vacant building, one that no one had come to in a long time. It was the perfect hiding spot.

It’s a little far from here, but that lass is fragile. She’ll easily die with just a touch. Su Hongyin stood by the window and narrowed her eyes into slits. She could see the First Pavilion a thousand meters away. At the moment, the courtyard was empty without a single soul. However, Su Hongyin wasn’t in a hurry. She took out a saint crystal and held it in her hand. The saint crystal was only grain size, insignificant and tiny.

To take her life, I even have to use up a saint crystal. Su Hongyin was a money grubber, and she felt that she had suffered a loss by using a saint crystal. But a thousand meters away, it would be safer for her to kill with a saint crystal rather than sneaking into the courtyard.

The only downside is that I have to wait for her to appear in the courtyard. Su Hongyin pouted unhappily. She squeezed the saint crystal in her hand, kneading it. The saint crystal was a spirit ore, and it had never been used as a murder weapon. As time slowly passed, Su Hongyin waited for her prey. But two days later, she was starting to be impatient.

Why don’t I just sneak into the courtyard and kill her? Tianming and the rest aren’t around, and Li Qingyu is also going out today. Who will care about a cripple? Su Hongyin smiled.

But right at that moment, a breathtakingly beautiful lady came out from the room to stretch in the courtyard under the sun. As sunlight shone on her face, there was a gleam of radiance reflected from it. Her bright eyes and white skin made Su Hongyin jealous.

You’re just a cripple, and you’re blessed with such looks. What a waste! How good would it be if I had your looks? Even if you don’t die now, your lifespan will come to an end in the blink of an eye. At that time, you’ll just be a pile of bones. How can you continue walking the road with Li Tianming? Your life is just a flash, so why bother blooming? It’s a blessing for you to die in your prime rather than growing old. He can remember you how you are now, instead of waiting for you to become an old woman and still forcing him to love you. The saint crystal was clamped between her index and thumb, aimed at Feiling’s heart. “Hehe,” she chuckled.

It’s so touching that even I have to exclaim about it. But you don’t have to be too disappointed, since Tianming will follow you shortly. And now, goodbye. You can leave the world with a smile. Su Hongyin flicked her finger and the grain-sized white saint crystal cut through the air and quickly hit the girl.

Watching it, Su Hongyin smiled. She imagined the puddle of blood left after the assassination. This lady is like fireworks for the death of the autarch, flashing brightly then coming to an end.

But suddenly, a man appeared before the girl and reached out for the saint crystal. The man had black hair and white brows. He was close to middle age, and looked elegant and gentle. Raising his head, his eyes locked on to Su Hongyin, who was a thousand meters away.

Su Hongyin trembled as she looked at the man, dumbfounded. Her eyes were filled with disbelief. She immediately turned and started running. Bai Zifeng! What is he doing here!

Even without needing to look, she knew that the man in white was just a kilometer away and catching up to her at a terrifying speed. “Su Hongyin, I’ve already seen you. It’s useless for you to run. If I allow you to escape under my nose, would I still be worthy of being the Future Hall Lord?” The white-clothed man approached and appeared beside her in a blink of an eye.

“Y-y-you’re a dignified lord, so why are you protecting a cripple?!” Su Hongyin felt her entire world falling apart. This man was the Hall Lord with the highest status in the halls aside from Hall Kings. They were usually responsible for the normal operation. This was the reason why she had chosen this time to act when Li Qingyu wasn’t around.

“Caught you.” A hand grabbed her shoulder while she was trying to escape.


Tianming had already forgotten how many days it had been. He had shattered his infernalsource, lightningsource, and primordialsource when he started reversing his cultivation technique. Torturous pain exploded within his body. His breakthrough was ten times more difficult than ordinary beastmasters; after all, his three powers were completely different, and if it wasn’t for the fact that he practiced the Shenxiao Sword Art, which gave him some experience, he would definitely suffer greatly.

He spent a few days in torment before finally gaining control of the three shattered spiritsources. During this period, the Prime Tower had also helped him out greatly. Otherwise, he would have already been killed by the chaotic energy in his body. This was the trial that he had to go through with so many types of high-quality beast ki. Tianming had relied on his willpower to persevere through it.

The next step would be to forge his saint palace. The saint palace was an evolution for the dantian, stepping into the Saint stage and transforming his bloodline and life. But fortunately, the creation of his saint palace went smoothly. Under his three cultivation techniques, Tianming’s dantian started transforming into saint palaces. The transformation began from his bloodline, gradually uncovering the bloodline of a Primordial Chaos Beast.

The saint palace was like a palace in the body. Compared to dantians, a saint palace could contain more ki. At the very least, the quality was a hundred or thousand times higher. The three cultivation techniques, paired with a Primordial Chaos Beast’s bloodline, allowed Tianming’s dantian to transform.

His spiritsources were located in his dantian, and he only had three of them. Unlike others, who had at least a dozen, this step was easier for him. Within the saint palace, the power of fire, thunder, and primordium appeared, each linked to one of the three gates of his saint palace.

The gate on the left had a carving of an Aeternal Infernal Phoenix, devouring suns. The middle gate had a Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend, enveloped in lightning carved on it. And on the right was a carving of a Primordial Terraqua Dragon, wandering in the void. With his saint palace empowered by three bloodlines, Tianming’s foundation was firm. He felt that the saint palace had already become the core of his body, which had also started undergoing a transformation. His saint palace, which had inherited the bloodlines of three Primordial Chaos Beasts, was incredibly powerful.

My saint palace is stronger than others’, and it can also contain more energy. But if my body is pierced by a saint beastial weapon, it won’t be hard to shatter it. But I inherited the bloodline of three Primordial Chaos Beasts, and I doubt that ordinary saint beastial weapons will be able to penetrate my flesh. That was what Tianming felt. He had crippled others’ saint palaces, but his saint palace was different, compared to Ning Wushuang. His saint palace was firm and sturdy, not to mention that it was further empowered by his three beasts.

When the bloodline of Primordial Chaos Beasts coursed through his body, he could sense the metamorphosis of his flesh and blood. His bones were crackling, and his internal organs were pulsing like those of a beast. His heart became even more powerful, his muscles toughened, and even his senses got sharper. Black impurities were constantly forced out of his flesh and blood and discharged from his body. These were probably the residue of things that he had eaten when he was younger. Now that his bloodline was stronger, his body’s toxins were being discharged and burned up.

He could hear his own flesh and blood growing more powerful. During this process, he could see the black words on his left and right wrists gradually dissipating, as if they were being suppressed by the bloodline of the Primordial Chaos Beasts. The age of his body was already approaching thirty, under the Aeonic Grandbane. But after this transformation, he could feel himself growing younger. So much so that there were even some slight changes to his appearance.

My body will undergo another transformation in each of the Saint stages; this is only my first transformation. After becoming a sky saint, my body will transform once more and I’ll have the physique of a sky saint that can fly in the sky. Lastly, the empyrean saint stage will grant me the empyrean saint physique. That’s the final transformation, and the empyrean saint physique is also the beginning of becoming a god.

Tianming’s body and saint palace had reached a whole new level, but the energy within his body was still beast ki, compressed in his beast veins. In the next moment, Tianming guided the three beast kis into his saint palace. With his current strength, his saint palace stood firmly, even after gathering all the beast ki into it.

Evidently, this was nothing to the saint palace. Next up would be compressing his beast ki and giving birth to a saint spring. For Tianming, who possessed a powerful saint palace, it was nothing. His saint palace had a strong suppressive effect, and under that, the three energies started separating.

Tianming started circulating his cultivation techniques, and under the saint palace’s suppression, his beast ki transformed into saint energy. As time passed, three saint springs were born when the three different beast kis were compressed to a certain point. At this moment, his beast ki had been entirely converted into saint ki. In terms of quality, his energy had been upgraded; in terms of quantity, it was ten times higher than before. His energy had been transformed from the foundation up.

Tianming didn’t have any spiritsource abilities, so when his lifebound beasts formed their saint springs, the abilities of their spiritsource converged above the saint springs, accepting their baptisms. As their abilities were nurtured by the saint springs, they would continue growing ever stronger.
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