Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 457

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Chapter 457: - Billions of Dead Souls Beneath the Divine Capital

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“Jiang Chengfeng!” Someone yelled among the audience. When Jiang Chengfeng raised his head, that person continued, “Cripple his saint palace and cut his legs off!”

“Someone’s trying to ride on our heads, so break his legs! Destroy his wishful thinking!”


After so many years of inheritance and development, there were just too many people from the royal family. Their laughter caused the hundreds of thousands of spectators to laugh along.

“Okay!” Jiang Chengfeng could feel his blood boiling from the cheers.

Honestly speaking, it would be good if a third of the seats would be filled in the previous final ranking battles, and most that came were elders. But today, Jiang Chengfeng knew that his position in the Divine Capital would rise if he made everyone happy. He turned his cold gaze onto Ye Lingfeng, who was holding two daggers. He felt jealous when he saw the number of saintly heavenly patterns on them.

“A bumpkin from the Grand-Orient Realm can use such good weapons?” Jiang Chenfeng’s gaze blazed with greed and insanity and a black saber appeared in his hand. The saber had a crimson eye on the handle, and blood dripped down from it. The saber had forty-four saintly heavenly patterns on it. It was a Ghostking Saber.

It might be slightly inferior to the Infernal Soul Daggers, but the Ghostking Saber was also releasing a torrential, ominous aura. At the same time, a black beast appeared beneath Jiang Chengfeng.

The enormous beast was covered in black scales and had sharp claws and fangs. It had a blade-like bone spur on its neck, measuring several meters long and shaped like a huge knife. It had five heads, and looking from a distance, it had five huge blades growing out of its body. It was a Dark Demonblade Hydra.

Although it was also a sixth-order saint beast, like the Azurestorm Hydra, it had one additional star and head compared to the latter. This proved that Jiang Chengfeng’s talent was stronger than Jiang Junhe’s, and was the reason Jiang Chengfeng could firmly stand on the second rank. He had no problems entering the top five in the Divine Capital, despite not even being twenty years old.

His lifebound beast was the most ferocious-looking among the Ancient Theocrats. So the moment it was summoned, it immediately caused a wave of exclamations. The Ancient Theocrats’ elders were filled with confidence in Jiang Chengfeng. This was a battle that concerned the Theocrats’ face, so it naturally made them more excited.

“Go to hell! You’re just a piece of trash without a lifebound beast!”

As the Death Hall King’s grandson, Jiang Chengfeng naturally had a huge reputation, and was known for his love of killing. He had killed many disciples who had disputes with him, the knowledge of which was suppressed by his grandfather. The ferocity deep in his bones broke out when he fought, and he showed no mercy when he attacked.

The enormous Dark Demonblade Hydra charged toward Ye Lingfeng on the battlefield, causing the earth to tremble in its path. Before the hydra even got close to Ye Lingfeng, it was already using its ability. The hydra’s ten eyes flickered, unleashing an eye ability—Dark Demon World. In Ye Lingfeng’s eyes, his world suddenly turned black, and he was surrounded by black shadows while the ten eyes approached.

“Mhm?” Ye Lingfeng smiled. Jiang Chengfeng obviously knew nothing about him, as he was using Ye Lingfeng’s forte against him. Ye Lingfeng went along with the act and pretended to be confused, causing Jiang Chengfeng to lower his guard. It only took an instant for the Dark Demonblade Hydra and Jiang Chengfeng to arrive. Jiang Chengfeng’s strength was in the fact that his lifebound beast could use the five blade-like heads to execute battle arts, performing the Dark Dragonslayer Sutra together with its beastmaster.

Although the Dark Demonblade Hydra was slightly slower in executing the battle art than Jiang Chengfeng, it was equally powerful. This was Jiang Chengfeng’s strongest move, and he just wanted to finish his opponent as soon as possible to protect the Ancient Theocrats’ face. But right at that moment, Ye Lingfeng’s eyes flickered. He wasn’t targeting Jiang Chengfeng, but the Dark Demonblade Hydra, who had a slightly weaker soul in comparison.

The Dark Demonblade Hydra violently shook its heads. It was under the assumption that Ye Lingfeng had been drawn into its ability, but it was surprised to see its prey suddenly launch a counterattack. A crimson thread suddenly stabbed into the hydra’s consciousness, and the soul-deep pain made the hydra issue a mournful cry.

Coincidentally, the five heads were executing the battle art and were locked onto Ye Lingfeng. But the sudden confusion had caused something unthinkable to happen; it cut itself with its blades instead. As its blades sliced into its flesh, everyone was shocked to see the Dark Demonblade Hydra’s five heads cutting each other up, and one head was nearly chopped off.

No one could tell what was going on. The scene looked as if the Dark Demonblade Hydra had made a mistake in performing the battle art and nearly killed itself. With that, the gigantic lifebound beast dropped to the ground, rolling around in pain. Even Jiang Chengfeng was stunned, then flung away.

“That’s impossible!” His eyeballs nearly bulged out of their sockets. He had practiced this battle art countless times, and it had never failed. So why did his lifebound beast nearly kill itself?

While Jiang Chengfeng was still dumbfounded, Ye Lingfeng stabbed toward him with his daggers, using the Soul Crushing Art—Lifesteal.

“Die!” Jiang Chengfeng jumped up. Holding the Ghostking Saber, he clashed together with Ye Lingfeng, ignoring the Dark Demonblade Hydra that was slowly getting up from the ground. After a clash of saint battle arts, Ye Lingfeng was forced to retreat.

“You’re only a fifth-level Earth Saint!” Jiang Chengfeng sneered. He realized that he had overestimated his opponent; there was no way Ye Lingfeng could defend himself against absolute strength.

“Yeah.” Ye Lingfeng took a few steps back. But right at that moment, he suddenly changed and Jiang Chengfeng felt a sharp pain in his head. Ye Lingfeng had suddenly turned into countless mutilated corpses, grabbing and reaching for Jiang Chengfeng.

“Ancient Theocrat, give me your life.…”

“I’m miserable… we’re miserable… we want you to be like us.…”

“Eat him! Eat his spleen, heart, liver, and lungs!”

“Boil his ears, eyes, nose, and tongue with chilis!”

“Extract oil from his flesh…”

The voices sounded like ants crawling into Jiang Chengfeng’s ears. He had never believed in ghosts, but he was trembling at this moment.

“What the hell is this…!” Jiang Chengfeng tried shaking his head, but the corpses were still around. When he lowered his head, he saw a three-year-old girl grabbing his thigh, looking at him with a naive smile, “Big brother, I want to eat your flesh!”

As she said that, she bit on his thigh.

Jiang Chengfeng howled in pain. It wasn’t coming from his thigh, but his head. He could already feel the deadly danger, but Ye Lingfeng was nowhere to be seen!

“Die!! All of you, die!!” Jiang Chengfeng closed his eyes and used his ears to identify a direction and swung his saber over. When he felt his saber slice through flesh, he thought that he had killed Ye Lingfeng. But when he opened his eyes, he saw his lifebound beast screaming out in pain. The Dark Demonblade Hydra had just struggled to its feet when it suffered the attack from Jiang Chengfeng.

“Ghosts?!” Jiang Chengfeng’s heart trembled.

“Of course, ghosts exist in this world. Jiang Chengfeng, your clan has committed too many atrocities. Your rise came about thanks to the slaughtering of innocents. You are murderers! How many corpses are buried under the Divine Capital? This city was built on the corpses of billions!” What made Jiang Chengfeng tremble the most was the voice speaking to him.

“Bullshit! The rise of the greatest clan requires absolute power! Only then can we enslave everyone and live for eternity!” Jiang Chengfeng said with bloodshot eyes. But right from the beginning, he was just talking to himself. He had already lost his mind under Ye Lingfeng’s soul attacks.

The sound of flesh being torn apart rang out as a figure suddenly appeared before Jiang Chengfeng with his dagger stabbing into Jiang Chengfeng’s back.

Jiang Chengfeng reached out with trembling hands. When his saint palace was pierced, his saint ki started dissipating, and he soon lost the strength to even hold his weapon. He had been crippled. From the time he started struggling with the ghosts in his heart, he was already destined to lose. It was expected that Ye Lingfeng would cripple him with a single strike.

But Jiang Chengfeng couldn’t accept this reality. Under no circumstances could the Ancient Theocrats be humiliated, because he would humiliate his father, grandfather, and ancestors. Before Autarch Qian’s death, he was still the royal great-grandson, a well-known figure in the Divine Capital. But now, he had been crippled by a nobody who didn’t even have a lifebound beast.

“Ye Lingfeng, I’ll dig your heart out and tear it apart with my teeth!” Tears of blood streamed down Jiang Chengfeng’s cheeks. But there wasn’t any fear in his eyes, because the will of the Ancient Theocrats would never extinguish.

“Heart…” Killing intent surged in Ye Lingfeng’s eyes. As he spoke, he stabbed the other dagger into Jiang Chengfeng’s chest. Perhaps he had no intention of killing Jiang Chengfeng, but the hatred in his soul was controlling him.


“Big Brother Feng!”

“Kill him!” Countless voices were calling out to him.
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