Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 492

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Chapter 492: - Golden Dragonthorn Whip

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As the granddaughter of the Saint Martial Manor’s manor lord, Huang Ziting had already gotten used to being domineering.

“It’s too troublesome if you two come at me individually. Both of you come at me at the same time,” said Tianming. He wasn’t addicted to killing, but there was no way he could let his opponent go when he was being bullied.

His words made Huang Ziting and Jiang Yanwu exchange a confused look. But a short moment later, Jiang Yanwu couldn't help laughing out. With an exaggerated expression, Huang Ziting asked, “Li Tianming, do you have any idea about our cultivation?”

“Aren’t the two of you just dogs lingering in the tomb? What has it got to do with me?” Tianming retrieved the Grand-Orient Sword.

“You!!” Huang Ziting’s anger immediately shot through the roof. She pushed away Jiang Yanwu and irritably said, “I’ll personally teach you a lesson. Since it’s a waste for you to have a tongue, I’ll cut it for you.”

“Tingting, calm down. Don’t get so emotional over someone like him. It’s not worth it,” Jiang Yanwu said.

“See? Aren’t you a dog licking up to her?” Tianming sneered.

“What did you say?” Jiang Yanwu felt a blow to his self-esteem.

“Nothing. Let’s hurry up and stop wasting time. There’s no need for you guys to come up individually. I’ll let the two of you die side by side.” Huang Ziting was arrogant, while Jiang Yanwu was fawning over her. On the other hand, Tianming had his anger all pent up, not to mention that they were Dongyang Fengchen’s henchmen. So it wasn’t surprising for them to fight.

Before his opponents made their move, Tianming charged out. At the same time, he summoned his lifebound beasts. Lan Huang’s enormous body came crashing down like a mountain, unleashing its Primordial Soundwave. As the soundwave was unleashed in a narrow passage, it further increased the lethality of the spiritsource ability.

The violent shockwave caused Jiang Yanwu and Huang Ziting’s clothes and hair to flutter in the wind, and they were both screaming out in pain. It was already too late for them to cover their ears.

“You’re courting death!” Huang Ziting’s anger was through the roof. She still had a high sense of superiority. She thought she could see fear on Tianming’s face, but the latter had already thrown a punch at her.

“Tingting, take your time and vent your anger. I’ll deal with his lifebound beasts for you. Remember not to kill him. He’s the prey of His Highness. Let His Highness deal with him,” Jiang Yanwu quickly reminded her.

“Cut the crap. Get lost!” Huang Ziting’s anger had already reached the limit. Her lifebound beast was a golden lion with nine tails, a pair of enormous wings, and bronze needle-like hairs. Not only did its teeth and claws look like they were made of metal, but its flesh and skin were metallic as well. This was a seventh-order empyrean beast, a Vajra Winged Kunwu, with seventy-six stars.

Among the Saint Martial Manor’s younger generation, only she had such a high-class lifebound beast. She was the strongest among the younger generation in Saint Martial Manor.

Staring at Tianming, she ordered the Vajra Winged Kunwu to deal with Tianming’s lifebound beasts. As Tianming was a triple beastmaster, it was a four-on-four battle.

They might be weaker than Chen Jinghong, but they were two people. This made the battle more complicated than the previous one. However, Tianming was confident in himself, as well as his lifebound beasts.

A ferocious beast enveloped in black lightning dashed out from Tianming’s side, with a size comparable to the Vajra Winged Kunwu. It was Meow Meow, in its Regal Chaosfiend form.

Compared to the golden behemoth, Meow Meow looked more balanced. Meow Meow was a combination of lion, tiger, and leopard. As a lifebound beast with eighty-five stars, it could suppress its opponent with its bloodline, despite its inferior cultivation.

The two ferocious beasts clashed together, unleashing golden flares and black lightning in the surroundings. Ying Huo, the omnipotent lifebound beast, charged forth and clashed with Jiang Yanwu. Ying Huo had eighty-seven stars and over five hundred strands of Invincible Sword Ki. Executing the Infernal Haze, Ying Huo’s shadows filled the area.

Jiang Yanwu couldn’t end the battle quickly; Ying Huo was the strongest opponent he’d ever faced. As for Lan Huang, it charged toward Jiang Yanwu’s lifebound beast, the Eightocean Desolate Hydra.

The Eightocean Desolate Hydra had eight heads, and if it weren’t for Dongyang Fengchen’s existence, Jiang Yanwu would definitely have the strongest talent among the Theocrats’ younger generation. Only he and Jiang Fengyue possessed the eight heads talent, but Jiang Fengyue was a woman. Furthermore, a sydra was also weaker than a hydra.

But Jiang Yanwu’s position was much higher than Dongyang Fengchen’s siblings in his heart. His position even far surpassed Dongyang Yunyi and Dongyang Zizhen. After all, Jiang Yanwu couldn’t compete with him for the throne.

The Eightocean Desolate Hydra was a water-type lifebound beast. It had eight enormous heads, a sleek body, and huge limbs. It was suitable to fight in aquatic terrain. Although it was still smaller than Lan Huang, it was still considerably large.

Lan Huang had eighty-four stars. It wouldn’t be easy to take down the two-headed dragon, who was famed for its defense, even with the Eightocean Desolate Hydra’s advantage in cultivation base. None of Tianing’s lifebound beasts were easy to deal with, especially after they underwent their second bloodline evolutions. The Primordial Terraqua Dragon’s monstrous abilities had also started awakening.

Just their spiritsource ability alone was stronger than the other party. The battlefield had been separated into fourths. Tianming’s gaze was locked onto the cold and arrogant Huang Ziting, who was standing before him.

She wore a layer of golden armor. It was a rare defensive saint beastial armor with sixty saintly heavenly patterns. As for her weapon, she was using a Golden Dragonthorn Whip, with sixty saintly heavenly patterns.

The long whip was like a spine that was over twenty meters long, covered in golden spikes that could easily tear flesh apart.

People who used whips usually liked whipping others. This proved that she was domineering, just like Tianming. Facing him, Huang Ziting snickered and made her move, lashing out the Golden Dragonthorn Whip in her hand. She was using the sky saint battle art, the Golden Shadowless Whip.

Her battle art left afterimages of whips in the sky, and every single one was fatal, completely exhibiting the saint beast weapon’s prowess. This reminded Tianming that it had been a long time since he’d played with his favorite chain.

Under the Temporal Field, Huang Ziting’s attacks had been slightly weakened. Tianming separated the Grand-Orient Sword into two for speed in his attacks.

“Li Muyang is your father. And you’re a pretty lively bastard to slip away so quickly,” Huang Ziting smiled. The smugness on her face looked disgusting to Tianming’s eyes. His only response was a cold gaze and the sudden outburst of his ultimate move, the Shenxiao Sword Art’s fourth move and the Five Hundred-Demise Sword.

The Grand-Orient Sword stabbed forth, aiming at Huang Ziting’s eyes. Tianming’s attack unleashed countless outbursts of Invincible Sword Ki, forming a turbulent sword current and tearing the air apart.

Huang Ziting smiled contemptuously and spun the Golden Dragonthorn Whip in her hand. The golden whip in her hand had formed a dazzling vortex, creating a layer of defense.

“Die!” The Shenxiao Sword Art’s fourth move pierced through the vortex and the Grand-Orient Sword came in contact with the Golden Dragonthorn Whip. No matter how Huang Ziting tried to defend, the Grand-Orient Sword stabbed through the golden vortex. Even the Invincible Sword Ki had pierced through the vortex and struck Huang Ziting’s armor.

“Where did he get this power from?! He even managed to penetrate my vortex! If someone else were doing this, their weapon would’ve already broken!” Huang Ziting’s expression immediately changed.

She was a little confused because, in her impression, Tianming’s strength was about the same as Jiang Fengyue, while she was two times stronger than that! This scene had planted deep shock in her heart, but she didn’t have a choice. She could only continue revolving the vortex.

At the very least, she wanted to use the Golden Dragonthorn Whip to stop Tianming’s Grand-Orient Sword and disarm him using the rotation force. But under her disbelieving gaze, Huang Ziting watched the Grand-Orient Sword destroy the thorns on her whip.

“Impossible!” How could someone who wasn’t in the Sky Saint stage manage to resist the tearing force of her vortex? She was stunned, and she never expected that Tianming had another sword. The other Grand-Orient Sword also started gathering the same Invincible Sword Ki and was thrust out, instantly penetrating Huang Ziting’s vortex. It was a two-pronged approach with five hundred Invincible Sword Ki swarming in.

With her eyes wide open, the vortex was destroyed. The black Grand-Orient Sword instantly reached her, leaving cracks on her armor and wounds on her tendons and hamstrings. Huang Ziting was now covered in blood, heavily injured. The Golden Dragonthorn Whip fell from her hand. She had lost to Tianming, and she no longer had the strength to fight. Huang Ziting was briefly dumbfounded before she started to cry from the stinging pain. Several strands of sword ki had pierced into her eyes, leaving behind a bloody mess.

“This is the outcome that you wanted. Are you satisfied with it?” Tianming sneered. The Grand-Orient Sword was against Huang Ziting’s throat, lifting her chin.
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