Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 561

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Chapter 561: 561

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He was Tianming, which meant the fate of heaven. He was the representative of heaven’s will. It was ironic that the title, Princess Skyfate, came from Autarch Qian himself. Even today, they still had no idea how their princess, who died more than four decades ago, was Tianming’s mother.

But that wasn’t important. Tianming immediately started attacking Dongyang Ling together with Bai Mo.

“Hall King, I’ll leave his lifebound beast to you,” said Tianming.

“Alright. Have fun killing him! The palace lord might be in deep slumber, but I’m sure that she’s proud of you!” Bai Mo looked at Tianming with shock. He never expected that a youth who came to the Divine Capital a year ago would be standing at the peak today. This wasn’t only a miracle, but it was also fate.

Dongyang Ling had two lifebound beasts. They wanted to be at Dongyang Ling’s side to protect him, but Bai Mo refused to let them pass.

Bai Mo attacked, and with the addition of Lan Huang assisting the Astral Emperor Tiger, Dongyang Ling’s sides were cleaned up in the blink of an eye.

Dongyang Ling looked at the white-haired youth before him. A fiery phoenix and a little cat shrouded in lightning stood atop Tianming’s shoulders, looking at Dongyang Ling coldly.

Without any hesitation, Dongyang Ling turned around and ran for his life. He couldn’t even be bothered about his lifebound beasts.

“Fleeing from a battle? Ninth Prince, you’ve embarrassed the entire Nineshades Clan. Or is the Ancient Theocrats’ will that you guys are always talking about just a pile of garbage?” Jiang Chengfeng had once told Tianming about the Ancient Theocrats’ will. But now, the ninth prince, Dongyang Ling, was trampling on it with his actions.

Feiling expanded the Temporal Field towards Dongyang Ling, while Tianming chased up with the Celestial Wings. On the other hand, Ying Huo and Meow Meow threw out their abilities simultaneously, the Sixpath Infernal Lotus and Misty Hellthunder.

When the two abilities exploded on Dongyang Ling, the latter could only turn around to defend himself. “You’re courting death!”

At the same time, the Eight Thousand-Demise Sword and Sword Imperealm Formation erupted. This sword might not be as strong as the previous one, but Tianming had Ying Huo and Meow Meow helping him in the battle!

“Kill!” The three of them besieged Dongyang Ling.

Four thousand sword ki flew out from Ying Huo, forming into the Pyros Imperius. Ying Huo executed this move with the Infernal Haze, which added infinite changes to his attack. On the other hand, Meow Meow sped up with the Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape, unleashing eighty-one Chaos Disasters at Dongyang Ling’s head.

Meow Meow’s silhouette ran like a bolt of lightning and arrived before Dongyang Ling in the blink of an eye. Dongyang Ling tried to defend himself with his arm, but he took a bite from Meow Meow’s Myriadfiend Venomfang and lost three fingers.

“HISSSSSS!” Dongyang Ling took in a cold breath. He was in a hurry, and he could only deal with Ying Huo’s attacks with his sword while dodging Meow Meow’s attacks. However, the Chaos Disasters were too ferocious, and he was struck numerous times, charring his skin.

In addition to the Myriadfiend Venomfang, Dongyang Ling was also suffering from the poison. He wasn’t as strong as Dongyang Yun to begin with, so when he saw the Ancient Theocrats’ doomsday, his spirit collapsed in an instant.

Under such circumstances, he could only block Ying Huo’s sword ki. But while he was at it, he was devoured by Tianming’s Shenxiao Sword Art’s fourth move. Blood splattered when Tianming’s sword flashed across.

“ARGGGH!” Dongyang Ling widened his eyes with despair when Tianming’s sword arrived. In the next moment, Dongyang Ling’s severed head appeared in Tianming’s hand. Then, Dongyang Ling’s corpse fell onto the ground.

“Have you seen that?” Tianming raised Dongyang Ling’s severed head high into the sky. He plunged Dongyang Ling’s sword into the ground and hung his severed head on it. This scene swept across the battlefield with silence.

He didn’t cause a commotion in the Divine Capital when he confronted Dongyang Yun. But this time, there were many members of the theocrats watching this battle. They could see everything, how Dongyang Ling tried to escape desperately, and how Tianming easily crushed him.

“Dongyang Ling has atoned with his death! Now, it’s time for the rest of you from the Nineshades Clan!” Tianming’s voice resounded out in the capital. This was a piece of terrible news for the Ancient Theocrats because they no longer had anyone to issue orders.

The strongest among them was only in the sixth level of sky saint, so how could they possibly fight?

“Listen to my orders!” Ye Yi’s voice rang out. “Anyone who isn't from the Nineshades Clan will be spared upon surrender!”

This meant that the Ancient Clans, Saint Martial Manor, Dazzling Pavilion, and the various sects from the nine realms could escape death by surrendering. Their number occupied three-fifths of the Ancient Theocrats’ army, and Ye Yi’s words brought hope to many.

“As for the Nineshades Clan, death to all!” By giving everyone else a chance to live except for the Nineshades Clan, Ye Yi was accelerating the collapse of the Ancient Theocrats’ army. As a result, many of them took off their armor and even helped the Decimo Dao Palace hunt the theocrats.

“I surrender! I’m from the Ancient Qilin Clan, and I surrender!”

“I’m from the Cloudwind Sect. We were forced here by Dongyang Ling, and we’ve done nothing wrong. We surrender!”

“I’m in charge of the Dazzling Pavilion’s branch, and I surrender as well! There’s already no one to take charge in the Dazzling Pavilion, and we’re willing to join the Decimo Dao Palace!”

When the voices of people surrendering were heard amid despair, it was simply too effective. As the saying went, capture the king before capturing his subordinates. Right now, anyone from the Nineshades Clan would die if they dared to stand out. 

The army also plunged into chaos without a commander, and with Ye Yi commanding from the sky, there was no suspense to this war.

“The Ancient Theocrats are finished!” Many people teared up.

“You aren’t wrong. In the future, you guys would still be called the Nineshades Clan! Even if Autarch Qian returned as a god, what could he do with all his descendants slaughtered? He’s already three hundred years old, and how many more children can he produce?”

“Even if Autarch Qian slaughters everyone from the Decimo Dao Palace, it’s an undeniable truth that the theocrats are finished after today. This is really fate. After all, who could imagine that a young man would accomplish all this?”


Tianming’s name echoed throughout the battlefield while he held onto the Three-Thousand Starfield, slaughtering his enemies. Besides Lan Huang, who suffered some injuries and returned to the lifebound space, Ying Huo and Meow Meow were still following beside him.

Blood would splatter wherever they went, and the Three-Thousand Starfield would kill enemies by groups at a time. Things had already come to this, and anyone who still held onto their weapons was an enemy. So there was no need for Tianming to distinguish them. As time passed, the Three-Thousand Starfield pierced into the chests of the theocrats one after another.


A youth in white was running from the battlefield. He would occasionally turn around, and his legs would tremble whenever he took a look at the white-haired youth. His heart was filled with sorrow and grief.

“WHY! WHY?! I GAVE UP EVERYTHING, BUT HE SOARED LIKE A COMET WHILE I BECAME AN ANT…” Tears streamed down his cheeks. “Long’er, am I wrong? I went down the path of no return for you!”

His throat was hot, and he was like a zombie running for his life. His lifebound beast died the moment it evolved into an empyrean beast. Tianming was like a nightmare to him. Suddenly, Jun Niancang came to a stop and looked down to see a chain penetrating through his chest along with hundreds of other people. They didn’t even have the chance to scream.

“Uhh…” Jun Niancang felt that he died a lowly death. Tianming didn’t even take a look at him. Once upon a time, he was someone who could crush Tianming, but he died a lowly death today, which was the greatest irony for him.

“Perhaps this is the punishment heaven has given me… I let down tens of thousands of people in the Grand-Orient Realm. I was wrong! I was wrong!” Tears ran down his cheeks when the chain exited his chest.

“Jun Niancang?” A familiar voice suddenly rang out. Jun Niancang painfully raised his head. He was fortunate enough to be seen right before his death.

“Li Tianming…” Jun Niancang muttered.

“Aren’t you a Decimo Dao Palace’s disciple? Why did you join the Ancient Theocrats? I had never intended on killing you,” Tianming said in a somewhat depressed tone.

“I...I…” Jun Niancang grabbed onto Tianming as if the latter was his last hope in life. “I was the one who gave His Majesty the suggestion to deal with the Decimo Dao Palace with innocent lives, and they’re almost here by now…”

“Oh.” Tianming nodded his head. “I see. Then you deserve to die. But you don’t have to worry about it. I’ve already rescued them.”

“Is that so?” Jun Niancang smiled. He was relieved. Right before his gaze dissipated, he muttered, “Thank you…”

He loosened his grip on Tianming and collapsed onto the ground.

“Goodbye.” Tianming walked past Jun Niancang’s corpse.


Dusk arrived in the blink of an eye, which added a pink tint to the ground. Regardless of the fresh blood or corpses on the ground, they glittered under the sunlight. At the center of the Divine Capital, Tianming stepped on the Nineshades Clan’s corpses that piled up to form a mountain and looked at the horizon while holding onto Feiling’s hand.

“It has finally come to an end. The sky is turning dark soon,” said Feiling.

Tianming gently hugged her from behind. He noticed that Feiling had turned numb after going through all the slaughters. When the sunlight shone on her face, Tianming spoke out, “Ling’er, the sun will rise again tomorrow. But it will be a new sun tomorrow.”

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