Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 558

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Chapter 558: - The End of The Nineshades Clan

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Under Ye Yi’s command, more than two million beastmasters and lifebound beasts combined marched away in a neat, structured battle formation. The Seven Astral Legions were originally divided according to the different types of lifebound beasts. Among them, the Skycore Legion led the four-footed land beasts. Hence, most of the warriors and beasts of the Skycore Legion went on foot. The lifebound beasts of the Skyjade Legion were mainly avian. On the other hand, the beasts of the Shimmerglow Legion were mainly water types that could travel along the waterway and were responsible for cutting off the enemy's escape route along the Divine Capital’s rivers and canals.

The legions all came out, their battlecry resounding across the sky. In front of the army, Li Wudi and Ye Yi rode their lifebound beasts, the Primordial Bloodbane Kunpeng and Evernight Eagle, respectively. The two gigantic eighth-order empyrean beasts opened a path, charging out of the Evil Suppression Formation.

Immediately afterward, a million-strong army followed behind, covering the land, water, and sky. Under Ye Yi's arrangement, the entire army moved in order. There were warriors responsible for a frontal attack, some to outflank the enemy, and the rest were to attack from the rear. Having undergone his Bloodfiend Transformation, Li Wudi resembled a bloodthirsty beast. With the Firstbane Saber in hand, he surged with killing intent.

"Nineshades Clan, your end is here!”

Li Wudi had already seen the Theocrats’ temporary barracks. They were stationed here without any other arrangements until Autarch Qian and the people of the Grand-Orient Realm arrived. After what had happened to Huang Chonghuan last time, Dongyang Yun had garrisoned the entire army and forbade anyone from leaving.

When the Decimo Dao Palace’s army came for them, some of them were on guard, but most of them were idling their time away. Some were constantly observing the Decimo Dao Palace’s movements, whereas others were relaxed and preoccupied with other matters. Under such circumstances, the Astral Legions’ sudden attack was absolutely lethal.

"They’re making such a big move. What’s going on?”

Some people were suddenly disturbed during a nap or cultivation.

"Everyone, get ready!”

"The dao palace is attacking!”

"Look alive! Get ready to fight!”

All of a sudden, there was chaos in the camp. Due to Huang Chonghuan and Zhao Shenhong’s deaths, as well as Dongyang Yun’s high status that distanced him from the soldiers, no one stood out to preside over the situation. The sky above the attacking army was filled with smoke and dust and the army of flying lifebound beasts were about to swoop down.

"How dare they leave the Evil Suppression Formation and launch an attack with His Majesty here?”

Many were dumbfounded. On their side, the only people who knew of Autarch Qian’s absence were Dongyang Yun and Dongyang Ling. How could they have known that Autarch Qian had quietly snuck away to restore the autarch beast’s former strength as soon as possible?

"Who cares! Since they’re here, they must die! Brothers, the time to trample the Decimo Dao Palace has arrived! Kill!!"

In a short time, the Theocrats quickly formed a defense.


In the center of the temporary barracks.

"Ling!” shouted Dongyang Yun. Shocked in the midst of cultivation, Dongyang Ling furrowed his brows.

"What’s the matter?”

"The Dao Palace attacked us!" Dongyang Yun said in a daze.

"How dare they! If they leave, no one can stop Father. Could it be—" Dongyang Ling had a bad premonition.

"They know father isn’t here!” Dongyang Yu glared.

"That’s impossible. Only the two of us know that father has left. There’s no trace of him. How could the dao palace know?” said Dongyang Ling.

"Who cares about that? Let's fight!” With that, Dongyang Yun began assembling the army to resist the enemy’s attack.

Rising to his feet, Dongyang Ling quickly chased after Dongyang Yun. He looked up and glanced at the gigantic beasts ahead, his eyelid twitching.

"The dao palace has come to die. Brothers, let’s give them what they want. Come with me and trample them. Slaughter these dogs!”

Without Huang Chonghuan, Dongyang Yun had to take command as prince. Of course, he knew how to lead an army.


At Dongyang Yun’s roar, the army quickly assembled. All they had to do was stay out of the Evil Suppression Formation and they were confident of victory. After all, they believed Autarch Qian was still somewhere in the camp.

At that moment, the Astral Legions met the Theocrats head on. Just as the battle began, the situation immediately turned chaotic, with blood splattering everywhere. A red light flickered through the masses. Wherever it went, corpses fell to the ground in pieces. As soon as the Primordial Bloodbane Kunpeng opened its mouth, hundreds of beastmasters and lifebound beasts fell under the blood-red torrent.

Before the Theocrats could assemble, the dao palace had already made a breach in their defense. The armored warriors of the Seven Astral Legions charged in through the breach, crushing and killing along the way.

"It’s Li Wudi!"

"He’s courting death. His Majesty will deal with him soon.”

"What a fool! Last time, he barely managed to escape. Does he think he’s suddenly grown strong enough?”

As they spoke, the red gleam flashed across and more people perished at Li Wudi's hands. With his Bloodfiend Transformation, their abilities were ineffective against him. Behind Li Wudi, the million-strong army charged in. With Li Wudi's momentum and Ye Yi leading the way, their weapons were aimed at the enemy.

Carnage ensued.

Yet to react, the Theocrats were dazed and unable to resist the attack. They were overconfident. The sudden chaos and lack of unification left them at a loss and unsure of whose commands they should be listening to. It was utter mayhem. Like a sharp bayonet, the Seven Astral Legions pierced their uncoordinated opponent.


Battle cries resounded in the air. The dao palace disciples witnessed the collapse of their opponent's battle formation. This was the worst thing that could happen on the battlefield!

"Skycore Legion, cover the sky with flames! Skyjade Legion, turn southeast and rain down a meteor shower!”

The Evernight Eagle’s unique call quickly spread Ye Yi’s commands. Of course, the enemy couldn’t understand what they heard. When the well-trained legions met the headless army, the disparity in their strengths was immediately revealed.

Faced with the might of the Seven Astral Legions’ integrated abilities, the Theocrats couldn’t resist at all. As the flames swept across the battlefield, countless people were burned to ashes. The ground forces of the Skycore Legion marched through the sea of fire towards the Theocrats.

Under their unified attacks, head after head flew away.

"Kill them all!"

"Kill the Nineshades Clan!"

There was no mercy on the battlefield, only a bloody hell. Wherever the Seven Astral Legions attacked, no living person remained. Li Wudi and Ye Yi’s combined powers broke the balance between the Seven Astral Legions and the Theocrats.

The demonic Li Wudi descended upon the enemy. No matter their defenses, man, beast, and sword swung into action, causing confusion and madness and turning the battlefield into a massacre.

"Where’s His Majesty?”

"Why hasn’t His Majesty dealt with him yet?!”

"Run! Run!!”

Just the sight of Li Wudi had them rooted to the spot in fear. Not even hundreds of them could handle one of him. No one could break his Bloodfiend Transformation armor.

"You can't run. You’ll all die here!!" Li Wudi’s laughter echoed across the battlefield, giving them goosebumps.

The sharp blade that was the Seven Astral Legions had completely penetrated the enemy’s chest, so the two armies were entangled in battle. There were corpses and rivers of blood everywhere.

"Shimmerglow Legion, attack! Stilljade Legion, go around the rear and slaughter them!”

Ye Yi hovered in the sky and controlled the overall situation, his commands organized. If any of the legions failed to breach the enemy, he would immediately swoop in and open up a bloody path.

"If this continues, they’re finished! Without Huang Chonghuan and proper precautions, their combat power has dropped several levels entirely.” Ye Yi narrowed his eyes.

This time, the dao palace’s main purpose was to catch their opponent by surprise. Judging by the present situation, their two major advantages had been fully utilized. Li Wudi alone could kill a hundred thousand of the enemy’s troops, as no one could stop him.

However, if someone managed to obstruct him and prevent him from establishing a numerical advantage for the Decimo Dao Palace in the early part of the battle, the Seven Astral Legions would fall to the inevitable counterattack. Even if they won, they would have suffered a monumental loss. After all, there wasn’t a large difference between the two sides in terms of combat effectiveness. Time was fleeting. This wasn’t considered a victory yet.

"We must strike with one blow and kill them all. We can’t give them any respite.” Ye Yi understood that very well.

While the enemy was still shaken from the shock, they might start fighting back after they had taken a breath.

In fact, in the short time since the battle had begun, Li Wudi had already killed at least ten thousand people. Covered in blood, Li Wudi was every bit the image of the god of slaughter. Wherever he went, the Theocrats could only run. And as soon as they escaped, the Seven Astral Legions could continue their march into the space that had just been vacated.

Countless lifebound beasts collided, a terrifying scene indeed. They had certainly crushed the enemy in terms of momentum.

"Li Wudi! You’re courting death!”

A roar sounded from the center of the enemy’s position as two figures dashed out—Dongyang Ling and Dongyang Yun. They came united, eyes ablaze.

“Oh, it’s the infighting dogs! Where's your old man? Is he dead? What’d he die of this time? Alzheimer's?” Li Wudi continued to kill, coordinating with Ye Yi's arrangement to break up the enemy’s battle formation without so much as glancing at the two of them.

"What impudence! Treasonous rebels, we’ll exterminate your entire clan!” The two princes were afraid to face Li Wudi alone.

"What do you mean? Why hasn’t Autarch Qian shown himself? Is he not in the Divine Capital?” Li Wudi laughed.

Dongyang Yun and Dongyang Ling’s expressions changed drastically.

"He knows!”

They couldn't figure out how Li Wudi could be so certain of such a hidden secret. As long as there was any deviation in intelligence, the Decimo Dao Palace would be ruined. Unless they were certain, they wouldn’t go to war. Now that the Theocrat’s warriors had overheard the news of Autarch Qian’s departure, they despaired all the more.

Their entire army collapsed!

"Dongyang Yun, did you betray our father?!” Dongyang Ling seemed to exhale fire as he glared at his brother.

"Bullshit! What benefit would that bring me? If Father falls, the dao palace will be the first to kill me!” shouted Dongyang Yun.

Upon further thought, Dongyang Ling thought that Dongyang Yun’s words made sense. Hence, he no longer pursued the issue.

"We must work together to stop Li Wudi and hold on until Father returns. Get the army to withdraw to the Sun-Moon Imperial Formation first!” said Dongyang Ling.
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