Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 562

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Chapter 562: 562

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The massacre lasted three hours, enveloping the Divine Capital in bestial roars until the night fell. Tianming had no idea how many people he had killed. This time, the Decimo Dao Palace finally became ruthless. Under the leadership of Li Wudi and Tianming, they had completely obliterated the Nineshades Clan’s legacy.

The will could only be extinguished with the legacy obliterated. Even if Autarch Qian was the only one left, he had already lost his foundation. So even if he became a lunatic and slaughtered everyone in the Decimo Dao Palace, there would be no more Ancient Theocrats in the Theocracy of the Ancients.

Tianming flew in the sky and lowered his head to see the sea of blood under the rainstorm with corpses floating around. Bai Mo and Ye Yi were also looking at the city drenched in blood from a high pagoda.

They looked exhausted, covered in blood. Many people rejoiced after the war, but no one had it easy for this war would go down in history.

“Hall Master, Hall King.” Tianming came over.

“Tianming.” Ye Yi reached out and patted Tianming’s shoulder.

“Have we accumulated the statistics?” Tianming asked.

“Well, there are four hundred thousand soldiers that don't belong to the Nineshades Clan. We’re screening them right now, and anyone who is a confidante of the Nineshades Clan will be killed,” said Bai Mo.

“What about the Nineshades Clan?”

“They’re almost dead. But some managed to flee the Divine Capital, about hundred thousand of them. But they’re all small fries. At the very least, we’ve cleaned up Dongyang Ling and Dongyang Yun’s lineages,” Bai Mo reported.

“That means that the Nineshades Clan no longer exists in the world?” Tianming looked at the rainstorm in the Divine Capital. The capital had turned into purgatory, and Tianming couldn’t connect this city with the bustling Divine Capital.

“Most of the Divine Capital citizens belonged to the Nineshades Clan, but they’re mainly all the branch lineages. They don’t even have hydra or sydra as their lifebound beasts, and you’re right. The Nineshades Clan no longer exists in the world,” Bai Mo replied.

Tianming nodded his head.

“Don’t you think that we’re a little too cruel to create this purgatory with our own hands?” Ye Yi asked.

“No. They were worse with what they’ve done. We’re returning peace to the world by eradicating them. We’ve done nothing wrong.” Tianming shook his head.

“You’re right. The Nineshades Clan is brutal, and they should be exterminated,” replied Ye Yi.

The Decimo Dao Palace prepared tens of thousands of years for this battle. If they weren’t firm enough, they would be letting down everyone who suffered because of the Nineshades Clan. Ye Yi would never forget how his brother died at Autarch Qian’s hands.

“Autarch Qian is the only one left. He’s tougher to deal with than the war today, right?” Tianming narrowed his eyes to slits.

“That’s right. He’s in the second level of the empyrean saint stage, and with the Cyclic Mirror, no one can even take a single move from him aside from your foster father. At the very least, Bai Mo and I can only be cannon fodders if we go against him,” answered Ye Yi.

“The war hasn’t ended as long as Autarch Qian is alive. Even if we won today, we would still be overshadowed by Autarch Qian’s existence. There’s no way we can rebuild the world,” Bai Mo sighed.

Right at this moment, Li Wudi ‘cleaned up’ the last member of the theocrats and sat down, “Phew, that was exhausting. These bunch of bastards really know how to reproduce. There’s simply no end to them!”

“How many were there?” Ye Yi asked.

“I killed at least one hundred and ten thousand of them,” said Li Wudi.

“Wow!” Ye Yi exclaimed.

“I’m an executioner. The Decimo Dao Palace is a sacred place, and you can put all the brutal methods on me. I’m the villain, and I’m not afraid of people talking behind my back,” Li Wudi chuckled.

“Godfather, are you trying to take my credit? No way. I’m the greatest hero today. You’ve only killed the Nineshades Clan at best, but I extinguished their souls,” Tianming laughed.

“Boast all you want!” Li Wudi glared at Tianming. He got to his feet and turned to Bai Mo and Ye Yi, “Guys, Autarch Qian has quickened his pace back. You guys still have six days at most. We might’ve won this battle, but Autarch Qian will definitely go insane when he gets back. We still have to return to the Evil Suppression Formation. We can’t afford any losses.”

“How long are we going to hide?” Ye Yi asked.

“I’ve gained an insight today. I wish to go into seclusion to try making a breakthrough into the empyrean saint stage. So we’ll hide until I succeed,” said Li Wudi.

“Alright. We’ll go with that then,” said Ye Yi.

“I’ll bear the responsibility for this matter,” Li Wudi declared.

“Wudi, you’re a true man. We will definitely make it through this catastrophe. At that time, you’ll become the founding emperor!” said Bai Mo.

“Autarch Qian is still alive. There’s no meaning in talking about this right now. I’ll be taking my leave first.” Li Wudi immediately rushed back to the Decimo Dao Palace to go into seclusion.

Ye Yi and the rest exchanged a glance.

“I like someone like him, straightforward and heroic,” Ye Yi commented.

“What about me?” Tianming asked.

“You want to hear the truth?”


“You’re a monster, and there’s no way the Theocracy of the Ancients can hold you. The Flameyellow Continent is your battlefield, and your goal is to become a god!”

“Isn’t that a little too much? I’m trembling just by hearing it,” Tianming smiled.



On the second day at the Ancient Qilin Clan’s Manor City. Tianming walked through the door alone. This place was already under the Decimo Dao Palace’s control, and his appearance caused many gazes to tremble.

Many people among the younger generations fought Tianming back in the Infernal Soul Formation. They once had a chance to fight Tianming, but now, they could only kneel and tremble on the ground. Among them were Qin Feng, Qin Yuan, Qin Ding, and so on. The entire Manor City was enveloped in a deadly silence when Tianming walked in.

“Tianming.” Exalted Mo Yu was the only exalted one alive. She was kneeling on the ground along with everyone as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Tianming did not stop. He didn’t want to do anything, but some words needed to be said. Tianming smiled and looked at what was left of the Ancient Qilin Clan’s survivors—the old, weak, women, and children.

“Do you guys still remember how you called me a sinner on the altar? If the Decimo Dao Palace didn’t protect me, I would’ve been cut to pieces by you guys, right?”

“Kowtow!” Mo Yu yelled and began to kowtow to Tianming along with everyone from the clan. Everyone followed and began knocking their foreheads on the ground. She knew that they had gone too far back then, and Tianming had every reason to take revenge against them.

“You don’t have to do this. I don’t think that I’m related to you people. I just want to tell you that the Nineshades Clan deserves to be exterminated for cultivating at the expense of others. My father, Li Muyang, is not a sinner. He just has a generous heart, and he isn’t a coward like you people! The Ancient Qilin Clan isn’t worthy of the Sacred Qilin beasts, nor are you guys worthy of me and my father, Li Muyang, thinking highly of you people.” They surely would have rebuked if Tianming said these words in the past.

But right now, they could only bear it within. The Ancient Theocrats that they were serving had all been butchered, and Tianming personally killed Dongyang Ling and Dongyang Yun, who held a high position in their hearts. So what else could they say?

“Get lost!” said Tianming.

The Ancient Qilin Clan finally got on their feet and left with their heads lowered. Suddenly, Tianming called out when he saw a middle-aged man among the crowd, “Qin Dingtian, you wait up.”

“Please spare me!” Qin Dingtian immediately fell onto his knees.

“What the hell are you so nervous about? I might be someone who takes revenge, but I’m a reasonable person, and I won’t take it too far. You had a great time pulling on my hair that day, didn’t you?” Tianming stepped forth.

“I don’t dare! I dare not!” Qin Dingtian said with a drained face.

Tianming stood before Qin Dingtian and grabbed onto his braid. He pulled it off from Qin Dingtian and threw it away.

“ARGHHHH!” Qin Dingtian cried out painfully while he curled up on the ground. Such injuries were nothing to cultivators, but they could make everyone imprint it in their minds for life.

Under the countless trembling gazes, Tianming came to the Ink Manor. He knocked on the door and asked, “Second grand uncle, are you here?” He knew that there was someone inside.

“You bastard, again!” The wooden door opened with a creak. An old man wearing shorts came out cursing, “Li Muyang, you little bastard! Are you trying to mess with your second grand uncle? You came last night and disappeared just when I wanted to drink with you. I’ve been looking for you the entire day!”

Beads of sweat rolled down Tianming’s forehead. His second grand-uncle had treated him as Li Muyang.

“But I didn’t come yesterday,” said Tianming.

“You didn’t come? You stood outside my room for a long time. Do you think that I can’t see anything because I’m blind? Oh, right. Where’s Jing’er?” The old man opened his eyes wide.

“I’m here.” Feiling came out.

“Wait, what? Yang, are you messing with me? How is this Jing’er? She looks completely different! Jing’er was just with you last night. You changed your feelings in just one day?!” The old man raised his hand, wanting to hit someone.

However, Tianming was frozen right where he stood. He wondered if his father, Li Muyang, really did come back last night. He heard from Chong Yang and the rest that Li Muyang had a woman around him in the past. Was she Princess Skyfate, Jiang Lingjing?

But Tianming looked around and couldn’t find anyone. Tianming stared at the two footprints on the ground dumbfoundedly and asked, “I stood here last night?”

“Where else? You’re really something. I asked you to come in and help me to the toilet, but you refused to come in. Don’t you know that I’m having difficulty getting up now that I’m old?” The second grand uncle reprimanded.

Tianming dumbfoundedly stared at the two footprints on the ground. He even squatted down and touched them. “They were here in the Divine Capital last night?” Last night, Tianming and the rest were butchering the Nineshades Clan.

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